No, The Celtic Boss Is Not Part Of Any Anfield “Succession Plan.”

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“Ange Postecoglou named in Liverpool succession plan as he’s ‘too good’ for long-term Celtic stay” screams the headline. And that seems to be fairly definitive. Until you actually read the article, and then you recognise it for what it is.

The first thing I always ask myself when I read a headline like that is why that doesn’t have an authoritative source in it. A headline like that would carry more weight if it was Jamie Carragher or someone like that who had said it, and thus someone who has the inside track at Anfield, someone credible in that area who could justify that claim.

But it’s from Paul Slane, the ex-Celtic winger who now presents Open Goal with Simon Ferry, speaking to another blog. And of course, it’s not authoritative, it’s speculation. Ange hasn’t been “named in a succession plan”. One guy who presents a podcast has put forward his own opinion that our manager will end up at Anfield when Klopp leaves.

That’s the equivalent of me canvassing the views of the guys in the pub, finding one who thinks that Kyogo is as good as Lewendowski and coming back with a headline “Kyogo Named Best Forward In World Football.” People would read that and think “says who?”

That’s what David Irvine and “The Celtic Way” have got away with here.

Amplifying a guy’s personal opinion into a major news story, when in fact it really isn’t much of anything at all. But getting the name Ange Postecoglou, Liverpool and the idea that there’s something concrete in a link between them is all they were after here.

This is why people don’t trust the mainstream press any longer.

They so routinely seek to mislead people with these sort of headlines that nobody wants to click on them.

There is too much of this stuff out there.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Erm, last week Ange was to be the next Brighton manager ! This week he’s mentioned for Liverpool ! After this weekend ‘s beating of Motherwell ,it will be a top European club ! The circus is in town this time of year . The merry-go-round is a big ,big part of it .

  • Johnny Green says:

    In a couple of year’s time Celtic will be skelping teams like Liverpool all over the place, so why would Ange go to a lesser club. 🙂

  • Green Rebel says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The Scottish media have a lot to prove before I would entertain “nonsense”. Keep up with the truth.??

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