Last Night Was A Demonstration Of Celtic’s Power. Today We’ll See Another One.

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There is no scrambling at Celtic Park today folks. None whatsoever.

The deal for the big Dane looks as if it is proceeding apace, and he should join us soon. The fee – whether we pay it now or later, as some reports have suggested – will be a knock-down one.

It is fantastic, and intelligent, business.

Adding another player to this squad is rubbing people’s noses in it, to be frank.

I’m not saying that the manager doesn’t need this guy – he is coming in to take one of the positions which are going to be key going forward – but a lot of outside observers are aghast.

Mostly because they recognise it for what it is; a raw demonstration of power.

The team selection last night was a display of power too. Not many sides can afford to switch out nine players and still be confident of victory, especially at a ground where we have occasionally struggled. There was no fear in that decision last night.

Celtic has been doing this all through the transfer window so far. A lot of people, especially across the city, have been determined not to notice that because they live living in their wee illusion that their club is in a better place than ours.

But the displays of power have become too obvious to ignore.

They said that we hadn’t actually made our team stronger because the bulk of the money has gone out on Jota and Carter Vickers, but this Celtic team is immeasurably better off than it was and the proof of it was in the almost casual way we went about dismantling Ross County last night with nine changes from the weekend.

Celtic is sending out a message that we intend to get stronger.

Not just to maintain our current strength but to push the boat out farther than ever.

The money Ange has been allowed to spend has easily surpassed what previous Celtic bosses were given, and he has utilised all of it brilliantly and brought a better class of player here than we’ve seen in a long time.

This club is no longer shy about these demonstrations of strength and intent. Celtic is doing what we’ve wanted to see the club do for years now; to build when we’re strong and we’re on top and to keep on pushing to be better.

It’s a huge change from days gone by, and a sign that at last we are flexing our considerable muscle to assure that we stay where we are.

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  • Damian says:

    Genuine question: is the ‘pay later’ scenario at all to do with the dodgy ethics of paying any cash into the Russian economy at this time?

    I’m not sure of the logistics at the moment. Are non-Russian national footballers, currently registered with Russian clubs allowed by UEFA to unilaterally end their registrations?

    Just strikes me as a bit fishy: you must not buy a barrel of oil, but it is ok to buy wingers and midfielders. I appreciate that the former funds the war efforts more directly and to a far greater extent than the latter, but the money we’re sending to Rubin Kazan will be taxed by the Russian government and they will spend it on, well, anything they want.

    • Cheezydee says:

      It was reported that the danish boy (and I presume others) was facing having to buy out the remainder of his contract, with the danish govt asking about players not being penalised by the fifa court etc. It was quoted as being around 1/1.5 so I’m guessing that might be all we paid. In regards to feeding in money to Russia, maybe it’s went to fifa or something. Interesting though

      • Damian says:

        Aye. Seems we’ve paid up the remaining year on his contract – to a Russian club; income that will be taxed by the Russian government, and spent on whatever they want to spend it on. I’m not actually expressing an opinion on this. I’m not sure I have a particularly developed one (though I am very much in favour of Celtic signing good players who fit within the manager’s system). I was asking a genuine question, because I was surprised there has been no mention of this issue.

  • SSMPM says:

    Point taken D but if European countries can sell parts for Russian drones and buy oil and gas that directly funds weapons of annihilation, then surely we can sign decent standard European players that want out of Russia at a reduced price on a sign now pay later basis (or possibly never pay at all dependent on the outcome). Swedes aren’t Russians … or turnips

    • Damian says:

      All good points. Wasn’t meaning to sound so moralistic. Just meant, we are, in a small way, funding the Russian economy by buying a not exactly essential service, whereas Germany is being encouraged to bring its entire economy to a standstill by cutting off Russian oil and gas. I’m surprised not to have heard more about this, and I genuinely wondered whether the ‘pay later’ possibility the article mentioned was a work-around of some kind.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Off topic here with player of month and manager of the month getting a mention don’t be surprised to see Jack Ross get it after all Boyd and Sky Sports put the Killie goalkeeper in the team of the week a couple of weeks back after getting skelped 5 nil by us.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I will keep my powder dry regarding just how Powerful we are until we play both the huns and Real Madrid. We will have a better idea then just where we stand in the grand scheme of things. Let’s not run before we can walk, Like everyone else though, I am very optimistic.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Be good to see McCarthy, Ajeti, Johnson all move on, they deserve first team football elsewhere.

    Ange has both replaced players with better quality and enhanced the whole squad with quality additions. Some great work in that area, great investment in the playing staff and also great £ value to the club.

    • Cheezydee says:

      To this day the McCarthy signing still baffles me. Not cheap, long contract, numerous injury problems, past his prime. I suspect it was done prior to ange. I was also dubious about hart but he’s been a rock

  • Cheezydee says:

    Absolutely got a cracking squad, but there’s still questions about it. New Dane, personally don’t see anything too exciting yet in highlights other than he’s 6’4 and likes a long ranger. Ange signing though, so I’m sure I’ll see why (i still really wanted Souza).

    As for the squad in general, and natural excitement. We still have ralston at RB, great season last season, cult status achieved for all he did and deservedly so, but I thought he tailed off a bit and hasn’t figured a lot so far. Be ingesting to see how he gets on if he faces euro opposition. On the left Taylor doing good so far, but plenty of complaints over the years. Be interesting to see how that works in Europe as bernebei looks like he’s got a way to go yet. Starfelt still gives me the fear at times and Jenz has shown a few errors so far. Abada & jota are undoubtedly good players, but both prone to dips of form last year. Jota especially seemed lost for ideas against bodo if I mind right. Clearly they deserve our love, jota been exceptional so far this year, but it likely won’t be all as rosey every game. Hopefully all the guys shine the next few weeks and we’ll really start to see where we are.

  • Martin Mcdonald says:

    At last we have a manager that wants to create a team that is not going to be a walk over especially in Europe even though we have been given a really Tough group this team we always turn up and play for the shirt the supporters and give everything They’ve got right until the final whistle paradise will be bouncing just like the Barcelona tie it’s exciting times to be a Celt com’n the hoops

  • Jamie Craig says:

    Absolutely spot on, we’ve been crying out for years to build from strength, it’s the old analogy, when your competition is drowning, shove the hose down their throats.

  • Ade says:

    I think celtic should fill the toilets with free bottled water for the gullibillies on Sat. Pamper them with our spending power!

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