Sevco Fans Fume And Rage As Latest Ticket Price Shocker Hits Like A Hammer.

Image for Sevco Fans Fume And Rage As Latest Ticket Price Shocker Hits Like A Hammer.

Ibrox fans are in an absolute fury today and you know what?

I don’t even feel like slagging them off for it because they are right to be.

That club has no concept of restraint when it comes to putting a hand in their pockets, and they’ve proved it yet again.

The remaining tickets for the Napoli game, now scheduled for Wednesday, have gone on sale to MyGers members, and for those who want to sit in the Main Stand over there the price is a whopping, outrageous, and wholly unjustifiable £71 apiece.

Seventy-one quid. During a cost of living crisis.

To watch a team whose manager has already publicly said they cannot be expected to compete. He’s putting up the white flag at exactly the time the club is charging a fortune to watch the games.

Football fans are treated abysmally, and we all know that.

The mass cancellation of games at the weekend was only one demonstration of the utter contempt that there is for us, and the decision to move the game 24 hours has already cost many, many supporters both here and in Italy. The reverse fixture now won’t have away fans; that, too, has cost a lot of people an absolute fortune in travel expenses and time off work.

I cannot think of another industry which would treat its customers with such colossal disrespect, and at Ibrox this has simply added to the general impression that their board isn’t just out of touch with those in the stands but increasingly with reality itself.

You know, there has been a lot of talk in the media about how the Ibrox board of directors panders to its fans a lot, and it does. But it also fleeces them more, probably, than any other club’s in the country.

And no, they wouldn’t do it if the Peepul hadn’t proved, over and over again, that they are willing to allow it.

But charging that for a single match ticket is disgraceful, and especially at a time like this.

The longer their fans continue to let them away with it, the longer it will go on.

No football fan in the country should be paying that for a single match ticket right now … is scandalous.

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  • Lordmac says:

    Rangers were trying to get 4 week of from playing any footbal, l but it went tits up as uefa had other plans, the police done there biding up for them. But could not justify the 4 week plea. But were hit with no fan home or away to justify the 24 hour delay hell mend them

  • Frankie says:

    Just make it around number£100 good enough for them, maybe they should ask for more help for poor sevco.

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