If The Celtic Board Ever Wants To Kill The Club, That’s When They’ll Ask Simon Jordan’s Advice.

Image for If The Celtic Board Ever Wants To Kill The Club, That’s When They’ll Ask Simon Jordan’s Advice.

It’s always good for a club to seek, and get, advice from an outsider.

But the quality of the advice will obviously depend on the source, and I think if I were a football director looking for advice the last person I would turn to for it would be someone who’d already killed a club.

That’s a pretty big blot on the copybook, isn’t it?

I always love it when outsiders – who don’t know the first thing they are talking about – slag our club for its perceived “failures.” Jordan accuses our board of being weak in not publicly calling out all that monarchy guff of a fortnight ago.

Weak for what? For not fighting with a handful of its own fans?

Of course. That makes sense. Because all they did instead was stand firm in the face of a right-wing media which has bent nearly every civic organisation in the country to its will. Nothing brave about that, right? Nothing courageous?

Weakness for this guy appears to means not blowing in the prevailing wind. I would have called that weakness, and I am damned glad that our club had no part of it. It would have been easy to do. It would have gotten the club a lot of good headlines and it might not even have divided the fan-base as much as some people might think.

For everyone – like me – who thinks we were right to make our point, there is another person who thinks that the fans who made those protests are guilty of posturing and driven by ego.

Our club could easily have ridden that wave and basked in the press glow. But they chose not to. It is impossible to conclude other than that our club took a principled stand.

He probably doesn’t understand what that means, and what pisses me off is that he believes that he can impose his own values and his own views on us, and he is arrogant enough to think he has that right. Celtic is not like other clubs.

Our whole history and ethos runs directly counter to the idea of hereditary monarchy and the crown itself is a viewed as grossly offensive to much of our support.

Today Celtic is paying tribute to the dead of the Creeslough explosion and emphasising our Irish ties … Jordan is not a complete idiot although he’s determined to be viewed as one, so he knows this.

So accusing our board of being weak is simply stirring the soup for the sake of it. It’s a cheap shot from a guy who is, after all, nothing more than a mouthy radio shock-jock.

He cratered the last club that he was chairing, and Palace fans remember it well.

If our board ever needs a lesson in how to wreck the football institution in its charge then Simon Jordan is the guy they will call.

(Since David Murray won’t answer the phone.)

Other than that, I can’t think of a single instance in which we’d listen to him at all.

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