Tom English’s “Diminished Force” Talk Will Haunt Him When Celtic Hit Form Again.

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Tom English thinks Celtic look like “a diminished force” without McGregor and Kyogo.

In a week where our hacks have fallen over themselves in a contest to sound the stupidest, he has to be in the running for a remark like that. He points to three matches – the defeat against St Mirren and the wins over Motherwell and St Johnstone – to highlight his point. Apparently he doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that McGregor and Kyogo played in two of them.

Honestly, is there some new media award in Scottish sport for who can talk the most gibberish? Because that would at least explain the colossal outbreak of inanity which has swept through their ranks in the past few weeks.

Or is it just that the idea that Celtic might not be indestructible has got them all over excited?

It is mad for them to be writing us off in the way they are right now, particularly as we’ve had sticky spells before under a variety of managers, and in common with every other team on the planet. Do these people know how daft they are going to sound in a few weeks when Celtic is rolling at full throttle again and putting teams to the sword with ease?

“They were hanging on,” he said of Saturday’s game, “and looked a bit wasteful. They’ve been wasteful recently, not taking the chances.”

What a good job that earlier in the season we were putting those chances away. Or we might not have a two-point lead in the league and a goal difference column that still puts us no few than eight in front of the team at Ibrox.

Prior to the St Mirren game, we were swatting teams aside.

The beauty of a last minute winner when the odds look stacked against you is that it gives a team a renewed sense of belief. That can only help us get back onto the right track.

As I’ve been saying if this team wasn’t creating chances I would be more concerned. If the players weren’t getting in behind the defences we come up against I would be concerned.

Players will miss chances from time to time; scoring goals is what restores confidence and sets that right, and this team is going to give another side a real going over soon enough.

And then I hope English and others have the good grace to accept that they were wrong, and to put this down to a blip. Anything else will just be dishonest.

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  • Frankie says:

    As sure as day follows night this will definitely come back and eat this arse.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah BENNY English strikes again as I said before the guy is horses BANGOR,the THICKEST James Hunt walking about.
    As I said before Tom English the Irish man who writes for a Scottish newspaper now somewhere in that a joke is waiting.

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    Tom English the Stab City Soup Taker taking any opportunity to do down Celtic. Hell mend him.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We are not as good as we think we are. We were totally outplayed tonight by a much better team. C’est la vie! We can focus on the domestic treble now.

  • king murdy says:

    all our talk of how great a pair of strikers we have in kyogo and gio….
    more chances missed tonite…
    i don’t know what that kunt english wrote tonite…but as someone above wrote…we are not as great as we think we are…
    big,big fish in a fukn puddle….outclassed when we are unfortunate to run into bigger fish…
    this time last year i said we didn’t have the players to impose this system at these rarified levels….and so it is…we’ll have 1 point more than the huns when all is said and done…
    we do not deserve to be playing in the champions league group stages – the results back this up…
    nights like this i fukn hate being a celtic fan….

  • Geoff says:

    Kyogo Hatate and Maeda were absolutely awful tonight on the premier stage of football.
    Had to laugh when Sutton says the improvement under Ange has been remarkable?
    Our record in Europe under him is abysmal and once again we had a team that just ran out of energy after 65mins so let’s put on 3/4 subs.
    Posted before his after match comments which you could probably hand out beforehand.

  • peter cassidy says:

    just pathetic again glad where out would not want to play city etc in the last 16 get a proper tanking out our depth in this cup to be honest SPL our level ange also out his depth has been found out team confidence low trouble times ahead on this form run out of energy and ideas how to win this match from the manager and the team let’s hope we pick our selves up very quickly some of the boys from Japan not good enough in this cup and our SPL.

  • Jim says:

    Time to give GG as much of a crack at it as Kyogo, Maeda and Abada have been given.

    The three of them are good footballers, but not CL level clinical finishers. They are regularly missing chances that a Kris Commons or Gary Hooper would have gobbled up. Maeda is barely even a good enough finisher for the SPL. Boyle would have been a much better acquisition.

    Time for a rethink in those front positions.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James I am having a rant Celtic Joe STOP THIS NOW no more weakness and appeasement are you USA show it under trump who I hate Putin would not chance his arse are you America or not from a colony under British yoke to the pre- emminint land on the planet stop Putin now

  • Iljas Baker says:

    Personally I don’t have any beef with Tom English. He has at times been complimentary to Celtic and his analysis at times is spot on. But of course you have to make posts James, eh? Better to concentrate on Celtic’s performances than what journos say about them. We are a 60 minutes team in CL with poor poor finishing and a lightweight midfield playing a style of football that ill suits us as things stand. Apart from Hatate’s performance for 60 minutes against RM he has been poor. Maeda and Kyogo have been consistently poor and last night was their poorest performances so far. At this level our players look average. Why does Ange keep saying that if we’d taken our chances things would have been different? Not for certain. Opposition might have gone up a gear sooner and we’d still have to replace starters with subs after 60 minutes and those subs are nowhere as good as the starters.

    we need to seriously strengthen the midfield
    we need to vary our style of play a bit so as to not be so open to counter attacks
    we need better finishers – it’s not just lack of composure – it’s a technical thing
    we need better subs

  • Scud Missile says:

    They better get finger out PRONTO these performances in Europe are a joke so don’t even think about slating sevco.
    Keep playing like this winning games by a photo finish image in the league ain’t good enough,as I have said before we are going to get skelped 3 or 4 nil in the league and it won’t be only from sevco.
    Oh and don’t shoot the messenger you will only be in denial.

  • Roonsa says:

    I’m just waiting for Starman to come on here with his illegible claptrap to complete the misery. Spunk bubble that he is.

    I’ve been thinking from very early on that Maeda is not good enough. Kyogo has nice flicky hair but he’s not good enough for the CL. Who in our team is though? Hatate is a very good player. I’d start him every game. Then other two? Bench fodder.

  • S Thomas says:

    There is a feeling of real disappointment from myself regarding this. The group certainly is not the most formidable, and to be on 1 point after 4 games, is extremely disappointing. Our strikers, are good in Scotland, but they have failed in Europe so far. James you had said that no player in Scotland would have scored that winner against St johnstone. I was like seriously, the ball got squared to the big Greek, I don’t actually think it was possible to miss to be honest. Just real disappointment, I had a feeling we could have done something in this group, but the last 2 games have been very poor, in every level. We need a good striker for Europe, a guy who can put the ball in the net, out of nothing. A love big Ange, but I’m starting to get a tad peed off with the passage of play is good, and another day it would have went in. This is the champions league, not a friendly, it needs to go in the now, not another day. Just not been very impressed the last couple of weeks. But on the flip side, every team as a down turn in the season. So I suppose it will have to be the league really is the most important to go for now.

    • Iljas Baker says:

      Indeed S Thomas and Ange should take a wee look at our history: We scored first goal against Barcelona and went on to get humped 7-1. We need to be better comprehensively, not just at putting away our chances. They also have chances. This is Europe – we have good spells but after 60 minutes we are consistently out of steam and our replacement nowhere as good as our starters. The look what happens when we play teams like RBL. Ange needs to do somethings differently and one of the things is dropping Maeda and Kyogo. Hatate might need dropping too to shock him into upping his game. He seems to lack mental concentration. And all 3 are a bit lightweight for Europe. I don’t think they are the answer, unfortunately. We are still team building and I don’t think the future lies in Japan. Nice try though. Would love to be proved wrong.

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