Kilmarnock Almost Reap The Benefits Of Standing By Their Bigot. This Is Scottish Football.

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I have rarely been so pleased to see a team whose game I have no interest in conceding a last minute goal as I was today.

I don’t have any special love – far from it – for Hearts but I applauded their last-kick equaliser because Kilmarnock did not deserve to win that game due to the scorer of their second goal. I would have preferred they get no points at all, but it was good to imagine the look on the faces of their manager and their directors when the equaliser went in.

I’ve not been happier about a last minute goal since … yesterday!

All joking aside … what a game we have here in this sordid little country eah?

A guy who everyone knows is a bigot, who has actually spent years wearing his “staunchness” on his sleeve, a guy who is facing a ten match ban, a guy who has been booted out of his national team training camp, whose club has already fined him plays today and scores because his manager will not drop up until he’s told that he has to.

This is Scottish football. This is – beyond a doubt – its unacceptable face.

Imagine this had been not been anti-Irish racism but the other kind?

Imagine it was any other case wherein everyone knew that the guy was guilty as charged and he had used the N word or some other unacceptable slur? Would he still be in the team?

Would he be feted and celebrated for scoring goals, as he’s done?

The decision to play him is a disgrace for which Kilmarnock should face the full scale of media disgust. You know, the kind of disgust that was raised against our club and our fans recently.

We had to endure all manner of slander because our fans embraced freedom of expression.

What Lafferty did was not just a classic example of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic racism and bigotry but there are actually laws against what he did and in spite of the Daily Mail it is still legal in this country to question the practice of hereditary monarchy.

What Lafferty did is shocking.

And we know he did it because we saw the video.

But we didn’t need to see the video to believe it; we all know what Lafferty is, after all, and from what he hails.

The only surprise was that he was stupid enough to be filmed doing it.

Scottish football talks a good game. Always.

Commentators, clubs and officials make a big thing out of removing this stuff from the sport, but in truth we know they pay lip service to it whilst refusing to act.

Lafferty’s club should never have been allowed to select him here and even with the SFA basically abrogating its own responsibility in this appalling manner they shouldn’t have done so anyway.

Now a stone bigot gets to take a bow and be feted as a hero instead of being told he’s on the margins of the sport because of what he’s done. I am only glad that he doesn’t get to play the role as a match winner.

Scottish football once again shows just how little it cares about this issue and his club has no moral ground to stand on at all.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Two despicable cubs taking 2 points off each other is enough satisfaction for me.
    Lafferty is a horrible has-been cant.

  • Starman says:

    Yir havin a Lafferty WAN UGLY MONKEY HUN BASTARD!! The FILTH will end up resigning him noo the DUP Wankers Fuked off!! BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Charles says:

    Maybe you personally can’t put and end to certain sections within our support singing oh it’s so good to be a roman Catholic along with if you hate the proddies then. We as a club have stadium rules. This breaks them. We as a club and support are multi cultural. This article is a bit of pot and kettle .

    • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

      In fairness to James, he has written on several occasions about the numbskulls in the Celtic support that continue with this nonsense.

      The club know who they are, where they sit at home games and they continue to get tickets for away games.

      I genuinely believe the club could stamp this last remaining element from our support in a matter of months by removing tickets after properly reviewing cctv footage and stewarding/policing on the day.

      There is no equation though to a guy that has been found guilty by his own club and still being selected to play.

      It is riven in the DNA of the majority of Scots that anti Catholic/ anti Irish racism is, at worst, “banter”.

      It perfectly sums up this backward bigoted belligerent backwater of a country.

  • Scud Missile says:

    This guy is a king size BIGOT as well as a king size PONCE as I have stated before about him being a LEECH in the pub up Possilpark where he would sit all night taking drinks from punters without buying one back.

  • Up the Republic says:

    Well said James. Nothing will change until we decide to change the way we live in Scotland. And that means becoming an independent country where racism in unacceptable and where bigots like Lafferty are challenged and jailed.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    That’s how twisted it is. As you say, if this was a slur using the ‘n’ word or usin the description ‘black’ so and so, it would’ve been dealt with and rightly so, wi severe consequences. But utter morons like this are treated with leniency here when it comes tae anti-catholic- irish vitreol. Not regarded as equally ‘important’ apparently. Don’t forget the REAL reason gerrard kicked this cretins arse out of ibrox either.

  • Martin H. says:

    Well it is Ayrshire.

    • Frank Kelly says:

      Yeah, moved down here years ago. Sometimes I have to jolt myself out of the idea that this is normal behaviour.

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