Of Course Alex Rae Thinks Colak Is Better Than Anyone At Celtic. He’s An Idiot.

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I am not in the least bit surprised that Alex Rae reckons Colak, of Ibrox, is the best player in Scotland. As a much better writer than I will ever be penned for a TV show, “now we arrive at the problem; you and thinking.”

Alex Rae hasn’t got a clue.

Alex Rae hasn’t got a clue for two very obvious reasons.

The first is that he makes goldfish look intelligent by comparison and the second is that even if he was ten times as smart as he actual is – and he’d be at about the level of goldfish if that were so – he is too biased to give a view that is not absolutely tainted by that.

That rational people should even have to debate such a thing is ludicrous.

Yet even Rae is not the worst person in the media when it comes to gushing about this guy. Reports today put him on the top ten strikers in Europe list ahead of Lewendowski, about whom The Guardian’s Sid Lowe wrote a canonisation piece just the other week after his sublime start to his Barcelona career.

Our press is obsessed with stupid statistical nonsense that they think elevates their favourite club. All it does is continue to lower the bar for a job at a Scottish based title.

Rae might well be one the stupidest men who is regularly asked to comment on football anywhere in Europe.

That someone, somewhere, thinks that he is worth paying for his views is the proof that as PT Barnum is sometimes alleged to have said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” What you are supposed to do is stop giving your money to the guy after you’ve realised that as big a fool as he is that you’ve been a bigger one in ever hiring him.

Celtic has a dozen players better than the Ibrox striker, who played against us not that long ago and didn’t get a sniff of goal far less a shot on target. Anyone who wants to have a sensible discussion about this would quickly realise there’s none to be had.

It’s not that long ago that another ex-Ibrox idiot said the same thing about Morelos.

And they’ve been trying to make the comparison with Kent for ages.

I wonder how those particular comparisons turned out? Answers on a postcard please.

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  • Roonsa says:

    He’s a sevco fan. I don’t have a problem with what he is saying. 100% of sevcinians will agree with him. What I have a problem with is the clowns who give him a platform to spout his dimwitted views.

  • John Copeland says:

    I thought I read somewhere Rae got a job as head cleaner of the International Space Station ,one where you are away for 6 months at a time ! Must have picked it up wrong .

  • Robbi says:

    James Forrest, I suggest you delete your article, to save face. Alex Rae never made up the headline, the Daily Record did. Let’s looks at his quotes, in which he clearly stated no more than Colak is one of the standout players in Scotland right now, which, with his goal return, he most definitely is. Only an idiotic one of us Celtic fans would say otherwise.

    Rae said: “Rangers’ recent form has been decent. They’re free-scoring and have picked up a couple of good results against decent opposition. Motherwell are having a good season and Tynecastle is never an easy place to go. They’ve also got Antonio Colak who is one of the standout players in Scotland right now. He’s hit the ground running and has produced a remarkable turnaround.

    “It’ll be very interesting to see who leads the line on Wednesday night because Alfredo Morelos started the last couple of games against Napoli and Liverpool but I don’t think he’s fully fit and Colak’s confidence will be sky-high.”

    • S Thomas says:

      Bang on bud, once you actually read the piece, you know it’s a pile of garbage. Fake news here. Daily record journalist trying to stir the pot here with this garbage. As much as he is as ugly as feck, he didn’t say he was the best player in Scotland.

      • Robbi says:

        Correct. He said Colak is one of the standout players in Scotland, and I don’t even think the most hardened of green-tinted spectacle wearers would disagree with that opinion. Of course he’s one of the standout players in Scotland. Just look at his goal return ratio.

  • harold shand says:

    Nosferatu’s been hiding in his coffin since his beloved team got pumped at Paradise

  • Starman says:


  • Tony B says:

    Fuck sake, he’s been out of circulation so long I thought he was deid.

    Mind you he looks deid, or should that be undeid.

    The first ever Nosferatu Zombie.

  • Dora says:

    Kent is like Rae’s long lost son…snapsy’s!

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    Chokelak choked it against us and had been choking it in the champions league when he gets in Ahead of fatboy ??

  • Charlie McGuire says:

    A one paced mediocrity who didn’t get a kick against us and looked a nothing player when he came on v Liverpool. Desperate stuff from Rae as usual

  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh look a special guest star appearance from wee Quark himself here was me thinking it was he was pan breed.
    He must be one of ugliest guys your ever likely to bump into,definitely a photo of him on top of the fireplace will keep the weans away from the fire.
    Remember as I pointed out before this daftie had to told to shut up and leave an addiction meeting one night because of his BIGOTED views he tried to bring into a conversation.

  • Woodyiom says:

    Haven’t read the article nor do I intend to – its a DR article FFS!! Why would any sensible person read anything in that rag far less comment thereon. However, whatever Rae said, its unarguable that Colak is a decent striker and has hit the ground running at Ibrox – without him Rangers would almost certainly be out of the title race already!!

    For those posters saying he didn’t turn up at CP and/or missed a sitter – I would remind them that exactly the same can be said about big GG. In fact neither of our strikers have scored a goal against them since they signed last year (that’s 6 games now !!).

    And James you’re making yourself look a t*t when you say we’ve got a dozen players better than Colak – that’s simply nonsense. Would I swap GG or Kyogo for Colak? No, BUT do we need strikers who are clinical with their chances? 100% we do and Colak does that for them !!

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