The Daily Record’s Attack On Hart Was Shameful And Celtic Should Be Raging.

Image for The Daily Record’s Attack On Hart Was Shameful And Celtic Should Be Raging.

This morning, I’m sure we were all pretty pissed off to wake up to headlines about how Joe Hart was a cheat.

From the usual suspects at The Record.

“Joe Hart accused of ‘feigning’ Celtic injury as keeper sparks heated chat with John Beaton” screams their headline. And who exactly was making this accusation? Nobody at Motherwell nor any of the officials.

“Fans.” Of which club I wonder?

Oh yeah, and Robbie Copeland, the Record “reporter” who amplified the comments of a few idiots online into a news story accusing our keeper. Because let’s be honest, nobody would have given a toss what a few clownish Ibrox fans were saying, except that one of their brethren gave the story wings by giving their gurning a national media platform.

This is exactly the sort of thing Celtic should be expressing concern and anger about.

Allegations like this should be chased down and the outlets responsible told to get their house in order or pay for their seats if they want to cover games at our ground.

His defence for this absurd headline, aside from a few whinging Sevconuts, was that Hart and the ref were seen talking. Big deal. So what? How does that, in any way, justify a screaming headline accusing our player of feigning injury?

It’s a shocking thing to write.

This is what he wrote in his piece; the stench of bitterness is obvious.

“There was plenty of drama on the Parkhead pitch so one moment involving home keeper Hart largely went under the radar in all the post-match debate. It came early in the second half with Motherwell on the attack as Hart comes out to deal with a cross. He finds himself in no man’s land, his attempt to clear the ball initially foiled by Sondre Solholm, before recovering and glancing up at the defender. He then recovers and moves towards him, and after his head brushes the Norwegian’s ribcage, he takes a step back before collapsing in an unnatural direction.”

Collapsing in an un-natural direction.

What utter rot that is.

That is the kind of stuff that Celtic shouldn’t be standing for.

Our players don’t deserve slander like that.

The rest of the article is basically a re-tread of what a few halfwits on Twitter made of the moment, which basically tells me that the only person with a shred of profile who actually believes our goalkeeper cheated is the hack who wrote the piece.

This was an undisguised attack on our player by a national newspaper and quite why we put up with this sort of stuff I will never, ever understand.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Our club puts up with it because they are shitebags,could you imagine these scum two bob nickel&dime so called journalists trying this on with a sevco player,a lifetime ban would be the outcome.
    As I said a BIG bag of SHITE from our club all the time.

  • Seppington says:

    Why you would even suggest making them pay when their entire staff should be outright BANNED from stepping foot within 500m of Paradise. No need to call Rentokil if you just stop the vermin infestation before it can start…

  • Stephen says:

    Honestly who the feck reads or worse buys the Rancid Record.
    Don’t expect the celtic board to say anything their hands are tied by the 5 way something or other.

  • Martin says:

    I’m actually a bit worried about Hart and think he should’ve been taken off after this thing. He had a fair head injury pretty recently and now this. Clearly he (accidentally) collided with the opponent’s ahoulder. That it took him a second or two to then go down is not inconsistent with head trauma. I was a bit surprised Ryan let him continue, but I’d be pretty keen he got an MRI before he plays again.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Excuse my ignorance, but who’s Ryan?

      • Martin says:

        Ryan Connelly, club doctor. Experienced A&E consultant too. Knows a lot about head injuries so either Hart was faking it (embarrassing) or needs a scan. I don’t think my tone conveyed my faux sympathy in my original message.

        He faked it. It was embarrassing.

    • kingmurdy says:

      is this sarcasm….or are you really serious ?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Well, I saw the incident with my own eyes, and I agree that he feigned injury. He made a complete erse of his attempt to grab the ball and faked an injury to cover his embarrassment.

  • GEO says:

    when JH ran back towards his goal he ran into the elbow of the Motherwell striker .. the striker did not expect JH to have done so, it was not intentional, it happened… From what I see the elbow glanced down JH’s face, it PROBABLY was sore AT THE TIME, and it was just a nippy bump.. but JH was stunned for those few seconds

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Our custodians will do SFA as always, it’s up to Hoops fans not to buy it and it looks they’re not as sales are rock bottom Thank, and it’s heading to the graveyard of newspapers to rot in hell where The Daily Record truly belongs – and ma Moët is on ice waiting patiently for that beautiful day to happen !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Tbh when I saw it ah thought ‘ffs, is he for real’ ? Let’s face it, the ‘fall’ itself looked phoney as fk. He looked like the guy who got ‘snipered’ in Saving Private Ryan. Sorry Joe, no convinced ahm afraid. Of course the DR sewer rats are always sniffin tho.

  • Robert Cairns says:

    How do we let these people in even without charging them entry fee come on Celtic we as season holders should not have to be seeing this person or any other one get in for free charge them the price of Away supporters have to pa?

  • kingmurdy says:

    james….are u fukn blind ?
    he did feign injury….no question about it….if i was him i’d be embarrassed…ffs
    he should work on his game and not farting about like that to cover-up his mistakes…
    i cannot believe the shit i read here sometimes….kyogo is another 1 who goes down too easily…what the fuq is that about ?
    on this site…apparently, the celtic team,individual players,and coach never make an error and is always harshly judged by both referees and media….”they’re all out to get us”…ffs
    maybe it was beaton’s fault for the o.g, also….?

  • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

    Something i will never understand: A Celtic fan reading or even worse buying!!


    I haven’t bought any Scottish rag for over 10 years.
    Their content is aimed at one demographic only.
    The Loyalist, pro Union, Kafflick hating knuckledraggers from
    the DebtDome. So why any Celtic fan buys this bog paper is beyond me.
    Praise Sevco lambast Celtic headlines sells papers to their core audience.
    Unfortunately for the Diary ranjurs the denizens of iPox are too full of hate and bile that they don’t trust the media that spoonfeeds them their daily dose of Kool Aid.
    They are buying the rags in ever decreasing numbers and rely on their daily fix of Kafflick bashing on the Hun blogs.
    Don’t fund the media. Print or broadcaster. Don’t pay the Tv Tax for that is what it is.
    Their content is anti Celtic and Pro Union.
    Ignore them. They won’t change.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      And that’s about it, in a nutshell. Stopped buyin their bogroll tabloid a long time ago, tho ahm guilty of readin what they’re sayin on the Internet. Keep remindin myself how pathetic these clowns are. They get away wi their ridiculous hype and bias, because it goes unchallenged by any other Scottish media outlet. Said it before, in i.e. England, their arses would be handed back tae them on a plate and they know it.

      • Martin H. says:

        Our board are as weak as water never support manager players, or fans, from media spfl, or sfa, about time they grew a set ,and ban media liars from celtic park.

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    RIp rangers 140 years of history gone . This was the only time this rag printed the truth. They have been trying to make things right with the ibrokes hordes since 2012,??

  • SSMPM says:

    They’ll be welcomed into Paradise, as always

  • Robert Barbour says:

    Yes, I read that. Thought it was me, as we are always having biased articles written on our club it seems normalised. That’s it, no more Daily Record for me, you’ve made up my mind.

  • Bob (original) says:

    1) In real time, and in the replays, I thought Hart flapped badly at the cross, was then caught well out of position, then fell over. Don’t think the big lad was injured – but of course, I could be wrong.

    2) The Daily Record was presented with an easy opportunity to generate anti-CFC, controversial headlines. What’s new?

    3) Maybe give Siegrist a turn – and to keep Hart on his toes?

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Who needs to read the rags for ridiculous comment when we have clowns in our own support calling Joe Hart a cheat or an embarrassment,The guy has been great for Celtic both on and off the park get a grip honestly

  • Billy says:

    You and a few others are worse than the media, you just makes their jobs easier by posting there crap on Celtic pages, you say the record gives a non story wings, you give it more by repeating there crap,ive not bought a newspaper for over 20yrs simply because of the crap they print about my club, but you post about a non story from a dick reporter, your actually worse than them Hail Hail

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