Why We Should Ignore The Dark Cloud Hovering Over Celtic At The Moment

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We have failed to win three of our last four games.

Our Champions League future hangs by a thread.

We are not playing particularly well at the moment.

Injuries are piling up and we’re heading into a tough series of fixtures.

The impression of Celtic labouring at the moment under a dark cloud might be a hard one for some people to shake.

But it’s largely illusory.

In truth, we’re still in a strong position here and the black cloud is temporary. The injury crisis will pass, and in truth it’s not as deep or as bad as some in the media are dying to make out.

This is what the big squad is for.

Last season we faced far deeper injury problems … and we came through them to go on the run which finally won us the title.

That’s nothing to be worried about.

Our European results should be isolated from our domestic form.

We’ve lost one game in the league and had one bad performance.

If these results had come spaced out, we would not be concerned.

If the two league games were taken in isolation, we would not be concerned.

This isn’t a sign that this team is slipping. It’s just a consequence of the fixture list.

Celtic’s squad is still the strongest in the league.

Our closest rivals are depending on over-30’s to get them through the coming storm of games.

We’re operating with more depth and more firepower, and our European performances although not great and which have netted us a mere point have been better than theirs … and that point is more than they have.

Our next two European games are at home too, which means no travelling in the aftermath of them. We have difficult games in the league to come, but that’s a guard against complacency.

The world didn’t turn upside down in the last three weeks.

We’re as strong as we were before we went into this mini-rut and we will get over it.

This is still the best team in Scotland and the next few months are going to prove that to everyone.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    What dark cloud, what are you on about?

  • MarkE says:

    Its always darkest before the dawn, I’ve heard before!

    We’re still top of the league, and this is a bad spell, so the futures bright, its green & white

  • David Paterson says:

    Your appear to be contradicting yourself, saying the blimp is down to injuries and then stating the reason for having a big squad. But we are still not doing the business on the park. The high pressing game appears to have almost disappeared, along with getting it back, after being dispossessed. The handsome pay they are getting does not reflect on their performances, they should be bursting their Baws

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