Another Stunner For Sevco As Hummel Sues Them For £9.5 Million.

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Well, as regular readers might know this site has been highly sceptical of all the reports that Ibrox’s financial position was materially improved. So much about their transfer activity this season did not fit with what their alleged “improvements” suggested they might. We knew that FFP was a factor. We knew that directors wanted their money back.

But something much bigger had to be going on.

And now today, the breaking story; Hummel are suing them for £9.5 million in loss of earnings due to the way Ibrox threw aside their deal with them. This news is only stunning for those who aren’t paying attention; the Hummel lawsuit has been in the background since that deal was terminated, and it’s been a common theme when looking at their business.

They are a club in total disarray. Today, King is bumping his gums about the Americans and talking about how they are ready to pump millions into the coffers. But keep reading and you find a remarkable admission; even he, the glib and shameless tax crook, isn’t convinced that they are wholly credible people. Which tells you everything.

No club in British football gets itself into these kind of messes with this much regularity. There are still pending issues regarding the Ibrox memorial garden and the Australian tour to be resolved, and this at a time when they have just paid off their manager and are looking for a new one. They needed this like they needed a kicking with steel toecaps.

But they only have themselves to blame. When an organisation treats signed contracts with this much general contempt, trouble is never far away. They are awfully lucky that the SPFL did not sue them over the cinch fiasco.

This story has just broken, so we’re probably not finished with it just yet. But for the moment we simply have to marvel about their continuing ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

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  • Gerry f says:


  • John Copeland says:

    When your entire existence is living a perpetual lie ,litigation is never far away ! Companies and firms which have been Royally shafted by the tribute act ,using the all encompassing economics of the truth routine ,want their fair cut of the pie and when you get jerked off , tend to come back as like going to war ! If anyone is in any doubt about what debt , deception, lies and corruption leads to in business , due to a serious lack of scrutiny……there is the proof ….!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Cheered me right up that, thanks James. And they’ve still at least 2 other issues that we know of.
    I’m wondering what their gonna give Us All for Crimbo?

  • Charles Antony Taylor says:

    Puma to sue also?

  • GAV says:

    Ach, James, yer being ever so slightly disingenuous there, and most punters might not have picked up on the obvious sarcastic bathos: “They are awfully lucky that the SPFL did not sue them… “…….. Lucky? Indeed!

  • James mc lachlan says:

    What a great read to get rid of the hangover from hell I now know why a stopped drinking whisky from me to sevco lol ?????????

  • Jim Gerard Beattie says:

    I cannot believe how this club just keep giving. What a shambolic bogoted organisation. Loving their pain

  • Jimmy R says:

    Only in sevconia would they be open to welcoming back the charlatan who signed the deal / broke the deal / signed the deal that led to this next appearance in court. Hummell just had to wait until the Ashley fiasco was settled before they took their turn.
    Sevco must be way out in front of the league of court appearances. Not just in Scotland but probably world wide. Mind you, lots of appearances, not many victories. It was ever thus in sevconia.

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