Beale Has Shown Where His Only Loyalty Lies. For Ibrox, This Has No Happy Ending.

Image for Beale Has Shown Where His Only Loyalty Lies. For Ibrox, This Has No Happy Ending.

Imagine you were single, and you met a new partner who, at the very moment of meeting you, told you that one of two things was going to happen. Either they would grate on you to the point where you dumped them, or they’d be unfaithful and give you no choice.

Would you wait for either of those things to happen before you ran? Or would you cross your fingers and pray that you made it to happily ever after?

Michael Beale was part of a management team which was lucky to remain in post at Ibrox as long as it did. But for COVID sweeping the planet, all of them would have been sacked as we made it nine in a row. They got off with that, and somehow crafted a title winning team as we collapsed in the season of the empty stadiums.

I firmly believe that for the swirling nonsense to the contrary that we would have won the league whether these jokers were at Ibrox or not last season. We were on the rise and they were on the slide. We’d have been top by the close of business at the February game and once this team got in front we were not going to relinquish that spot.

But for the empty stadium season, the form of the Ibrox club under Gerrard and Beale could best be described as patchy. For all their bluster about how they wouldn’t have let Celtic catch them, we dropped no fewer than 10 points in our first seven games of the last campaign. Their lead was a mere four points when they scuttled across the border.

They would have flirted with disaster all through the campaign, and at the end of it their presence in the box would have been viewed as so unbearable that the club would have been contemplating their dispatch. I don’t think they would have been in charge when this season kicked off. There would have been no European run to buttress them either.

Beale has shown something else though. A flagrant absence of fidelity or principles which makes he and the Ibrox club a perfect fit. Until he gets a better offer. Even in the event that this guy looks as if he’ll be success, they will ever be haunted by his staggering lack of commitment and refusal to even pretend that he understands the concept of loyalty.

So there really is no happy ending here. There is no joyful and triumphant. Only nagging fear and doubt and uncertainty, from the first minute to the last.

This guy will force them to two choices; sacking him or having to let him play the field and talk to whichever club makes the best offer. I personally think it’ll be the former, as nobody hires failures and ultimately that’s what we’re going to turn him into.

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  • lordmac says:

    a think Beale is here to get rid of at least 6 players he can’t deny he doesn’t know the players or to be given time to settle they have to go now

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