“Football Scotland” Has Wilfully Misrepresented The Celtic Manager Again.

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Tonight, at his presser, Ange Postecoglou said that a VAR call for offside is exactly what the system is designed for.

What he did not say – at all – was that he agreed with the decision to chop off Jota’s goal, although that is the interpretation the Daily Record’s online brother publication, Football Scotland, has chosen for his words.

“Ange Postecoglou admits he had ‘no problem’ with VAR intervening to rule out Jota’s effort in the 2-1 win Motherwell,” says the first paragraph.

What a wilful distortion of his words that is, as written by someone called Euan Robertson.

Read what the big guy actually said. It is crystal clear.

“t was a great goal, but if it’s offside then it’s offside. I have no problem with VAR, just use it when you need to. That’s the perfect example if that’s offside. I haven’t seen it but it’s a good time to use it.”

This is a far cry from what that paragraph represents him as saying.

This is yet another example of the press trying to move the needle to give a diabolical decision the least possible amount of scrutiny. This is yet another major call that has gone against one club, our club, and they don’t want to acknowledge the clear-cut pattern here.

They are welcome to ignore it as they like.

But they are not allowed to dragoon our manager into their little sham by blatantly misrepresenting what he says. I suspect that when Ange does have a look at that that he’ll have a very different take on it.

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  • Pan says:

    The media a shameful beings who always bend the truth.
    They have an agenda and we all know what that agenda is.

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    I also thought it was onside , looking at the in line first view from var it did look onside.. but what a fool looked when this was then cleared up by a more definitive view from the hot dog stall at the opposite end of the stadium. We shall not be moVARed !

  • John S says:

    VAR appointees need to be agreed between the clubs. SFA selections have shown themselves to be inadequate, and worse. I can find no reason why these officials should have sympathies and affiliations with a particular club.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Even berry from the DR today, as usual and bein predictable, findin somethin he can use tae deflect any suspicion, by causin speculation about the Maeda goal, via the Motherwell boss. This is what they do, tae try and push the idea that its no just us. Cunning as fuck tactic they (the DR ) use time and time again. Havent noticed much scrutiny of the penalty box hand ball in their favourites game tho, right in front of beatons eyes tae. Never thought it would happen this quick, but its farcical already.

  • SSMPM says:

    It’s not in the slightest bit cunning. It’s more of the same lying and cheating that was in place all the years prior to VAR. “Cunning” would imply some level of intelligence.
    It’s a blatantly bias interpretation by the orange hand through their refs, press and media and it would be more accurate to call it what it is CHEATING and CORRUPTION in every layer of our game.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ah get your point and ok agree. Berry ‘thinks’ he’s being cunning. Sly as fuck then…….How’s that ?!

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