McCann Thinks He’s Insulting Celtic. Instead, He’s Piling Pressure On Ibrox’s New Boss.

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The week just past, when I was off, had no shortage of stories and the one I enjoyed best – aside from the torrent of nonsense about Ibrox’s managerial search – was the rant from Neil McCann about how the Ibrox club could still win the title.

Of course, this is all nonsense. Not only will the Ibrox club have to improve out of all recognition but Celtic would have to go backwards at a stunning rate. They talk about “three Old Firm games” being left as if these were the only matches on the calendar.

Even if winning them was as simple as these fools are trying to make it sound, they would be mad to discount completely every other club in this league. That’s a mistake Celtic will not make.

Ange treats every game like a cup final. That’s why we drop points so seldom.

It’s not just that McCann’s point is incontinent and stupid, it’s that he’s stoking the Ibrox fans expectations and reminding people that the squad over there is actually the second best in the country, which I’m sure is a line Beale would rather not push.

I love how much pressure this puts on Beale.

Before he’s even in the job, some of Ibrox’s key media boosters are getting it out there that this title race has a long way to go and that they expect a challenge at the very least, and a title if it’s gettable.

But Celtic are not going to roll over. We’re strengthening the squad, and we’re already the best team in the country. Beale already faces an uphill battle, and people like McCann, uber-staunch and who refuse to accept that, are simply piling rocks on his back, to nobody’s benefit except ours. The media runs this stuff without thinking through its implications.

We are not going to relinquish our grip on this. We are too committed and disciplined to drop so many points, especially when we still have to play their team three times and most of us are pretty confident about winning those games.

What you hear from McCann is not confidence. It is misplaced arrogance.

It is exactly the sort of thinking that permeates Ibrox and convinced them that they only needed to show up this season and, as “European finalists” every club would fall to their sword.

That so many of them still believe this rot will hamstring Beale right out of the gate. And God help him if he’s also of that way of thinking because he won’t be in the job for long if he is.

Their fans are rabid right now. He will get no honeymoon.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    “McCann Thinks He’s Insulting Celtic.”


    • Roonsa says:

      I would be amazed if this guy could look at himself in the mirror and not feel shame. Jumping the dyke to THAT lot? Utterly despicable behaviour.

      • Seppington says:

        I often wonder when he comes out with his anti-‘tic pish if, deep inside, his heart is shattering? When we score against them is there a part of him desperate to cheer but know it would be his end if he did? Is there still good in him, like Darth Vader?

        Then I realise no, he’s utterly twisted by the dark side. Palpatine McCann it is.

        I wonder if his good Tim family shun him? I would, the horribly embittered little fud…

  • Frankie says:

    Aah James the McCann logic , from the guy that was sacked from Dundee maybe he should just scchhh.

  • John Copeland says:

    You know how those English media types always get right up your hooter with their sycophantic BS for the English national joke ,sorry team ,well that’ s the way those Scottish media types are ,with their EBT recipients and side letter men as obedient back ups are ! McCann is one of a number of ridiculous pundits who is scared to the bone marrow,that if he does not chat up everything the Rangers ,then media outlets will drop him like a stone . And people wonder why the overall structure of the game in Scotland is knackered with a capital F ………

  • Tam says:

    So McCann will ask for Beale to be sacked when CELTIC win the league… he and all other like-minded pundits and the SMSM will make up an excuse… Unless the fans turn on him and the board sack him before they make up the excuse

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    This is the same ‘expert analyst’ who couldnae BUY a fuckin win when he was manager at Dundee, but put him in actual charge of a team he’s fukt. Fuckin phoney.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Listened to shortbread on Saturday.”pundits” were talking up jimmy bell’s contribution to sevco. A guy who washed and ironed their strips. HH

  • James Mallon says:

    The Cock did crow three times with that looser. Always remember him as a shit manager type that his pundit talk verifies.
    He must cringe at the level he has reached.
    For its a grand old team.

  • Geoff says:

    Bazza says rattle off four wins then beat us and… if ma aunty had!

  • SSMPM says:

    None of the tax cheats from Rangers or the pundits from the rankers have been successful in football management. They have all been unsuccessful in being able to turn talk into action on the park. They are now simply regurgitating, in the same manner as GVB, the same tripe that only the gullible hope and believe in.
    Listen to or take notice of failures talk utter tripe about stuff they are unable to do or go and grab a haggis supper. I’m off to the chippy.

  • Kingmurdy says:

    Mccann is such a bitter,obnoxious,rat faced little kunt….

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