Another Celtic Leak, Or A Bitter Journalist Who No Longer Gets Good Information?

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Yesterday a couple of the sites did articles on Stephen McGowan’s Daily Mail story where he seemed to reveal details of Celtic player contracts which only someone with an inside track would know.

I’ve written about the leaker at Celtic; that person needs to be identified and ripped out of the club by his or her hair. But is the leak responsible for every story which finds its way into the public domain?

McGowan’s story yesterday painted Celtic as a penny pinching club intent on replacing Juranovic with a player of lower quality. It read like a snide and bitchy piece, quite pitiful in the way it sought to make Johnston seem like a lesser option; has McGowan seen enough of the player to make a judgement call like that? Of course not.

He also repeated the wholly ludicrous suggestion that Juranovic’s agent accepted a “verbal promise” that the deal he and the player signed when we acquired him would be renegotiated. The implication is that the club has done this guy wrong, by low-balling the offer for him. That makes this a malicious report … but is it a malicious leak?

Let’s be blunt; if McGowan is working off a leak then the leaker is not just someone who wants to look good to a couple of hacks but someone actively intent on doing our club harm, and as such I echo what my friends in the blogosphere have written.

McGowan was a favourite of the club when Lawwell was CEO, and whilst it is tempting to see the hand of that man in every dodgy deed I don’t see anything in the article which suggests that it’s the work of a leaker.

He makes a claim that two other Celtic players are on double the salary of Juranovic but I’ve read stuff like that before and it wasn’t based on leaks but on nonsensical sources like Football Manager and similar.

Equally, this could be the sacked agent bleating to McGowan, and that makes as much sense as anything does. But something makes more sense even than that.

What was immediately obvious was not the content of the piece but the tone of it; it could be the work of a journalist who no longer gets access to juicy info from inside the club doing an angry hatchet job on us instead. It reads like one.

Everyone knows that if you aren’t feeding the media you risk the media feeding on you instead, and there was a reason I used to call McGowan “Lawwell’s pet hack”.

But Lawwell hasn’t been CEO for a while and this club runs a bit differently than when he was there … tame hacks might no longer get the stories they used to, and I can understand why that would annoy them.

I’ll tell you this much; it wasn’t a leaker who steered McGowan towards his contention that we are trying to replace Juranovic on the cheap. That came from the journalist himself and his own view on what’s going on here.

So there’s certainly some bitterness at play here and that might be important to consider.

That and the certainty that someone at Parkhead has definitely been talking to people they shouldn’t be … and that person still has to be found whether they’re behind this or not.

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  • James says:

    Get Wagatha Rooney on the case.

  • harold shand says:

    Seems to be writing off the boy Johnston already , just like how they’re all still writing off Starfelt

    Heard him talk on the radio a few times and he comes across as a wee know it all pr*ck

  • John Copeland says:

    Surely Lawwell isn’t the traitor ! It’s a bit of a coincidence that McGowan does his snide piece not long after Peter Lawwell is back in the hot seat at Celtic FC , considering both guys are quite pally …. I hope I’m wrong and would apologise for the suggestion …

    • H. Mcnamara says:

      P lawwells feet hardly touched ground and it looks like we’re heading back to dark days. Disgracefull that he’s been allowed near our club again after 2012 treachery

  • Chris says:

    There was only one culprit to blame for the leaks of the past, and now that he no longer works from home and is back within the bubble at parkhead, it begins again. P. L should never have been allowed to return HH

  • Justshatered says:

    Our all knowing media.
    The same media who disrespected Ange from the minute he walked in the door. Belittling his record and the places he had worked.
    The same media disrespected the Japanese players because they came from……. well Japan.
    These media who disrespected Giakoumakis because he was injured for half a season and yet still ended up joint top scorer in the league.
    The same media who disrespected Matt O’Riley because he was second choice and came from a low league.
    I wouldn’t trust any of these folk if they told me it was raining in the middle of a storm.
    They are insular, petty minded, narrow minded, spiteful individuals.

  • John A says:

    If there is a leaker, Celtic have to already know who it is but don’t or won’t act.

  • paul obrien says:

    It was Lawe££

  • Jim McLaughlin says:

    Giakoumakis changed agent, don’t think Juranovic did?

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