Celtic Will Be Playing Second Three Matches In A Row, But That Might Work To Our Advantage.

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The fixture list between now and the end of the Festive Period has been known for a while, but it’s only now that a lot of us have started to seriously study it.

We have one away game, two home games and then Ibrox. They have one at home, two away and then home against us. The crucial thing is that before we go there we’ll play after them three times.

They play on Thursday. We play on Saturday. Then they play on Tuesday and we play on the following night. Then they’re back at it on the Friday and we don’t play until the following day Interesting choice of fixtures.

Why do they play in front of us in the next three games?

A quirk of the fixture list? This has happened already this season and I have to be honest, I’ve stopped wondering.

Only the implications of it are important, and they might be pretty big.

On paper it gives them an opportunity.

A chance to close the gap and put pressure on us.

But this team copes with pressure brilliantly, and in fact what this fixture list might well do instead is put the pressure back onto them again.

Hibs at home, Aberdeen away and Ross County away.

Three tricky fixtures, and in my view they have to win all three of them or they might as well not bother turning up for the January game. It is a danger to us because if we drop something in one of our games after they’ve already won we could go to Ibrox with a much slimmer advantage and if we lost there then it would be game on.

I am sure that this is part of the thinking across town.

But they are the ones under the pressure.

They kick off nine points behind, and they will know that any slip, no matter how small, and we can open the gap further so that by the time we roll into their stadium that it’s virtually unbridgeable … and that it will be by the time we leave that day.

This is their nightmare, and we can make it come true.

Their club remains a mess.

The Mooch is playing the tough guy role right now, and that’s more doable if the manager comes with a famous name or a ton of experience managing footballers. He has neither. His aggressive style, his attempt to dominate, will only cause problems within the dressing room and the club itself.

It might all unravel very quickly, and if it does we have to be ready.

This fixture list looks like it helps them.

In fact, I think it helps us.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Make no mistake the dates are to help them that is not me being paranoid but facing the facts. The thursday game is actually a slap in the face to the new clubs fans but the thought of going twelve points behind before they play is the reason. The celtic board once again sit in silence and let sky sevco sports dictate.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Hibs at Ibrox is not really a tricky fixture for the huns, I am expecting them to win comfortably. Aberdeen and Ross County away I suppose are potential banana skins, so here’s hoping. At the end of the day though, as long as we take care of business, then that is all that matters. Every time we pick up three points we are inflicting a punch to their guts and destroying their faint hopes of catching us, We never stop!

  • Martin says:

    Nah we’re losing the chance to pile pressure on them. We should be looking to win each game anyway and our pressure will be internal so when we play won’t matter to us. But them *needing* to win to close a 12 point gap back to an almost manageable 9 point gap thrice… That would be difficult for them. This wasn’t necessarily done to disadvantage us, but certainly removes an advantage we could’ve gained.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I was clocking the fixtures and up until and including match day nine (1st October) we weren’t on before them – what the hell does that say ! – And now it’s happening all over again – make no mistake this is to advantage them and Thank Fuck I don’t pay a penny to Sky Sports…

    Thank Fcuk also that Scotland never qualified for The World Cup and I hope because of The SFA they never do again in my lifetime – and I was once a proud Scotland fan born in Paisley – Well not anymore !

  • Voice of Reason says:

    As previously said give Sevco Sky Fuk Aw, Bunch ae Knuckodraggin Hun Bastards!! Every Live Fixture is strategically planned as soon as the Ess Pee El announce them making sure if they’re ahead they’re stretching their lead or behind stopping us from being OUT OF SIGHT!! The FILTH may dae Hibs but they’ll drap 4 pts v DROSS County & the Mogadons MINIMUM!! After we Fuk them Jan 2nd the gap will be SIXTEEN PTS.. HAPPY NEW YR YA MONKEY HUN BASTARDS!!

  • Peterbrady says:

    James stop fixating on sevco and all thescum media we are GLASGOW CELTIC they are a
    Of no relevant in Ange we trust HAIL! HAIL!

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