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Ibrox Benefits From Woeful Defending And A Scandalous Amount Of Time Added On.

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For the second game in a row, The Mooch’s team were all over the place and heading for defeat, and let’s give them their due; they did what Aberdeen could not. They played for 90 minutes. Or rather, they played for 97 minutes. There is a difference between late goals and goals in “time added on from God knows where.”

Aberdeen got what they deserved for the second time in under a week. Their decision to play nothing but defensive football against Celtic cost them. Their decision to try and hold onto a 2-1 lead, and then their grotesque failure to hold out when it was 2-2, is damnable in a game where the Ibrox defence looked petrified whenever they got forward.

The Mooch will get kudos for looking like a tactical genius; nobody at Ibrox should be convinced by that for one minute, and some of their fans will not be. The truth is, seven minutes time added on is another farce in a season which has had already had plenty of them, and he came within a kick of the ball of dropping points tonight.

That’s the story here. The Mooch came within mere seconds of falling further behind in a race where he was brought in to close the gap. I’ll tell you, if there is a plan being put into action I am not seeing it from his team. Throwing bodies forward in reckless abandon is not a plan. Aberdeen’s defence was woeful in that two minute spell … a more robust one would have held out and the fans over there would already have serious questions for this guy.

They should anyway. It was nothing that he pulled out of his bag of tricks that accomplished that this evening; unless what he pulled out was his Lodge membership card, for the guy with the minutes board. Two games into his “reign” and I think they’re all over the place. That is not a team capable of sustaining a challenge to us.

Aberdeen came within that appalling time-added on period of wrestling him and all his pretensions to the matt. They got past it. They got the points, just as they did with Hibs who for reasons only Lee Johnson can explain decided not to show up for the second half at Ibrox.

They may even scrape past Ross County on Friday night; I expect that they will.

But we’re coming, and we won’t show mercy and we won’t cave as easily as that. The worry, ever the worry, and especially after tonight, is the Fraternal Brotherhood Of SFA Officials, which has certainly had an influence on the game this evening.

But a bigger influence was the continuing managerial incompetence at Aberdeen, and not just from Goodwin. He was, after all, the choice of a board of directors which went out with the mandate to hire the best candidate for the job.

I have a secret to tell them; he wasn’t in Paisley. If they’re still struggling to figure that out that’s part of the reason why their club is not achieving what it should be.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am seeing only silver linings. Celtic will go there and tear that lot apart. If you’re relying on 2 extremely late goals from Scott Fucking Arfield (LOLZ) then that suggests to me that they are not ready for us.

    Bring them on.

    PS I still maintain “The Mooch” is a pyoor shanner of a nickname.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Roonsa. Exactly. Tbh saw nothin there tae be concerned about. Twice now gifted by bad changes in a teams attitude- tactics.

  • Nick66 says:

    At 2-1, I harboured thoughts of three Superbru points. I had 2-2. When I saw +7, well, I knew that was in doubt. They are a very limited team, with a very limited head coach who will prevail through the efforts of other people. Namely the MIBs. Sakala “fashioned” a goal via an even better example of “hand of God” assist you Will ever see.
    We have a hard slog ahead, they have every bit of “luck” on their side.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Never mind the extra time. Aberdeen blew that big time tonight. Sat unnecessarily far too deep for last 20 mins or so, from about 20 yds. Hardly came out their own half. Manager needs his arse kicked. Fact is tho and this is the reality, that the ibrox lot were rank again, until they were gifted by Aberdeens bizarre tactics. Twice now they’ve got away wi it against poor teams. Hibs had 50 mins and chucked it as well. Missed the last goal because my channel stalled, (glad tae say), heard it on the tranny and don’t think ah’ve ever heard a commentator soundin like he’s actually fell aff his seat and creamed his pants, like Richard Foster when the 3rd was scored. Nae surprise there right enough.

  • Geoff says:

    Stoppage time?
    Ridiculous defending?
    Only one cost Dons a win or at least a point.

  • Jack says:

    Beale has managed Sevco for two competitive games now. Sevco have been poor and used get out of jail cards on both occasions. Quite simply, they are going to get pumped very soon. Of that there is no doubt.

  • Effarr says:

    Why do goalkeepers keep hoofing the ball up the park to the opposing team with virtually seconds to go? I knew what the outcome was going to be. Surely they can hold the ball among themselves for a few more minutes: either that or kick it out the park and then feign injury. Old Firm FC had nothing to lose at the end and it definitely makes it easier to score. Extra time drags on for the team in front and they invariably drop their defences whereas the nothing-to-losers imitate the Charge of the Light Brigade and nine times out of ten manage to net the ball.

    It helps too if you are allowed to play on until you score and are allowed a handball to be ignored beforehand.

    After 95 mins Celtic were 9 in front with a game in hand, so let`s hope it is not only 6 in front by tomorrow night. That would really
    give them cause to celebrate.

  • Martin says:

    I think if they had needed it, there would’ve been 8 minutes of added time, or more.

    Re: the handball in the lead up to the goal. I’m not convinced. The camera angles I’ve seen he’s clearly trying to move his arm out the way and it’s right next to his body when the ball hits him. And even then, from the reverse angle it appears to hit his chest first so wouldn’t be a handball. VAR might’ve chopped it off had he been the scorer as even accidental ones by the scorer count, but I don’t think I’d have given that if it was a game between anyone but Celtic or anyone but Sevco… Which suggests not giving it was the right decision.

    Frankly had Aberdeen shown even some of the defensiveness for 7 minutes they showed vs us for 87, they’d have won that game. Nobody to blame but themselves. As Effarr correctly says, you’re winning and have possession…. Keep the feckin ball.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The thing about time added on is that both teams are allowed to score during that period. I did not think either that 7 minutes was all that outrageous. The huns got a late victory that they did not deserve, it happens, but we must give them their due, they did what we normally do, they played right to the very end. However, I’m looking forward to Jan 2nd, we should virtually win the League that day against our piss poor Glasgow rivals.

    • Martin says:

      A Fair point Johnny Green. And the Alamo-esque siege could’ve been avoided if Aberdeen had just prevented the equaliser. Once that goes in there’s only one team going to win it.

      For the chat about Bealeball not being an improvement on Gio…these are games they wouldn’t have won under Gio. They’re not playing any better per se, but they are playing til the full time whistle, where they previously gave up. If he gets a couple of not bad new recruits they might actually put together a few wins this season.

      Over the course of the game though we saw the same as against Hibs- not particularly threatening up front and porous at the back. If we play to our abilities (and given our recent scoring record that’s a definite “if”) then the game should be out of sight by half time again. Like most people I would expect them to beat Ross County, if unconvincingly, so we need to be on top against Livi tonight and St Johnstone. If it’s 9 points at the start of January, we can essentially kill the spirit of their challenge by beating them.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The gloating especially from the DR is unbeleivable. From mundane and clearly sickened reports after our win on Sat, tae smug and obviously ecstatic reports today. As usual tho, the reality gets blinkered with over-reaction and hysteria. Their apparent ‘guts’ and ‘character’ (mustve missed that part), was gettin them hee-haw, naewhere, until Aberdeen decided tae sit on their 18-20 yd line for 20 minutes plus 7. Enjoy it while they can. All the harder tae take when the reality does kick in.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Their defence is Fukin PISH even wae Herman Munster back & we will TEAR THEM TAE FUKIN SHREDS by HT! Hopefully they’ll come oot 2nd haf like Hibs & Aberdeen & we’ll Fukin TEAR THEM TAE SHREDS 2nd haf as well! They’re a FUKIN PUB team that’s beat 2 lesser PUB teams last 2 games.. 7-1 tae the MIGHTY HOOPS.. Knuckodraggaz forming an orderly queue at Erskine Bridge Jan 2nd!!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, the defending / goalkeeping from Aberdeen was mince.

    As long as we keep winning,

    sevco can score the winner in the 100th minute of every league game, if they want! :


  • Andrew Irvine says:

    Hi James, love reading all the articles on the blog. You do a great job. Just wanted to ask if you’ve seen the video clip of Goldson and Devine celebrating in front of the Aberdeen fans at the final whistle on Tuesday night? Willie Collum just totally ignores it and ushers them away. If that happens during the 90 mins it’s a booking so why no action just because it’s full time? Unbelievable! Guaranteed if it was Celtic players the cards would have been flashed. No wonder we’re paranoid!
    Keep up the good work mate.

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