Sevco Try To Raise Cash For The Mooch By Flogging The Last Of The Family Silver.

Image for Sevco Try To Raise Cash For The Mooch By Flogging The Last Of The Family Silver.

The cupboard at Ibrox is pretty bare at the moment, but that is of no consequence to The Mooch.

He might say that the team over there is as good as ours but he knows that it’s not and he wants to stamp his own mark on it. That will be hard to do when he’s operating without a pot to piss in.

In order to raise some quick cash they need to sell people.

But who is there left to sell?

Do you remember a couple of years back when they fantasised about a squad with more than a £100 million valuation?

Morelos, Kent, Aribo, Barisic, Tavernier, Goldson Kamara and others, all worth millions. They genuinely believed this. They genuinely thought that they might even have more saleable assets than Celtic did.

Aided and abetted in that view by that ludicrous website, and its idiotic figures, they thought that they might be able to replicate our player trading model simply by slapping obscene valuations on these guys and then “hold out” for the right bid. They were setting themselves up to fail, and storing all kinds of hassle up for the future.

At the end of it all they have exactly one saleable asset who might make them a profit left; it’s Glen Kamara, who has never been as good as they all claimed him to be, and who they allegedly turned down huge sums for in the past.

This is it then; the last of the family silver. Everything else that could be hawked or flogged or sold has either been punted already or is so depreciated in value than they would be as well taking them down to the bargain bins rather than putting them on the open market.

Kent and Morelos are particularly sore ones to take, but they still cannot understand why the £20 million offers for Tavernier or Goldson haven’t come in yet, but at least they’ve come to the realisation that now it never will.

What a state that team of theirs is in that it does not have a single player capable of netting them more than a nominal fee. With this they’re going to take on this Celtic team?

Even if they get a paltry £6 million for Kamara they are going to give The Mooch the tools to restructure the whole squad? They might as well put this guy out of his misery right now and save everyone the time and the money.

Kamara wants to go. Of course he does. He’s heard for years how he’s a footballer who is attracting the interest of clubs like Arsenal, and who would want to be at Ibrox if there was the least bit of truth in stories like that?

He thinks he’s flogged the best years of his career, and especially the last one under Van Bronckhorst, who at least seemed to recognise that he just wasn’t that good anyway. But he looks around him and he sees what we do. The club is in a dire position and who would want to hang around amidst the chaos when there are other options?

Even a year ago, their board would have scoffed at a £6 million offer.

Now they are demanding wire transfers in a desperate bid to make sure the money is real and it’ll be paid up front. Desperation does things to people, and they are truly desperate now.

They better hope that The Mooch knows what he’s doing, because if they squander even more money leave that club with yet more dreck on the bench, and nothing of re-sale value, then the gap between them and Celtic will grow until it can never be filled.

Because behind Kamara is what? Some promising youth players who may or may not hit the heights and whose valuations are in the low millions? You look at players like Matondo and you see nothing but waste.

Nothing but the squandering of opportunity and the few precious resources that their club had left to gamble with.

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  • John says:

    What about the loony in you picture above. Came on a free, high salary. Punt him, they will make a few shillings and reduce the salary bill. Better option than kamara?

  • Pedro71 says:

    Ok 1. Exactly how much was paid by Everton for nather, 2. Exactly how much was paid for aribo, 3. Exactly how much was paid for bassey, 4. Curiosity kicks in here…. divide ? it by 3 instalments then tell me how much Wilson made on his player trading.

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