The Record’s Twitter Question On The Celtic Boss Got An Unexpectedly Negative Response.

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Yesterday, The Record, in trying to create a controversy where there was none, put up a question on Twitter asking if the Celtic manager had been “disrespectful” to The Mooch when he suggested, at the presser on Friday, that he’d given more thought to his evening meal than he had to the various managerial shenanigans at Ibrox.

It was one of Ange’s finest answers yet, a slap down to the questioner more than anything else. The Record simply could not leave it alone and yesterday went trolling for some controversy. They had to find a way of justifying the question though, and they tried to do so by putting it their “jury” of assorted dopey hacks, as well as on Twitter.

I’m sure they expected the Twitter backlash from our fans. It’s only natural when they ask such a bitchy, petulant question. But what might have surprised them were the answers they got from their own hacks when it was put to them for the article.

Of the four, not one of them believed that it was a disrespectful comment. All argued that it was Ange at his humorous best, and making it clear – and not for the first time – that he only cares about issues involving our own club.

And something dawned on me reading it, something that some of them still don’t get but which these four writers have internalised; most people find it difficult, if not outright impossible, to dislike Ange or say a bad word against him, and I know some of them would dearly love any sign that he’s not the charming man that he comes across as.

His ability to use humour to make deadly serious points is disarming and it’s a tactic they’ve never seen used this well before, and so of course they have no answer to it. All they can do is sit back and laugh and conclude that this guy is a class act.

If only some of their editors were made of the same stuff.

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  • Tony B says:

    “Disrespectful” is the go to accusation for the hard of thinking and desperate to be offended peepul these days.

    Not surprising to find it used in their fan boy rag The Ranker.

    Toe curlingly embarrassing as usual, as is everything about them.

    Fannies ralottierum.

  • John Copeland says:

    No doubt we ‘ll be hearing from rent a thug ,Lundstram about Ange’s alleged ‘disrespectfulness’ soon ! Deh doo doh doh ,doh don deh doh ! Deh doo ! Deh doo……

  • Allan Loveman says:

    The more disrespectful comments came from the Beale ball presser ,were he said if he and slippy were still there last year we wouldn’t have won the title or cup.he comes across in interview as a jumped up barrow boy trying to give it some wide boy cockney routine and it’s fkin pitiful

  • harold shand says:

    Did they do a ‘ Writers ‘ question thing about Beale being disrespectful turning up at Ibrox whilst GVB was getting pelters or if Beale was disrespectful to QPR ?

    David McCarthy and Andy Newport are just message boy media monkey huns they ain’t journalists , they wouldn’t get a job outside Scotland .

  • Bottle Green says:

    It’s all Beal-Shit!

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