Alastair Johnston Looked Like He’d Been At Celtic For Years Yesterday.

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Later on, I want to discuss whether or not the manager got the starting team selection right.

But for now, let’s look the performance of Alastair Johnston, our young right back, signed from Canada, who the boss trusted enough to hand the debut of debuts.

It’s got to have been a long time since a player who had just signed was thrust into the heat of one of these battles, but I have to say that the kid took to it like a duck to water. Not only was he completely unfazed by any element of the game, but he turned in a performance that was actually pretty disciplined and composed.

I thought he could have been in a better position for Kent’s equaliser, but as a stranger in a strange land, playing with guys he’s only just met, with the sound of the hateful Ibrox crowd ringing in his ears this kid performed way beyond what you might have expected from him. If anyone in our team was going to have a nightmare yesterday it ought to have been him … instead it was the World Cup semi-finalist playing on the other flank.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve got a good one here.

The boy kept his composure, turned in a very decent display and then gave a great interview after the match where he still seemed to be buzzing about the opportunity he’d been given.

This is clearly a very good signing, and one Ange has a lot of faith in.

Giving a kid like this a debut in a match this big was a ballsy move – we can disagree with some of the other selections – and one that could have gone horribly wrong if the boy himself wasn’t up to snuff.

But Johnston handled it all very well. He looked like he’d been with us for years.

That’s a very, very good start to his Celtic career. Better things like ahead too.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Personally I thought our makeshift full-back set up was part of the problem yesterday. And why didn’t Bernabei come on for Taylor? It’s not as if JJ slotted in well at left back. If we spend north of £3M on a player, I expect him to be able to cope with the pressure of playing against that shower of absolute scum. If the boss doesn’t think he’s ready, get shot and bring in someone who can.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ange will be away comecthe end of the season going by the rumours inside Parkhead.
    Even though Ange will have been gone by the end of the season,the fans need to make their point now and make their way out of the stadiums home and away 15 minutes before the game ends to get the cheating called out once and for all,otherwise it will continue.

    • Roonsa says:

      What rumours, Scud Book? I aint saying Ange won’t leave but I don’t believe for one second you have any links that would give you access to any such information.

      The only links you have are directly with the Moon which you seem to be constantly tuned to. Lolz.

      • Johnny Green says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth Roonsa, including the moonman description 🙂

        • Frank Kelly says:

          To quote etims “that pish stained guy down the pub” is a good source of information.

    • Chris says:

      What rumours?
      The closest you are to Rumours is having the CD playing every day.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Whit ARE you talkin about ?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Johnston made a very promising start to his Celtic career and is a great addition to the squad as it presently stands. Ange obviously does not have complete faith in Bernabei’s ability that and is the reason he was not played. Him and Taylor are both a much of a muchness, and both very ordinary in my opinion, we need a quality LB for next season.

  • Martin says:

    A top LB would be good. We definitely suffered when Taylor went off. I’ve heard conflicting rumours about Bernabei (one of the many with flu, but a bit worse than the rest/Caught “partying” over new year) which could be something or nothing. Suspect Taylor’s form has limited his minutes until now, but something’s going on that he didn’t come on yesterday. Frankly the idea half the team were ill is either an explanation or an excuse for our terrible display. Good news is Kyogo scored, I suspect we will see a lot more relaxed and composed play from him now he’s got that monkey off his back.

    We need to be at our best for these games though, and yesterday we were very close to our worst.

    Agree that the debut boy had a good game. He was one of our better players really.

  • Ian McLaughlin says:

    Played a Blinder Hail Hail!!!

  • Frank Connelly says:

    when your £20mill fullback gets caught 10 yards the wrong side of the guy hes supposed to be marking doesnt take a booking for the team to rectify his original error and has an absolute stinker and Starfelt had a shocker (not withstanding that it wasnt a pen) then was delighted we got a draw. Was also surprised O’Reilly started ahead of Mooy.

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