Ange Is Trying To Create A “Drama Free Environment” In Which Celtic Can Thrive.

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As moves to sign a striker look as if they are ramping up, it becomes ever more clear that Celtic would like to move Giakoumakis and Juranovic on in this window. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Because whilst there is no immediate need to do the club appears dead-set on it. The question is; why? It’s not about money, there’s plenty of money sloshing around Celtic Park. So it has to be about something else. What’s the other priority?

I reckon this is how Ange Postecoglou wants it. The atmosphere at the club is clearly very good right now and if these two would rather be somewhere else, or have designs on moving somewhere else – and it’s clearly going to be about money; Giakoumakis didn’t seem to be motivated by that as much as family concerns, but none of the clubs he’s talking about going to seem to offer him any more assurances on that front that we do.

You look at the ambition level here; Monza, clubs in Asia from where we’re signing players, teams who will be lucky to see continental competition far less trophies. The choices are uninspiring and yet we’re told the players are keen to go.

That means it’s not about ambition or family at all, it’s about cold hard cash. So be it. Let them go if that’s what motivates them. Ange wants a little something more. He wants only players who want to be at the club for a start, and these guys apparently don’t.

Neither is banging on the door demanding a move. I believe that. But I also believe both have told Celtic they would rather go than stay. Celtic could keep them around until at least the summer, but Ange isn’t for having that. I think he wants them gone as soon as is practicable and for one reason above all else; to protect the harmony of the football club.

He wants the next six months to be all about the unit, all about the group, and not a series of these stories about players who are “on the radar” of other clubs and heading for the exit. He doesn’t want this dragged on any further, he wants a stress-free, hassle-free environment at Parkhead for those who are committed to the cause.

I cannot blame him for that at all. As long as we replace the Greek striker and start laying in our plans for the summer, none of us will have much to complain about.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    There is every possibility that Jura and GG may not move. The club names mention are hardly awe inspiring. I hope we keep both and add another striker.

    Good option may be Nisbett at Hibs, for me as good as GG, has better pace and defends better too.

    GG has had a fair number of injuries and Nisbett had a bad one but looks well recovered now.

    Really looking forward to seeing what Iwata gives us in midfield.

    • Johnny Green says:

      I like Nisbett too, but it looks like we are gong for the Korean striker instead. Pity as Nisbett would also help add to the Scottish requirements in our European squad.

  • lordmac says:

    yep put them up for sale at a price we want if no takers then the both play in the b team we decide there worth then if they go for less than we think pile on the clauses

  • Effarr says:

    There are not enough Celtic fans playing now for Celtic so I would go for Nisbet too.

    O`Riley, to me anyway, always looks as if he would rather be back in England, so I feel he will be next.

    You can`t complain about Juranovic and Gioukamakis who have no emotional ties wanting away, especially after the so-called mad Celtic man Tierney went with everyone`s best wihes.

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