Ange Teases One Last Bit Of Business, But It Would Not Be A Disaster If Celtic Were Done.

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The boss appeared in front of the media today and he teased that there might be a little more transfer business on the incoming side left to do. I wonder what position it is that he’s looking at? I wonder if we’re in for a major January surprise?

It is tempting, at this point, to let the imagination run wild. Rumours will fly for the next few days. But I suspect that we’re done. Four signings is good going and the squad strength is greater although we’ll lose out somewhat on the overall numbers. We’ve shed some filler, we’ve replaced some talent with new talent … I think the squad is more rounded.

But with Ange you just never know. I would not have seen the Haksabanovic signing coming, for starters; that, to me, was a thunderbolt from a clear sky and in a position where I really didn’t think we needed another player.

Ange, however, had spotted a gap in the squad and he moved fast to fill it … which is why there’s just no telling what might happen next here. There will certainly be players leaving; Giakoumakis remains very likely to go, and I suspect others will if they get a chance to move … but I really had thought that the transfer business into the club was done.

And although I suspect that’s probably right … I am suddenly focussed again on what might happen in the last few days of the window. Clearly, Ange has his eye on something but whether it comes off or not is another matter entirely.

What it means is a more interesting end to the window than we’d thought … but I’ll tell you this, if it closed tomorrow and we only had the four guys in I’d still regard it as a tremendous success. This is the kind of transfer activity we longed to see for years; disciplined, planned and structured, with the bulk of the business done early.

What a contrast to the evolving shambles across the street.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Another incoming player without a significant departure raises a major question. This squad is both talented and deep at every position except maybe one. Including the players who’ve signed this window, there are 7 forwards playing meaningful minutes and contributing; 6 midfielders (including Iwata); and 8 defenders. There’s at least 2 players at every position who are doing well and don’t appear to be moving on. The only position where there seems to be any weakness in either quality or depth is goalkeeper. Joe Hart has a great personality for this team and has provided valuable leadership, but his ball handling skills don’t fit at all to Ange’s playing style. Same can be said with Siegrist. Might we see a new #1 GK coming in the door??? It’s either that or Ange has already passed judgement on Bernabei and decided he won’t ever be more than an understudy and injury insurance for Taylor.

    • jrm63 says:

      Bernabei looks like a winger playing full back. The manager is clearly raising the level of athleticism in all positions – he is up to something and it might be a shift to 3-5-2 next season. Mooy, Turnbull, O’Riley are not quick enough. They are talented. I think he came to the same conclusion about GG. Not quick enough

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