Celtic Fans Will Not Be Shedding Tears If Scottish Refs Finally Have To Explain Themselves.

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What a pity party some in the media are having for refs.

If you haven’t listened to them, or read some of them, here’s the long and short of it; there’s a new rule being trialled by FIFA wherein refs would have to explain VAR decisions to supporters by way of the stadium PA systems.

This is a long way from being implemented here but already we’re being told that it’s impossible.

“Picture the scene” one hack writing for The Times has said tonight.

As if this is the world’s most controversial proposal instead of something that everyone should welcome.

His point, and this was being discussed on Radio Scotland last night, is that there is no way that any ref in Scotland is going to stand in front of the Celtic Park or Ibrox crowd and do that.

And my response to that is twofold; first, these hacks clearly believe that in Scotland we have fans who can’t be trusted in any way, and secondly … if refs don’t have enough respect for fans to actually do this then they’re in the wrong damned job.

Part of the problem here is the way that Scottish officials are already treated as though they were rare and delicate flowers.

They aren’t made to declare their allegiances, you cannot criticise them if you’re a coach or player although they can get managers the sacked and they no longer have to tell anyone why they made decisions. They live in a protected bubble and there isn’t a single one of us who should mourn for them if they finally have to be accountable like everyone else in the game.

The Time’s hack proposes a scenario; it’s the last minute of the cup final, and there’s a decision to make on a penalty. VAR gives it.

“Could you imagine the referee having to explain to everyone inside the stadium, and everyone watching on TV, why the decision had been made?” the hack asks. “Total carnage.”

Total carnage? Like what? Like a riot?

What a ridiculous claim. What an absolutely idiotic thing to write, grossly irresponsible and bringing nothing to what needs to be a more measured debate than this. Jesus Christ, and these people accuse the bloggers of going over the top.

It’s reminiscent of the “social unrest” bollocks which Regan once inserted into a debate about where the Ibrox club would start in the Scottish football structure.

It is this kind of hyperbolic bullshit which makes our game sound like an insane asylum and to be frank I’m sick and tired of it. The whole way we

There wouldn’t be “carnage” of any sort, even in the highly unlikely event that the decision went the way of our club, which to be honest only makes me laugh as it’s bordering on unthinkable.

Their fans have a healthy lunatic fringe, and are a thousand times more paranoid than our own are, but even they would not be storming the pitch in fury.

“While you never say never with anything, particularly in Scottish football, it seems unlikely this approach could be adopted here in the future, no matter how beneficial,” the hack writes and you know what? That’s the problem right there.

Because what he’s saying is that refs would oppose this although it’s a mark of progress and if that’s not what the debate over this should actually be about then I don’t know what else there is to talk about.

As I said in a previous piece, it’s amazing to me how many people are blaming VAR as if it was the technology itself that was the problem and not the people running it. The people.

The same old people who have been getting away with “honest mistakes” for years because here in Scotland refs are even less accountable than their paymasters at the SFA.

The reason there’s a debate being had in the first place here is down to one of two things, and whichever one you come down on the side of – that refs in Scotland lack the basic competence to make decisions even with the technology to assist them or that they are bent – it really does amount to a problem that existed before VAR and which would exist if the clubs decided that it’s done more harm than good and that it ought not to be used anymore.

I think that would create its own issues at this point.

The problem is with the officials themselves and rather than junk the technology and put further roadblocks in the way of progress perhaps that’s what we should be talking about instead.

But the media would rather focus on the spectacle of a ref having to stand and tell fans why their team is on the wrong end of a decision … forgive me if this sounds ridiculous, but isn’t making those decisions what they get paid for?

And if explaining it to the plebs – you know, the people the game is built on – is too much to ask of them here then I would suggest that some of them look for another well-paid hobby.

I’ll tell you this, I’m not singing the blues for these people.

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  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    What these idiot journalists fail to grasp is we just want fairness applied.
    We don’t want favours.
    If a Celtic goal is disallowed or we concede a penalty and VAR and a referee explain it to be the correct decision then absolutely no problem.
    The problem right now is they are using VAR to bend the rules to the absolute maximum (some might say they are breaking the rules) to suit certain agendas.
    That is what these idiots are afraid of. Losing that control.
    Right now VAR is Celtics worst nightmare and we need a FIFA ruling to implement it fairly across the board.

    • Benjamin says:

      I would actually argue VAR has been a big help in the debate here. Whether one likes the technology or not, it has put the referees under a microscope like never before. When these preposterous decisions are made, it dominates the discussion for several days afterward, and it’s starting to get attention outside of Scotland. VAR isn’t and was never meant to be a panacea that solves all the problems, but it has been a huge help in shining a bright spotlight on ‘Honest Mistakes’. Feigning ignorance of what actually occurred is no longer an option (unless the batteries run out again LOL), and forcing referees to explain themselves publicly in real time will be the next step forward.

      “Goldson’s arm was in a natural position for his body movement because he was doing the Macarena.” This is the sort of crap they’re going to have to publicly explain, and they’re going to be absolutely roasted with the more ridiculous decisions they make.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The same thing is already happening in Rugby and there has never been any issues.
    The PANIC button has been pressed already and it’s not even here.
    If FIFA are looking at bringing it in,there is Jackshit the SFA can do about it,but PANIC.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James no more articles on the wart till the hordes of zombie scum and media filth turn on it as sure as sunsets and sunrises it’s all about Glasgow Celtic and Ange in who we trust

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Penalties have been awarded in the last minute of big games since football began, long before VAR was introduced.
    The only carnage would be from on e aet of supporters and every fan in Scotland knows who they are, in fact, they dont need last minute pen decisions against them to cause carnage, they can WIN titles and cause carnage.

  • Paul Mac says:

    Problem this “journo” has is that it is IFAB who are implementing this in the Club World Cup next month. If it is successful then whether they like it or not IT WILL BECOME LAW that the referees will have to abide by.
    As someone commented they have done this for years in rugby together with the video referee and there has never been an issue

  • John says:

    Announcing decisions is part of nfl games. It works well. Fans are informed of on field decisions. It is slso used in rugby. I do not hear any complaints from rugby fans.

    It has got to be an improvement as refs etc have no accountability in what they do or not do!

    Man City game tonight. Clearly a hand ball from the spurs play. Back to the ball, arms lifted to an unnatural position. Clear pen, city players appeal. VAR no pen.

    The incident was worse than ours a few months ago. No consistency.

    Also James leave Beale and Keevins alone. You are getting paranoid about them. I am sure someone will tell them, you are writing about them. They will be satisfied to know they are winding you up!

  • Effarr says:

    If a stadium was full of people like you, James, who gets so upset about virtually nothing that it makes you blaspheme, then carnage could easily be the outcome.

    I have always considered anyone freely taking Our Lord’s name in vain to be a few pennies
    short of a shilling. Add the nickname “The Mooch” to their vocabulary and there you have the evidence.

    You are not one bit better than those you condemn, probably even worse.

  • pheebr says:

    In Rugby League in Australia every conversation between their version of VAR and the referee is broadcast to the crowd and to the TV audience. Even if its a last minute disputed try in front of the 80,000 who attend what’s known as the Grand Final (which decides the national RL Champions). VAR walks through each replayed incident giving their reasons for each decision along the way. Open, transparent. Not without controversy as everyone can have their own interpretation of what happened, but at least the officials’ reasoning is revealed and open to scrutiny. And officials who don’t come up to scratch, meet acceptable levels of officiating etc. are relegated and receive extra training.

    • Nick66 says:

      Sorry pheebar, made similar post to you, having not read posts first, however it seems that we are on the sam wavelength re VAR/TMO candour. Scottish football does not want ope and fair reffing.

  • Nick66 says:

    I watch Rugby Union as well as Football. For several years now The TMO is called in to check decisions. The Ref an TMO are miked up and those in the stands can hear every word spoken. It works, it still has some debate, but it as I say works.
    The problem in our game is the “mental gymnastics” needed to explain away a decision is lost if the whole thing is open and laid bare and cannot be obfuscated in the here and now scenario.
    That’s the fear they have regarding a pretty innocuous rule that makes a system work better.

  • Mark B says:

    It seems clear the system works well in rugby and should be implemented in football.

    I agree with the post above about the nickname “The Mooch” I said it a few posts ago it is petty, unnecessary and lowers the tone of the articles. It diminishes the point trying to be made. I would recommend quietly dropping the nickname and restoring a better tone.

  • SSMPM says:

    The Scottish journos, media/radio panellists, etc, know fine well we want fairness, all clubs do or should – bar one and their supporters.
    Reality is journos, etc, simply don’t want that; easy to see why – on the whole they are rankers supporters, even the ones on air that pretend they are Motherwell fans (other teams are available) are 2nd team rankers fans’ supporters.
    VAR is not the problem, refs are not the problem, Scotland’s government and its institutions failure to address bigotry is.

  • John says:

    I believe for every hack ( Kevens ect ) and ref ( Collum ect) They refuse to write anything negative about or ask a another ref of higher status who is a supporter of the team from Govan to look at a decision on the monitor, because their bosses support the other team and are worried about their jobs instead of doing their jobs with a bit of honesty. Just a thought!

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