Celtic Will Have Been Very Interested In Kenny Clark’s Nonsensical Interview Yesterday.

Image for Celtic Will Have Been Very Interested In Kenny Clark’s Nonsensical Interview Yesterday.

Yesterday, Kenny Clark, the ex-ref who works at the SFA on one of their committees, went onto BBC Radio Scotland to put the case for the officials. He was terrible. Before he’d even started he made it clear that he was not going to discuss VAR or individual decisions. He was there to forward a case for refs with offering any analysis.

The BBC had clearly been contacted before he went on the show and put on notice about what would be discussed and what wouldn’t, because he didn’t get put under any real pressure except by one man, Michael Stewart, who tied him in absolute knots.

Celtic insiders would have listened to it all with great interest.

They will certainly have noticed that he made no effort to defend the officials or the respect for fans to offer them explanations. Instead, he stunned Stewart by admitting that most refereeing decisions are “subjective” which Stewart treated with absolute scorn accusing him of offering a “lazy” answer and called it “a cop-out.”

Subjective. Which means of course that they make it up as they go along, that they don’t so much follow a rulebook as run the game based on what pops into their heads. It is not just a pathetic explanation; it is one that reeks of exactly the kind of biases we keep talking about.

Celtic is well aware of the “subjective” nature of much of what we’ve seen recently from officials. But it was interesting that an SFA official who basically went on there to say nothing at all said a lot more than he probably intended to and Stewart, at least, was not about to let him get away with it.

Stewart knows that the SFA’s position is becoming untenable, and when Clark tried to suggest that the issue here is that fans don’t like decisions being given against them and don’t care about decisions which fall in our favour the broadcaster skewered him and spoke for an awful lot of fans and fan media when he did so.

“”That shows you’ve not learned anything and what you’re saying there is that ‘we got the decisions right and the fans are just complaining because they got the decisions given against them’. That’s what that says, Kenny.”

Celtic will have been interested in that too, with echoes of what that clown Boyd said in his crayon written column the other day. If the governing body thinks this all comes down to the views of a handful of fans then Stewart is right, they aren’t getting it.

All in all, Clark, who had gone on there to be a “safe pair of hands” dropped a number of clangers which have made matters worse. Celtic must be rubbing their hands.

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  • Tony B says:

    From what I can gather, mason Clark’s performance was akin to Prince Andrew’s and may have done his and the SFA’s cause just as much damage.

    These peepul are sooooo fucking stupid.

  • John Copeland says:

    I listened to the interview . Mikey Stewart tortured head bummer referee Kenny Clark ! The BBC got found out too . They brought on Clark to justify and explain the VAR mess and when asked about the Goldson hand ball incident , specifically said he would not comment on individual cases … Why for Christ’s sake did the BBC have him as a guest in the first place if Clark refused to talk about the main talking point of the damned week ? Cowboys !!

  • Tam says:

    CELTIC fans for decades have been accused of being “subjective and paranoid” and VAR will sort it once and for all. VAR is just a word for the technology used by a GRADE 1 REFEREE to help him get the right decision. And as we have seen even with the help of all this technology the GRADE 1 REFEREE still CHEAT

  • TAMBHOY says:

    Not allowed to talk about individual incidents ? but whe it was kyogo’s goal against hearts last season that was alright to go on radio and slate that individual incident wonder why that is

  • Martin says:

    I think as a spokesperson for the SFA it’s fair enough to avoid talking about individual incidents. However most people could’ve made a much better fist of this. Realistically all he had to say was “handball interpretation pre World Cup was perhaps too strict and we have reflected on this during the break to realign it to the principles IFAB expresses”

    The inability of the SFA to even offer a token, piecemeal, statement like that is horrendous and really smacks of the people in charge missing a fair few brain cells. The worry I have about it is the difference between the changes in Scotland vs everywhere else it has been brought in. We saw a huge spike in penalties, everywhere else saw fewer.

    Still, I find it utterly baffling that O’Riley’s “handball” resulted in a penalty. Even if you look at handball “subjectively” (as one must) you have as many replays as you like and should be able to tell it’s outside the box.

    • Baroni says:

      It’s like anyone else facing tough questions that shine a light on truth/corruption (ie. Any Westminster politician, Bill Gates, Fauci and the ilk) when they know they’re too powerful to be held accountable. Their contempt is palpable!
      Just like the political landscape… the football landscape will NEVER change unless a large chunk of the public and institutions club together and demand real change! Talk is cheap.. they types only understand when fcuking bedlam ensues!!

  • John S says:

    “Subjective” is an admission of choice.

  • Pan says:

    I do not think Celtic are “rubbing their hands”. I think Celtic are looking for clarity and fairness for every club and that no one club is favoured as happens at the moment. Celtic even speak out when decisions go for them.
    The corrupt Farry at the SFA was not interested in fairness with the Cadete situation and tried to cover this up knowingly before Fergus challenged them with court action. Also, the SFA quailed and gave in when Anger FC pulled them up on a number of occasions for decisions from referees that affected them negatively.
    All this is on record and more and so it is a ridiculous lie for them to suggest that they, the refs and the media are not corrupt. It has been proven that corruption already lies at the heart of Scottish Football and lies emerge as a matter of course for the benefit of one club. Eventually this will all surface with the growing mountain of evidence becoming available and comments are now emerging from other parts of the world who are watching with interest.
    The English FA conduct themselves properly and are well above any suspicion. They put us to shame.

  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    I’ve noticed in the various layers of English football that when the ball goes near their head, which is attached to the face, they try to or do head the ball. It’s a natural reaction particularly for a CD.
    The idea that’s it’s quicker to get your hands up than to move your head into the ball or even out the way is simply a laughable excuse they’ve thought up to suit the situation. Is it going to hit his face before he gets his hands up to volleyball it away?
    One particular individual has been getting away with a lot of hand ball queries recently, which makes me think somebody has been informed and trained that there’s a way of getting away with it, which their refs will support of course.
    Still he could simply head the ball.
    Great point TAMBHOY, seems the hun culture have simply decide that they can adapt any excuse, sorry interpretation, to fit to whatever situation suits with no press/media scrutiny.

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    After Mo Salah’s goal for Liverpool v wolves last night Celtic MUST demand an explanation on why Liel Abada’s effort v Livingston was disallowed.
    There was absolutely no justification for it to be disallowed in the first place and Salah’s goal confirmed that.
    Regardless of country football is played under the same rules and regulations so why are our referees changing the rules when it come to decisions against Celtic.
    This is NOT a confusion of rules nor a misunderstanding or a mistake, as I said the referees are CHANGING THE RULES FOR DECISIONS AGAINST CELTIC
    Until someone can explain otherwise that is what is happening.
    If you change the rules on anything either to an advantage to someone or disadvantage to another that is CHEATING.
    Celtic MUST speak out and Mo Salah’s goal is the perfect template to start off the discussion.
    The rules of football are consistent worldwide except for viewers in Scotland. It simply cannot continue.
    Over to you Celtic

  • Mick Stafford says:

    Surely if most decisions are subjective then they are more susceptible to bias, in which case we need neutral referees.
    Also, Hugh Mcdonald made a good point about why there’s no Scottish referees at major tournaments, so obviously they’re getting the decisions wrong

  • Magua says:

    Where the feck is Crawford Allan???

  • Joe Nisbet says:

    Why are Scottish referees the only ones that don’t have to declare their allegiance to any team. Every other country does??

  • Stephen says:

    The celtic board will say nothing and the cheats will carry on cheating.

  • Steven Moran says:

    At a coaches Q & A where Kenny Clarke was guest speaker and when asked how they decide when a challenge is 50/50 his reply was “well if it involves Celtic always against them” that response delighted a few in the hall and Kevin’s and the likes call us paranoid and shouldn’t question a ref’s integrity!

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