Celtic’s Two “Contract Rebels” Are Being Touted By The Media For Absurdly Low Fees.

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It’s bad enough that the media has been running constant speculation about two of our players now for weeks on end. What is worse is that they are now running stories about both being for sale at ludicrously poor prices.

Where is this stuff coming from?

Last night, the story was about Juranovic and how we might be ready to accept as little as £6.5 million for him. What nonsense. A week ago Celtic was holding firm for a £15 million fee.

One bad game hasn’t more than halved the guy’s valuation so where in God’s name is some of this stuff coming from?

Those reports are surely not credible.

Equally bizarre is the idea that we might be willing to take a similar sum for Giorgios Giakoumakis, a Greek international and a guy who has proved that he can score goals. We should be looking for close to eight figures for him and anything else is a waste of our time. Different if this guy is banging down the door for a move, but all indications are that he’s not.

The Giakoumakis scenario might be less straightforward than the Juranovic one, and that may account for a slightly lesser fee.

As I noted in a previous piece, his time at Celtic and his one season of goals in Holland are really the only blazingly success ones of his career and it might just be that teams aren’t as inspired to offer big money for him as they would be if he had been a regular scorer until he topped the charts in Holland.

But I still think that now that he’s got that honour, and shown that he can score for us, that he ought to be commanding a bigger fee than what we’re allegedly asking for or willing to accept.

The one explanation that might make sense is that Ange genuinely thinks we can do better than this guy (and Juranovic as well) and is willing to let them go to get his new men in.

If we got £7 million for Giakoumakis and replaced him with the boy from Korea, who wouldn’t cost us anywhere near that, we could bank the leftovers and still come out with what’s arguably a better player as well as making a tidy profit from a footballer who helped us win a title. You get the feeling that the Korean boy just has more to offer long term.

These might be the thoughts going through the manager’s head.

This might be the logic of his position and if it is then we’ll soon find out, but at the moment the fees being quoted for Giakoumakis and Juranovic look an awful lot like selling ourselves short.

These guys are title winners now, and we shouldn’t be encouraging the idea that because we play in Scotland that we can’t get premium prices for our footballers.

I very much doubt that any of the figures touted so far are accurate.

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  • Bigeal says:

    James i do not know why you give these ludicrous reports any of your valuable time, these are the same people and outlets that had the overweight Colombian going for £50 million.
    On the other hand I do get a quiet giggle at the desperation of these clowns trying to feed their favourite club some kind of false hope.

  • Roddybhoy says:

    James these prices quoted are quoted by the media who are as we know not Celtic friendly . Big up all things Rangers and down play everything Celtic. Hopefully Celtic have realistic values on these 2 players already agreed on behind closed doors. I like the big Greek but his style of play is easy for our poor ( Im being kind here )refs to continually give fouls against him and limit his threat. In the big picture I think Ange has so many contacts that he could probably sell players and bring in better players for less money. Although early days Alistair Johnston looks like a steal. I really like Juranovic but I prefer my full backs to be a bit taller. Onward and upwards
    Hail hail

  • Seppington says:

    Didn’t they come out with similar pishy low-ball figuresfor Dembele and Tierney before they went for mucho dineiro?

    Utterly pathetic nonsense as usual from the hun SMSM fuds…


  • Scud Missile says:

    Jaronvic can’t have 2 bad games in a row for us otherwise his value will plummet.

  • Johnny Green says:

    6 or 7 million for GG, in my opinion, is a realistic sum. Juranovic’s worth is a bit more difficult to predict, but it should certainly be north of 10M. He is a good player, but not a great one and, if he does move on, we will certainly manage fine without him.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Keep on calling these imposters out every time they print lies with a negative slant to it. Remember the figures they printed about the covid party animal who was not even a first team regular. North korea trump and the tory party do not have a look in compared to the sports media here.

  • john mc guire says:

    ask any hun now that wee ryboh kent is still fresh in there minds with his wondergoal against the Celtic its back on bids of 50 million and upwards for the wee fud .

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Is there a sell-on-clause in both their contracts? It would explain why we have made attempted contract talks with them so early into their stay.

  • Peterbrady says:

    They are not contract rebels the have 3 years left on contracts they were happy to sign the control is all with Ange he will decide on everything in Ange we trust HAIL! HAIL!

  • SSMPM says:

    I’d be very happy with £15m for Jura and £6m for Geo and move on. Both are replaceable, we already have decent RB cover in Ralston and AJ and Ange has been on an advanced prowl long time for improved forward ability and I’m comfortable with the action being taken that he’ll be successful in that.
    Ange’s plan as he stated – buy talented up and coming players at a competitive price, develop, sell as high as possible, replace with higher quality that’s possibly more expensive but fee plus recoverable in the future. Repeat. Both fit into that category and both these fees would leave us better off.
    We can all get lost in this white noise and low-balling coming from the press/media and indeed Scottish football’s organisers, refs, VAR officials, etc, and associate it only as corruption in Scottish football thus something we need to change but that would be wrong. It’s bigger than football, it’s a corrupt society and we need our politicians to assist in that.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I think GG will get an improved offer he accepts. Jura may see his future elsewhere but it will be to a big team and he’ll easily double his sal. Short playing career so he will take the money and hopefully continue to improve.

    Mutually beneficial to Celtic with a good profit and an able replacement already in. All the best to him.

    Looking forward to seeing Iwata should see McCarthy move on, again all the best to him.

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