The End Of The Juranovic Saga Is The Best Thing For Him And Celtic.

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At any football club where a player wants to leave, it is better for all parties if the issue is settled quickly. The first rumblings of unhappiness date back to the summer. Back then the idea that a player who was almost just in the door would leave so soon would have been unthinkable, but here we are, on the brink of it happening.

Juranovic cost us £2.5 million. If the reports are accurate he will leave this club for a fee three times that, before add-ons which could net us what we paid for him again. That means that in a little over a year we have turned a tidy profit on the guy.

The important thing, above that, is that his departure does not unduly hurt the team. We have a good right back in Ralston and another in the Canadian Johnston, who I like more every time I see him play and admire more every time I hear him speak.

£10 million including add-ons is less than what we thought we’d get a month ago, but let’s be honest, we all want this behind us and that’s a fee not to be sneezed at when you’re dealing with a want-away footballer, and it’s sufficiently enticing that it should put an end to all nonsense about minimum release clauses. The thing you have to remember about players when they get to a certain age is that the clubs who buy them aren’t going to get to sell them on later … so it is with this guy and so it will be when Giakoumakis leaves us.

I’m never happy when a player leaves this club, not for one minute. But we can all see the sense in this, the logic in this, the need to do this. We can all appreciate that this had dragged on too long and an end had to be brought to it, if for no other reason than assuring that we have a happy camp here and no dissention in the ranks.

It means that we go into the second half of the season without waverers. It means that we go into the second half of the season on a wave of positivity and we know that everyone involved is going to give their all. Not that Juranovic has been slacking off; he’s been a model pro and that’s why I will wish him where at Berlin, if indeed that’s where he’s going.

This particular saga is almost at an end. Once we bring a striker in, Giakoumakis will be allowed to leave for the first club that offers the right transfer fee.

I freely admit to being less happy about that deal, because I think he had a lot more to offer us but he too has decided that one year at Celtic is enough, and he’s going for more money … and let’s be honest, that’s what it is. This is not about football reasons here, wherever these guys end up their days of challenging for top honours are probably in the past.

But Ange knows that now, and he knows too that the guys who are here are the guys who want to be here, the guys who are committed to the cause. That’s all that matters as we approach the end of this window. Emerging from it with our strength in depth intact.

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  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    A few weeks ago you dismissed these stories as absurd fantasy and did not take them seriously especially with the low fees being mentioned. Now you’re telling us this is a good thing for Celtic that we accept absurdly low figures for players who have enhanced their reputations at Celtic.???

    Then again a few weeks ago Peter Lawell wasn’t on the Celtic board.
    Welcome to life under Lawell pt 2

    • Neil Smith says:


    • woodyiom says:

      Yeh cos Lawwell is so well known for UNDERselling players. I mean he only got £7m for Stuart Armstrong and £6m for Ryan Christie both with less than1 year left on their contracts. By all means suggest the reported fee is lower than we might hope for but to suggest PL has previous for this is just palatable nonsense! The fact that he isn’t CEO any more doesn’t seem to deter you from dragging him into the equation either…….

  • John A says:

    Glad it’s getting sorted out, not to upset Jura going as I feel we have signed a better player to replace him. Big GG I am a bit disappointed about, hard to believe its about money as he just signed a year ago. Could be brassed off playing 2nd fiddle to Kyogo, and if that’s what it’s about fair enough. They played their part til now in our success so we have to say goodbye , good luck and thank you

    • Neil Smith says:

      Sad to see both likely to go. Also neither will win anything again with such moves… So it’s all about money but the thing I don’t get is a 3/4 years stint at Celtic sets u up for life £ wise … Agents n such I guess

  • Johnny Green says:

    We certainly do not need three right backs and a healthy profit on JJ is very welcome. I have always preferred Ralston to JJ anyway as I think his end product going forward is much better, better crosses and better final pass when required. I don’t think the Korean we are signing is better than GG, he is a project and still has a lot to learn. I would rather we signed Nisbet, but que sera, sera.

  • Mark b says:

    Sad to see both leave. Especially Giakpimakis he could easily have had more start time. We don’t seem to rotate him and Kyoto. Kyoto gets the nod every time. I would have preferred a bit more rotation…. it may have helped keep Giakoumakis.

  • SSMPM says:

    Difficult to gage what the actual fee is, £7?, £8?, £10?, with or without add-ons?, a percentage going to JJ’s old club so in reality we will not get 3 times what we bought him for. However as he clearly wants a move I’m glad it’s moving towards a conclusion with a decent enough profit, particularly as we have imo two very good RBs at the club. Almost a carbon copy of the RB “Oh my Days” Frimpong move, so not a new scenario really.
    As for GG, I can see why he’s not settled in his reserve striker role so any profit for him will be a bonus. Not sure if the South Korean bhoy will be ready to step straight in though so mibbies there is room for an SPL forward with potential. Ross Stewart would be my 1st pick to fit this role but Nesbit is a lifelong bhoy at heart with time for future development and I’ve got time for him as such. Of course they’ll have to accept what GG wouldn’t, that they’ll have to play second fiddle to Kyogo as Ange will it seems always play him home and away in every competition.

  • A Thomas says:

    Unfortunately football teams evolve,both good players ,seen better leave but come on James football players don’t see scottish football as major honours .maybe medals but certainty not major.

  • Iljas baker says:

    “This is not about football reasons here, wherever these guys end up their days of challenging for top honours are probably in the past.”

    You think so? Union Berlin have only 5 points less than Bayern at the top. They are likely to be in the CL, who knows what will happen in cup competitions. To be realistic money is probably the most important factor in this transfer, so is the status of a big league. I hope JJ gets some honours in Germany and does well in the European competitions.

    BTW I think 10 million at this age and with no sell-on value is pretty good. Well done Celtic and good luck JJ.

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