The Time Has Come For Celtic To Offer Ange A New Long Term Contract.

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Over the summer, the question arose as to why Celtic had not given Ange a new contract after his first season was such a resounding success. I argued at the time that everyone involved was very comfortable with the status quo and that there was no need to rush that.

But we’re in a different world now, and Ange has proved his quality and has become the most important person at the club. He deserves a new deal, on majorly improved terms.

And we need to protect ourselves in case there is an offer from England.

When Ange spoke about Juranovic yesterday, only people who were daft or were forcing themselves not to listen to him could have failed to recognise that he spoke of Juranovic getting a big opportunity late in his career and how he agreed with his taking it.

“People have to appreciate Josip is 28-years-old but he hasn’t really got to the highest level until late in his career,” he said. “He just wants to maximise his opportunities, to be honest. I agree with him. That’s what all of us have in our careers, a limited time and we want to take opportunities.”

Ange is in his 50’s. He, like Juranovic, has found the recognition he deserves late in his career.

He has been managing far from the white hot light of the European game and it is not insane to suggest that a move to England or elsewhere might lie in front of him. This guy could manage anywhere, that much is obvious, and let’s not kid ourselves on here, because nothing could be more dangerous or foolish than to do so. He may well want to.

There are two things which need to happen here to make his time at Celtic as fruitful as it can be; to make Ange feel like this is the place he was always meant to be, which means treating him royally, which means making him the highest paid manager in the history of the club … and recognising that it still might not be enough.

And if it’s not enough, we need to know we’ll be duly compensated.

At the moment, any club anywhere can come in and take this guy for a relative pittance. We are fools not to put in place protections against that eventuality. Before now the idea that some club from England might come in and poach this guy was not realistic. But he’s proven himself and clubs who might have overlooked him no longer will.

We’re already living dangerously.

The Everton job is about to open up. Leicester’s might be available soon.

There are other at-risk managers in that league, everyone from Graham Potter to our old pal David Moyes. Would he leave Celtic for any of those clubs? Would they take the punt? I want to say no … but if the money is life changing, if it means his family is secure and that his kids and his grandkids and their kids will have everything they need then you just never know.

This guy gets us, and he clearly loves it here … if we make him a brain-busting offer and make it clear that there’s a dynasty to be built at Parkhead on his watch then I think we’ve got a very good chance of keeping him at Celtic for years.

But if we don’t then we need to remember that he doesn’t owe us anything, and we should not ignore that even people who have grown up with this club, like Kieran Tierney, have spoken in very similar language about their careers and taking their opportunities and if they can’t be convinced to stay when their bond to Celtic is so strong then don’t assume anything.

Ange has earned an improved deal.

The transformation not just of the playing squad but the whole way in which we do business is remarkable and we need to keep this project going as long as we possibly can. Go to the ends of the Earth, Celtic, and if that’s not enough make sure that anyone who comes calling has to spend big, big money to change that.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Agreed. 100%. Good article.

  • Frankie says:

    Totally agree

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ange might be content with a year by year contract agreement. He wants Celtic to win everything at home and be competitive in the Champions League, eventually winning it. If this success is beyond all the Club’s efforts, Ange will up digs and go to a big club, perhaps in the warmer climes of Spain or Italy. The big clubs in Italy are very ordinary at present. No person can read Ange’s mind, least of all me. Everyone who works for Celtic FC, will give it a red hot go. An EPL team move is out of the question for the near future or even in many years ahead. I base this opinion on his cough??

  • Walter Harvey says:

    I agree that he should be offered an improved contract.
    I am not so sure he would jump ship at the drop of a hat as I believe this is a guy with a conscience and he will have a duty of care to all our Asian players that he has brought in.
    Despite the opportunity to play for Celtic these guys are with us because they know and trust him.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, I am in complete agreement. I don’t expect him to jump ship, but just in case he does let’s make sure that we are properly compensated.

  • Paul Sweeney says:

    Seem to recall a similar article of yours regarding Rogers hope lessons have been learned although I can see same thing happening with Lawwell back in the building cannot for the life of me seeing Celtic PLC not having a team out of Ibrox to compete with and I use the word compete narratively

  • Chris says:

    Etims diary on Friday was saying that the board think Ange’s head has been turned by a possible chance of managing in the EPL.
    A day later Ange has more than hinted at future opportunities.

  • SSMPM says:

    It will be a sad day if/when the big man moves to improve his “career opportunities” and more wages ultimately, so aye we need to try to protect the compensation opportunity for the club and reward him financially at the same time. However that will take Ange accepting it and not seeing it as an increased financial barrier to his future move.
    He does seem happy but he’s hard to read until he comes out with comments like he did and exposes his thoughts. I would never want to treat him “royally” though.
    If he goes, he goes and with all our best wishes but not yet. Not yet. C’mon a Hoops

  • Christina says:

    Another great article James and, in particular, the highlighting of Ange’s words regarding Juranovic which rang alarm bells for me a bit I must confess. The sentence “That’s what all of us have in our careers, a limited time and we want to take opportunities” for me was a clear and honest reminder to us that the manager himself is getting his opportunities late in life and that he is very aware of that. He is not saying he is looking but he is also not bullshitting us by suggesting he wouldn’t be interested in an opportunity which could enhance his own career and, more importantly, could give his family financial security. He has had his children quite late in life,they are still very young and will be financially dependent on him for many years yet. Like any parent Ange will want to give his children the best possible start in life and that I believe will be at the forefront of his mind. Additionally, of course his career path is very important, he will want to test himself against the best. I think Celtic have to be realistic and see that we need to make him a very handsome offer of a new contract if we want to hold on to him for a few more years. We know he ‘gets us’ and we know that he is aware of the esteem and affection we have for him so hopefully against that backdrop a much improved financial package and the lure of CL football will help us to keep him for a few years yet!

  • Jim says:

    Yes agree. He might not want a long contract but they should at least offer it and make sure he feels handsomely rewarded and remunerated.

    Celtic almost always seem to want to strain a manager’s loyalty to breaking point. Jock Stein, Billy McNeil, Martin O’Neil, Brendan Rodgers…they’ve all had to accept off-hand attitudes no matter what they achieved.

    The brutal truth is Ange has not stayed terribly long in any job and he is clearly not governed by sentiment. However I don’t think his primary motivation is money.

    The board seem to have learned certain lessons working with Ange. The best lesson of all would be to make him feel ‘I can do something special here and I know this lot will back me’.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ange, dedicated himself to coaching 5 Australian National teams; including Socceroos, youth and
    pre-qualified Olympic teams, over many years. Disrespect and lack of support from Football Australia
    drove him off-shore. This is well documented. Ange could easily stay with Celtic FC for 8 years at least. Sir Alex retired at 72 years of age. He managed Man Utd for 27 years. Ange has set goals for the Celtic Club, Celtic Players, the Player Management Team and Himself. What follows is Club success and pride by all, including supporters. Hopefully the team can roll on like a juggernaut, crushing everything in its path. On the periphery, I believe Ange would like to see Scottish football thrive. Ange is like a modern day Hillary; only Football is his challenge.

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