Carter Vickers Has No Reason To Feel Cringy. Celtic’s Rivals Should Be Doing That.

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I read with some surprise that Carter Vickers said he feels, looking back, that he thinks his celebrations at the end of the Ibrox game were a bit cringy.

I absolutely disagree with him. We grabbed a late equaliser to maintain our nine-point lead and he was one of the heroes of the day, with that stunning last ditch tackle just before the equaliser being one of the key moments of the match.

He was fully entitled to celebrate.

I’ll tell you something, I know I celebrated. Leaving there with the nine-point lead was not what we went for, but it was great to snatch their hope out of their grasp right at the death. Nothing could have topped that except, obviously, if we’d gone up the park again and won it. Carter Vickers was, for me, the man of the match on the day.

If there are people in Scotland who should feel their behaviour after that game was cringy they are in the media and on the Ibrox fan forums. They were cock-a-hoop that they didn’t get a tanking from us, because most of them expected exactly that, and they went straight from that to their typical paroxysms of excitement over what it all means.

What it means is that they didn’t close the gap. That’s what it means.

Even way short of our best they didn’t beat us and that should haunt them but apparently it doesn’t because they are so excited over not getting beat that they are able to fabricate from that signs of progress.

Anyone who watched them in the first half yesterday knows progress over there is as illusory and fake as the Russian ceasefire was.

They are rank rotten.

So Carter Vickers has nothing whatsoever to feel bad about or cringy over.

When you see how some in the media have reacted to that result you’d have thought they beat us comprehensively and that this was an actual title race after all.

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  • BhilltheTim says:

    Don’t remember the complaints when the The Rangers fans invaded the pitch in celebration of a late winner against Partick Thistle not so long ago.

  • Terry ivany says:

    Great article
    Have been following james forrest on face book but for some reason his post s have disappeared of my Facebook news feed and can no longer find him . Have to search the celtic blog

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