Ange Once Again Delivers His Celtic Managerial Mantra “I Can Only Talk About Us.”

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Isn’t the definition of stupidity the act of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result? Do you think there will come a time when the media in this country will pick up on that, or are we destined to go through nonsense forever, when they ask Ange Postecoglou to discuss the club across the city and he flatly refuses to?

You get the feeling sometimes that they just aren’t getting with the program, that they just aren’t reading the writing on the wall. This man is not here for that. Ask questions about the team, about his role, about his job as manager and he will answer those questions all the live-long day. Ask him about anything else – but especially them – and he won’t.

Yesterday was no exception, when he was asked to comment on – in other words, to praise – The Mooch and his team, but in an offhand way. They actually asked him about the form of both sides, and whether he thought they were coming into the game on the back of some good form. Well, he was never, ever going to do that.

“Mate, I can only talk about us,” he said. “We certainly feel like since the break we’ve been stronger. We had a strong first half of the year to be fair, but we’ve consistently improved over recent weeks. We’ve got a stronger squad. We added some players in January who have helped us not just in terms of matches, but in terms of training. The level of quality of training has been raised and we haven’t had a midweek game for two or three weeks now which has helped us as well. I just think our performances have got stronger since the mid-season break.”

Not just a slap-down to the hack who asked the question but an ominous reminder that whilst everyone has been “admiring” – too soft I word I think – The Mooch and his team, that we’ve largely ignored the hype around them by just getting better and better. This was the season 2 promise from Ange, that we would keep on improving, and we have.

But that’s not enough for these jokers, as nothing we do is ever going to be enough for them. Instead they want him to praise Ibrox and the team over there because they haven’t collapsed. Because they are on a run of form for the first time in ages.

Not a chance. And the big man made it clear that he never will.

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  • Somerset Bhoy says:

    They haven’t had a run f “form” though. They’ve had a run of penalties and sending offs that have rescued them.

  • Bob (original) says:


    Love that. The ‘journos’ must hate it when he calls them that?

    Ange’s experience is up against the rookie Beale, both on and off the pitch.

    On paper, CFC is flying and should dispose of sevco easily.

    On the pitch, we just need fair, consistent refereeing decisions…

    which could pose a real problem.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Let them pick away and hope our team are sittin takin notice of all their pish. Ffs they’ve even a picture of beale today himself wi the cup. Talk about gettin ahead ! Ye know what they’re gaggin and wettin their pants for ?! A result on Sunday (and no matter HOW they get it either) tae use as an excuse for makin beale out the ‘better’ manager and they can ascend him tae ‘tactical genius’ status. All very predictable, tho if ever a mob needed put in their place.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Silverware is nice but the main item on the menu is the league.The league cup is bit of money nothing else no Europe entry nice on your cabinet good for the fans and team nice day out.

  • Geoff says:

    Just read the DR thinly veiled swipe at us over the GG transfer.
    Basically they would like to have brought him in earlier but they had to overcome a few hurdles at our end.
    Those were he is not going on loan so pay us the agreed fee.
    We don’t half get some crap from these rags.

  • John Mc Guire says:

    How come one of the the ex general’s wee dickhead advocat could hold court and then call out the press for asking stupid questions surely celtic could get a big sign above our manager asking them to only ask questions about our club and no other club.

  • SSMPM says:

    It won’t end as long as Celtic continue to allow it. They want to make the man so sick of Scotland and their hunnery in the hope that he’ll walk away to another country. Corrupting lies into truth is their raison detre.
    I really don’t understand Ange and Celtic’s strategy in putting up with this nonsense time after time. Ange might as well be sent out wearing T shirt with a target front and back. I don’t know a Celtic fan that welcomes this or wants it to continue. Grow up Celtic and start to represent your fans wishes.

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