Sutton’s Latest Article On Celtic Took Aim At Several Targets And He Hit The Lot.

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Phew! It’s not often that I get physically exhausted reading an article, but going through Chris Sutton’s one today I did. Because it said so much that we’ve all said already, so much that I’ve written already, it took aim at various targets and defended the manager with such resolution and with so many good points that I was stopping to applaud every other paragraph.

It was a superb piece, and all the better for not reading like some gushing fan-boy love-in as so many pro-Ibrox articles do these days, across the mainstream press. No, this had things it wanted to say and it was on point for every single one of them. Sutton always had a good eye for goal; it’s why he was such a superb striker. This hit every mark.

The article started out with The Mooch; he was, in fact, the main thrust of it, him and his ridiculous comments. Sutton did not spare him, making pointed references to his character, his lack of class and his lack of self-awareness, something this site has talked about. He really does come across as someone who has no idea that he’s making himself look like a fool. He wouldn’t sit there so smug and preening at those pressers if he did.

I loved the point Sutton made about how The Mooch acts as if he had been the Ibrox boss during their title run. He doesn’t seem to recognise that this is massively disrespectful to Gerrard, his mate. But then that is who this guy is, that’s his thing. He has no respect for any other person, this is his MO to a T. He is all about self-aggrandisement.

And the thing of it is, in many ways he’s come to the right country because he’ll get all the positive affirmation he could ever want from this media, except when they realise that Ange has him beat and that in fact he’s a busted flush. We’ll see how much he enjoys that experience.

Not content though with taking him on, Sutton also had a pop at Martindale and others in the media who have taken a shot at the club over having money to spend. Sutton has rightly sussed that all this represents is the latest efforts to belittle Ange’s achievements and those of this team … but the record speaks for itself, not just this winning run and how well the side is playing but Ange’s career record too, with his trophies and titles in three different countries.

He goes on to fire back at The Mooch’s record.

“In total for Beale’s 11 matches at the helm, (they) have cracked 25 goals and lost nine. In the exact same period of 11 games, Celtic have the identical record, have scored six more and conceded five less than their rivals.”

That’s the first time someone at a national title has broken the record down, and it’s interesting, don’t you think? It’s telling. It’s just as we’ve been saying on this site; The Mooch hasn’t even closed the gap. In fact, it’s grown on his watch. Slightly. A little. But over the course of a season those littles are what make a lot. They win leagues.

Sutton also had a dig at refs, and VAR when he as much as said this – and a very rare, difficult to imagine off day – were the only ways we were going to drop points.

It was as if he picked his list of favourite adversaries and opened up on them all … and he didn’t miss once. Take a bow big man. Superb.

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  • Croftcelt says:

    Agreed, and it is surely time to also point out that the actual lucky team in Scotland is the one that never seems to have penalties awarded against it, despite the number of occasions when opportunities have arisen to do so. In addition, it benefits from penalties awarded and never appears to receive red cards when merited. Sands, Kent and Jack should all have received red cards this season, but this is all glossed over or excused in the MSM.

  • John Copeland says:

    He never misses does big Sutton and they are all petrified of him from the top down ! He wont be silenced either .I’d love to see Sutton ,big Hartson ,Peter Grant ,Tom Boyd ,Jackie Mac Namara ,Simon Donnelly ,all ex Celtic big hitters ,get together and call out all the corruption ,incompetence etc that is Scottish football ! A free hit towards the BBC ,the SMSM ,Sky and Scottish television ! I would love to hear the responses from that lot after the Celtic bodyguards let rip on the establishment who all have a pro Ibrox agenda .

  • Johnny Green says:

    Sutton never runs his mouth off without first thinking about a subject and assessing it properly. I’m always appreciative of his incisive input.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The huns one up right now and cruising, Goldson hasn’t had a save to make.

  • cowdenpix says:

    Keith jackass would probably say that you should never start a sentence with BUT. But what does he know ??.

  • James Smith says:

    Beale should check behind his shower curtain tonight in case creepy stalker James Forrest is behind it. What a complete weirdo you are can you go like five seconds without obsessing about Beale?

    You really need to step away from the computer for five minutes you fat pishy mess cause your whole life revolves around Rangers and nothing else.

  • Francis Totten says:

    Was at his evening at Murphys bar Glasgow .true legend

  • Oldbhoy says:

    One of my favourite Celtic forwards and now favourite Celtic Defender. Thing big Chris says what he see’s and plays with a straight bat. Whit the mooch should realise that the club he now represents is Scotlands shame in more ways than one and he exemplify’s their bare faced attitude to we have done no wrong , we are the people. Wrong pal the rebels all over the world have you and your kinds number and are coming from all sides. HH

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