Witless Hack Casts Doubt On Celtic Decision And Ignores The Weekend’s Worst VAR Call.

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I see Tam McManus is writing for The Record now, a guy so dumb that if you had two of them you still couldn’t generate the brainpower of a lobotomised chimney sweeper.

I can usually get by ignoring him because he was nothing but a glorified blogger, but now he’s part of the mainstream? Standards just continue to plummet don’t they?

I wonder if that rag and its readers are aware that his last writing gig was for an Ibrox fan site? Probably not. And it probably doesn’t matter since his current writing gig is, in effect, for an Ibrox fan site.

Which brings me around to today’s effort from him.

He wants the handball rule changed. Because Celtic got a penalty due to one and the Ibrox club conceded a penalty due to one.

They were both stonewall. I notice the outrage over the one at the home of our rivals; it took long enough for them to have a penalty awarded against them, so obviously they were would be bitching about the decision itself, all the better to make sure that it’s a long time before there’s another one given.

What I find astonishing – and he’s not alone in this but I’ve decided not to be generous to him, as he’s certainly not going to do us any courtesy at all – is that in his blubbering about how bad those decisions were (and neither of them was, and I think there’s a blue tinted thinking going on here to arrive at that conclusion) he missed the worst decision of the weekend.

How can we be talking about VAR failing yet again when the most appalling penalty kick given was the one Tavernier missed? Tillman quite clearly dived, and he did so outside the box.

How that was awarded as a spot kick should be the subject of one of those episodes on Unsolved Mysteries except that most of us know exactly why it was given.

If McManus and others want to talk about VAR then they should remember that all we ever hear is that a handball penalty is a subjective thing, so the only way to change it is that we either make any handball in the box a penalty no matter how unintentional or we make none of them penalties, in which case we will have defenders making saves even keepers can’t.

But a tackle outside the box isn’t subjective at all. It’s a clear-cut issue, and that an official actually watched that more than once and still gave it reeks to the high heavens of something other than a simple error.

You can forgive a simple error if all you have a split second to view an incident, but this was much more than that and it’s no wonder they won’t talk about it.

And until they do, McManus and others ought not to be trying to create a big song and dance over a decision that we got. Especially not when it was entirely fair and wholly justified.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Now here’s a quote for you, talk about cloud cuckoo land…. Fantasy fiction:

    Head of Academy Craig Mulholland who said: “We are now able to demonstrate some exciting outcomes from that vision. In the last five years we have brought in more than £15m in transfer fees for Academy players, with many additions, perhaps in excess of £7m, still to come on those deals.

    Can’t wait to see that in the accounts….

    • Geoff says:

      The last five years £15m?
      12 for Patterson if you believe it that’s £3m over five years.
      £600k per season.
      Chris Jack the author of that piece of fiction.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Var has been an absolute disaster. You can’t celebrate a goal which is killing the game…. It is giving refs and var officials Plausible Deniability.

    Var tech to blame, teething problems, Var operators getting used to the process, ref’s interpretation, camera out of action. The fact is they either do not know the handball in the box rule or they use it where they see fit making the situation even worse than before var.

    Waste of money, invest in proper unbiased refs. More important than var.

  • Tony B says:

    Tam McMasun is an anagram of Tam McManus.

    Jist sayin’ like. ; )

  • John Copeland says:

    The way I see it ,VAR is used because the governance of the game are implying that the officials in charge of matches in this country are not up to the job ! Why doesn’t the SFA/SPFL train and educate their referees to the highest standard and in doing so there would be very little use for digital refereeing ? Oh that’s right it’s about £10 grand a week for each club to implement this nice little earner !

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Biggest issue for me was how the referee managed to miss our penalty in real time.
    Why has no one questioned that he allowed play to progress??????
    Surely that’s the bigger question.
    The whole stadium saw it was a penalty

  • Martin says:

    VAR should be restricted to fewer uses but the failings at the weekend (Scotland and England) were completely due to the people using it. I have *some* sympathy with the Colak handball, I must admit. I don’t know that I’d have given that in one of my games (admittedly no VAR) as it was pretty point blank. However it is entirely consistent with some of the decisions given against teams (namely us) already this season.

    As for the one in our game. That was a clear penalty red card all day long. The general rule of thumb we use when a defender is sliding/falling is “Arm below the body is supporting, no penalty. Arm up in the air is unnatural, penalty”

    And the ball was going into the net. So DOGSO. Not really sure what McManus has an issue with here, that’s been penalty/red since before I was born.

  • John S says:

    The best tool is only as good as the hand that works it. There’s a whole box of tools at Crawford Allan’s disposal.

  • harold shand says:

    Why would anybody be interested in Tam McManus ?

    Just a nobody working his ticket

  • Martin says:

    Oh, I meant to say… I think Tillman was fouled. At the speed he was going that’s enough contact to fell him. And maybe he was even going fast enough to be in the box before he hit the ground. I almost have sympathy with the ref on field. But that 2 people saw that slowed down from various angles and concluded penalty rather than direct free kick… Utterly inexcusable.

  • Hunbasha says:

    Tam one of them? Sure everybody knows he,s a Motherwell fan? ? But underneath the masonic apron is a pair of orange shorts. Ibrokes wans. Is there a bigger numpty stumbling around Glasgow?

  • BJM says:

    Serious question who is tam McManus, is he any relation to mick.?

  • BJM says:

    Serious question who is tam McManus ,any relation to mick?

  • Neil Smith says:

    lobotomised chimney sweeper eh??? Lobotomized anyone really without the patronising reference to manual labour… Poor stuff from this blog. No need.

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