Celtic Fans Are Right To Mock Ibrox’s Abject And Nonsensical Australian Tour “Confession”.

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Earlier I wrote about the Ibrox interview which was supposed to come out in the aftermath of a victorious cup final but has instead hit the Ibrox fans during a period when they are questioning their club in a way they haven’t done in a while.

One of the bizarre statements made by Stuart Gibson – and they were all fairly bizarre because the whole interview was a piece of self-congratulatory nonsense which has only infuriated a support which simply doesn’t want to hear how brilliantly the board is doing – was when he talked about how they “played a blinder” with the Australian fiasco.

“The way I see it was, James (Bisgrove) played a blinder,” he said. “He got a free option to look and see what happens with the league. It gives you the time to get the right information to make the right commercial decision …. If we didn’t relinquish the league, I’d have been happy to go to Sydney and take £3 million for the pleasure to go out to Sydney and getting the chance to try and gub Celtic. But we didn’t win the league so we never went because others were in breach of contractual conditions. We never won the league and some others never stood behind their contract obligations so that was our get-out. It was a free option.”

Almost every word of that is abysmal, unprofessional, delusional and reeking of a weird and dangerous obsession with our club which takes your breath away. The Mooch gets a lot of stick for the daft comments that come out of his mouth, but the ideas he espouses are obviously filtered down to him from the very highest level at Ibrox.

There are two sets of people who will be genuinely interested in those remarks, as opposed to infuriated by them, which is basically the entirety of the support over there.

Celtic will be wryly amused that it was our title triumph which caused them to self-harm and leave an estimated £3 million plus on the table.

I particularly like the thought they would “gub” us.

At which point did that suddenly no longer seem like that likely a prospect?

When we turned them over at Celtic Park at the start of last year? Think that crystallized thinking inside Ibrox somewhat? The idea that they would go over there as the second act, only to get dismantled as well?

That such a phrase was ever uttered by an allegedly serious individual is mind-bending.

It confirms what we already knew; we are at the centre of their every moment, and every thought. They agreed to this because they wanted to “gub us” at a time when they thought we were on our knees and then they hurriedly cancelled it when they realised they were the ones most likely to be handed a doing by the newly minted champions in front of the Australian crowd.

The second group of people who will be interested in that statement are the tournament organisers.

He basically just laid out their case for them.

Gibson even used the phrase, “that was our get-out” after making it clear that they signed the contracts but would only have fulfilled them had their team been league champions. It’s open and shut.

These Peepul are absolutely thick. Accomplished in business some of them might be but they are incredibly bad at this, incredibly stupid when it comes to understanding that words often have very serious consequences.

They never quite learn that, do they?

But they will.

His comments are barmy, the whole interview is barmy, and that it was obviously designed to run after a cup final win which not a soul at Ibrox had the least doubt they would do is awesome to contemplate. It means that the mind-set at that club from top to bottom really is as delusional as that which is dominant on the forums.

King talked about a house of cards at Celtic; we can collapse that club like one if we win the Scottish Cup. Fear and loathing stalk that club like a predator on the Serengeti. Tonight their manager is being as quoted as saying how “heavy” the Ibrox shirt should feel on the shoulders of his players. Way to take the pressure of them, man.

This lot are like a crumbling structure that is ripe to fall.

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  • harold shand says:

    ” If we didn’t relinquish the League “

  • Benjamin says:

    King never talked about a house of cards at Celtic. It was ‘a pack of cards’. LOL

  • Tam says:

    NOW that a Scottish judge and police Scotland chief constable have admitted they told lies to help “the rangers”. And this case won’t be here in SCOTLAND I think they are up a creek without a paddle. What an admission before the case has even begun

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah lol wee BENNY Gibson.

  • Johnno says:

    Thinking you could be missing a point being made by that hun tosser Gibson.
    Is such shite more of a case of trying to protect the scum board, along with his investment, in trying to keep this superiority bollocks intact?
    Trying to buy time with a revolt from the zombies upon the horizon, I would say more likely myself.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio Clyde pundits want sevco to give ryan jack a new contract. Is he older than Aaron Mooy? I remember jack being in the Aberdeen team that Celts humped 9-0. HH

  • Dolphin Boy says:

    Hi Tom

    Excuse my ignorance but what case are you referring to that a Judge and Police Chief lied about.

  • Johnny Green says:

    When we are touring Japan and Korea in the Summer, kerching!, the Huns will be heading for Pontins to be challenged by the bluecoats. eleven 🙂

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    The Daily Record’s item, is a shallow report of Stuart Gibson’s conviction that Rangers FC
    had a legitimate “out” of the contact, with TEG Live and Left Field Live. Verification of
    the statement from Gibson is essential. If it was a quality News Sheet in America, the Journalist
    would have asked for a copy of the Contract and the conditional clause in question.
    Readers would like to know the date when the litigation case is set in the Australian Federal
    Court. Also, does Rangers intend to defend or settle. The Scottish Press uniformly said Rangers FC withdrawal from the Sydney Super Cup was in response to the (presumed intolerable) “backlash from its Fans”. That would not even pass a sober Irish Pub test for credulity. Does anyone think that condition is in the Contract? James Birchgrove, should have known what the Fans thought of the contest? There will be more to come out of the wash, if the hearing goes ahead. I hope it does.
    Should J B be worried? Why did S Gibson speak at this point? Something ominous in the air?

    • Eire goCeltic says:

      Today I became aware of Rangers FC counter suit against the Sydney S Cup promoters.
      Rangers allege that the promoters breached an agreement not to use “Old Firm” in promoting the
      game in Sydney. Also the promoters or another party prematurely leaked details of whatever. That’s enough. It’s easy to find in the internet.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James you say they are ready to implode when will it happen this is what every fan and every supporter of every club wants every decent tax paying law abiding citizen not supject of Glasgow , Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain , Europe the planet all the galaxy’s In The universe when will sevco die and take all the zombies vermin scum to extinction eradication die sevco die.

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