Celtic Winning The Title On Coronation Weekend Would Be Sweet … But It Won’t Happen.

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The papers today have raised the amusing possibility that Celtic could win the title during the weekend of the coronation, and whilst this is a thigh-slapping laugh-out-loud possibility, I am not exactly going to get my hopes up.

Because that’s the weekend of the first game after the split.

But provided we’ve won our games up to that weekend, and provided we win that weekend, that still leaves one fly in the soup. The club from Ibrox would still have to drop something somewhere.

Because otherwise we’d be going into that weekend with a 12 point lead and emerging from it with a 12 point lead. The goal difference would be vastly superior and it would take a Barings Bank style collapse for us not secure the title, but it would not be official. Nobody would be engraving our name on the trophy quite yet.

The only scenario in which it would happen is if the SPFL provided us with the league decider ready-made at Ibrox. They will never agree to do that in a million years. In just one of the many ways that our national game is a backwards facing joke, the governing bodies will never, in a million years, schedule that out of fear of the consequences.

That game will be the third or fourth after the split, when the issue is supposed to be settled once and for all.

This is the only country in Europe where a league decider between the two top teams is something to fear rather than embrace, and we know which club’s fans are responsible for that. We know that what the governing body fears is having to contend with The Peepul in a rage. That rage would be even more pronounced if we interrupted their coronation party.

I don’t think it will happen.

You only need to listen to the way the managers this weekend are talking about the coming games – relying on luck rather than anything in the style of play or basic optimism about the task at hand – to see that. The Ibrox club will almost certainly win its remaining games and so will we … which means the title will be decided the following week.

How glorious though if I turned out to be wrong. How sweet it would be if we were able to clinch it on their weekend of jubilee? It would be poetic, wouldn’t it?

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    They have the Mogadons away on Sun 23rd April at haf 4 where they’ll drap pts! So long as we Fuk them nxt Sat we’re winning it 1st game of the split!


    Do yo think they’ll stage another Coronation Cup and we can go for Two in a Row. The buns would have a melt doon. When do they never?
    Naw, it’s sufficient to know that the advent of Charlie Boys reign will usher in a long period of Celtic dominance with the impoverished orcs reduced to an enforced irrelevance. The knowledge will kill them. Season books will fall of the edge of a cliff and playing to a half filled stadium will only ensure that the stadium will continue on its long slow road to further decrepitude.
    What’s not to like.

  • Dando says:

    I’ll be celebrating, big time as it’d be done !!!!!


  • John A says:

    The only thing that could top it is jelly and ice cream time

  • Jim Ryan says:

    The thought of Celtic getting the 56 before the Old club New club combo is of their worst nightmares. They face a few smaller nightmares before then.

  • Johnno says:

    The sight of seeing the Celtic support in green crowns to respect the kings of Scottish football after beating the scum in the semi the week before could well be a sight worthy of watching.
    Surely the scum would appreciate that gesture ??

  • SSMPM says:

    Green crowns. Now there’s an idea coupled with green, white and gold flags draped for a Coronation fit for Kings Of Scotland. What a special day of honouring our brave Bhoys we should make it and with full (British, I know but…) SLY TV coverage to really rub it in? The following weekend should and would be just as good if we’re fixtured at home then as part of their spoiler planning.
    Playing away and winning it at the midden would be a really significant statement but it wouldn’t allow us fans to celebrate there in the numbers we deserve. Still…Nice.
    Also I thought it was us ruining daddy Dallas at Paradise that put an end to it, apart from the fact that club is now 6 feet under and stone deid. HH

  • Martin says:

    I can see it happening. They’re already distracted by the thought of our games. A draw vs United today or Aberdeen in a couple of weeks is quite possible.

    But of course, all that really matters is what we do.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Celtic winning the championship during the coronation is irrelevant. Let them do their mindless “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN/KING”. Let them march down streets with their flutes and sash and what ever else they do. “WHO GIVES A FUCK”and their not going to let us win it at Ibrox either. The Strathclyde police couldn’t handle a pandemic of 50 thousand walking dead head butting everyone on Sochiehall Street

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