For God’s Sake, Celtic Fans Don’t Care Who Makes The Republic Of Ireland Kit.

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What bizarre lunatic fantasies those idiots across town come up with. The latest is a beauty; that we are somehow “conflicted” or “broken” or “embarrassed” or whichever word you care to come up with because the Republic Of Ireland football kit will henceforth be made by Castore.

I bet few of you knew that. I bet even fewer of you care.

Hey, we’re not the club which airbrushes the colour out of the badge of our opponents when promoting a game. We’re not the club which pathetically refers to its biggest rival as “the other lot.”

Do they really believe that a single Celtic supporter or Ireland fan will lie awake tonight in a state over this?

These things don’t matter to us a damn.

They are the obsession of tiny minds.

They are the stuff that people think about when they don’t have success to look forward to, people clutching at any straw they can to convince them that the rest of the world is as miserable as they are.

“(Ibrox) retailers Castore have struck a landmark deal with the Republic of Ireland national teams – and left Celtic fans in something of a kit dilemma,” one post, gushing with excitement, reads.

But really? I mean if we wanted to trace where the money goes for every one they sell we would almost certainly find a trail leading to Shirebrook … but not Ibrox.

You’d think they were going to make a fortune themselves read this drivel.

And yes, Celtic fans have slagged Castore for many reasons, with everything from the dire quality of some of their products to the way they fleece the fans over there for every penny they can get.

When I did a spoof piece recently about them releasing a “Runners Up kit” a lot of people thought that it was real; that’s how much a using they give that support.

None of those things will change. Celtic fans who want to own Irish kit will have the same choice the Ibrox fans do; to buy it or not. To spend their money on it or not.

It’s not as if this is Celtic merchandise; I doubt any but the most hard-core will even bother.

Ibrox fan sites are writing about this stuff with glee, with them even boasting of how big Castore has gotten without twigging that it was built on their backs.

They are ecstatic over the fact that the company is heading for a new round of fund raising and hoping to bring in £100 million towards what they claim will be a £1 billion valuation.

It sounds like nonsense to me, but even if it isn’t … are they getting a percentage?

No, they aren’t.

What’s Adidas worth? £26 billion isn’t it? I had to look that up.

We don’t get a cut of that, so why should we care?

So Castore is reaching for the sky.

Great! Good for them!

Mike Ashley will be so pleased.

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  • John Mc Guire says:

    Now I know that i won’t be able to get to sleep tonight.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    These people haven’t got a clue, talk about clutching at straws. They surely must be the stupidest fans in the world. No wonder their club ended in Liquidation.

  • Effarr says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care if Ireland ever won a game far less worrying about who makes their strips. Every single one of the Irish team will probably all support English teams.

    Celtic don’t have the same support in Ireland as they had in the past. I remember even during the troubles English strips outweighing Celtic strips on the streets and in the shops.

  • Ciaran 72 says:

    I will wait to read the reviews after 7 or 8 washes later to see if everything is still on the tap.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Who gives a fk

  • Johnno says:

    Another load of bollocks from the scum yet again.
    Our new 4th kit will really appeal to the Celtic/Irish supporters and will go a long way to promoting celtic yet again, where we have lost far to many supporters to the EPL.
    Celtic will always hold a special place within all Irish football supporters and this new kit will be well noticed at Irish matches, possibly better than ever before, especially when the top will cover both teams celtic and Ireland and a massive selling point in this day and age.
    Brilliant marketing by ourselves and no surprise the thick DOBs can’t see that

  • Dando says:

    I know a crowd of halfwits who will care !!!!!!


  • Captain Swing says:

    RoI and Rangers both wore adidas kits at the same in the 90s… I don’t think they’ll have ever sold more Ireland kits to Celtic fans than they did during that period… and that they were made by the same company who made Rangers kit at the same time won’t have even registered with most buyers.

    Castore’s tennis gear (designed for Andy Murray) was decent, it was their, ahem, ‘outsourcing’ of manufacturing for their first mass-market client which resulted in a load of overpriced, poor quality tat being delivered to the Govan area. I doubt I’ll buy this new RoI ‘tap’ but that’ll be because I already own a ‘classic’ one from way back.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:

    1990 shirt

  • Effarr says:

    where did you see that ? the shankill road….? Typical, typical answer from those who refuse to see. NO, I saw it all over. Initially, I saw it on the Main Street of Donegal Town around 40 years ago. In a pub in Sligo on the night Rangers played Red Star Belgrade, when Baxter broke his leg, the barman, a local man I knew, expressed his hope that Rangers would win. I said I would be supporting Red Star. The response I got was that it was no wonder the Celtic support was disliked in Scotland with an attitude like mine. I suggested he should come over and live with THEM.

    I visited Sligo for many years and I saw as many or more English tops in the street than Celtic ones. Of all the cousins I had in Sligo I only had one that followed Celtic. Do you want me to go on?

    Mind you, I never ever saw many Carlisle, Yeovil Town or even Huddersfield jerseys.

    • king murdy says:

      i live in sligo….the interest in celtic has declined in recent years certainly…epl tops and champions league tops most popular…also now GAA tops…i was taking exception to your “even in the troubles….” interest in celtic was at it height-especially in the 80’s and 90’s…
      so you are wrong on that count…
      there were 2 sports shops in sligo then…1 catholic owned and the other protestant….the catholic shop sold hun tops-unbelievable…the other shop only stocked celtic gear-loads of it…far more variety than any other team….

    • king murdy says:

      baxter broke his leg in the early 60’s….NOBODY was wearing football tops then….NOBODY…
      they didn’t become fashionable until mid 70’s…

      • Effarr says:


        Where did I mention Celtic tops in the 60s? My point was that Celtic wasn’t as well loved in Ireland as people (those who never ever visited Ireland) thought. I have been visiting Sligo since I was 12, Garavogue Villas, and I never ever experienced this great love everyone thinks exists. I do admit Celtic did have a suppport but not the love that gets bandied about. The incident with the barman would be the time Sean Fallon was
        a Celtic hero. I worked with scores of Irish in the construction industry and they would all be Celtic fans but I never ever knew many who could have told you the names of a full Celtic team.

        As for the comment about the “troubles”. My point was that English tops were being worn whilst Catholics in the NOI were being persecuted by fans, in uniform, of these teams.

  • Brian Cavanagh says:

    Effarr you make a fair point – you dont see as many celtic jerseys as you used you – though in parts of Dublin, Dundalk Belast and Derry you will see a fair few- but so what – perhaps Celtic should do more tours in Ireland even though the Irish soccer season is on during the Scottish summer break

  • Johnmac says:

    Maybe the huns should ask Castore WHY they don’t put the 5 stars on their shirts now ???

  • Effarr says:

    Brian Cavanagh

    I don’t wish to sound too pessimistic but I remember the days when Celtic played their pre-season friendlies touring Ireland and players were red-carded more than once. Maybe too desperate to get signed by Celtic. If I remember correctly, a Paddy Crerand incident was talked about for years. Don’t ask me to elaborate as it is only a headline in my memory now rather than the full story.

    • king murdy says:

      yea effar…i think when pressed…celtic are most peoples “second team”…
      tho i read somewhere that the great kerry gaa player, pat spillane, has stevie chalmers boots from lisbon…inherited from his father….
      and the irish teams would bust a gut when playing against the tic…
      in 95′ when blackburn won the EPL…sligo was fukn awash with rovers tops – unreal…
      football fans can be sooooo fickle…
      from 88′ to early 90’s the hoops tops were very very popular – worn in support of big jack’s ireland team…

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