Ibrox Joy As Celtic Fall Behind For The First Time: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Image for Ibrox Joy As Celtic Fall Behind For The First Time: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Ibrox Joy As Celtic Fall Behind For The First Time: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Last night, the Ibrox board were celebrating with their manager as he scored his first major success over Celtic since taking over at the helm. Their 4-1 win over Hibs closed the gap with the Parkhead club by a goal, and sent a clear message to the current champions; your reign is almost over.

Michael Beale, who is on a stunning run of form which is the envy of Europe, and about whom many expressed grave reservations, has the makings of a serious managerial figure who commands instant respect and bring top players to the club at the snap of his finger. Finance will not necessarily be an issue; great footballers will flock there just to learn under him.

Slowly but surely, he is closing the gap on the over-rated Postecoglou, who arrived in Glasgow on a wave of euphoria and flattering coverage and now risks having his name – largely built on buying success – absolutely tarnished by failure.

The fear of this is why many believe he’ll take the first job in England that comes along.

An Ibrox director, who was in bullish form last night, told this writer, “If the league ran only for this one series of games, we would have won the title by a goal. That has to be scaring them over there, right? We’re certainly very excited. Celtic fans better beware. When this manager gets the team we can afford they’ll be on their backs and Ange will be packing his bags. We’re on the up and up now, even if they’ve won the silverware.”

A Celtic director, who asked not to be named except for his title as Chairman, was furious at the slide towards mediocrity.

“The CEO has obviously let things slip here. Imagine letting the manager re-invest the January transfer window money in January! What the Hell kind of way to run things is this? No wonder Ibrox is closing the gap!”

This writer reached out to Ange Postecoglou for a comment, but he would not initially speak to us on any of his seven numbers, or at his lawyers who reminded us of prior restraining orders and court actions pending.

Finally Ange did return my call however and he sounded suitably rattled.

“Mate, I’m tired. I’m so, so, so tired of this. Why do you always ask me these awful bloody questions? I don’t want to bang my own drum, but look at the league table, the real one, the actual one. We’re top. The league lasts 38 games, it doesn’t start and stop on game 28! Christ almighty, it’s like talking to a bloody child at times! Stop calling me at 4am!”

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  • John Copeland says:

    Jackson . Aw Angey a know it’s 4am but I canny sleep ! Just a wee quote fae ye an’al be chuffed … Hiccupppp..Burrpp… Just a wee wan an al be yer big pallsy fur life…hicc !Puleash,Puleash ,Puleash …hiccupp !

  • Geoff says:

    It’s not just Jackass their twitter feeds are full of the same shit.
    No team in Scotland can go toe to toe with us when we play like that???
    Hibees however allowed 31 shots with 11on target at home!
    Their U18 team wouldn’t have allowed that.

  • Jack says:

    Hibs were poor last night and the result flattered Sevco who were also very lucky. The penalty that brought the huns back in to the game so quickly after going a goal down was fortunate if not dishonest on the part of Polaris Kent. However, the resulting goal from TavPen, should not have stood as Sakala clearly encroached in the box before the ball was hit. The referee and assistant were both in a great position to see this but did nothing. Rules state it should have been a retake. Given that the keeper almost saved the first strike, TavPen would have had something to think about. Had he missed the retake, I don’t see the game panning out as it did. Just saying.

  • Donald Macintyre says:

    The mooch is one big defeat against Celtic to get the sack, the dreamers from the south side are deluded. They are talking about a rebuild but you need money to achieve that, when you are skint the only rebuilding that is done is free transfers that nobody would pay for(Fatboy and scouse housebreaker) spring to mind.
    The only problem we have is to make sure we spend our money well

  • Scot Dickson says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah what a load of dribble, the best laught I’ve had this year.
    Yo the one goal ??????????????

  • Thomas Daly says:


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