Ange Is Becoming More Demanding Of His Team As Celtic Reaches The Home Stretch.

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I thought last night that some of our play was a little bit disjointed, which is unusual for us and not what the boss wanted to see at all. Some of it was Hearts doing what they never do against the club from Ibrox; putting themselves in harms way, getting in our faces, making it tough. But in the main it was just us, producing something a bit underwhelming.

Kyogo was the best player in our team. He made one and scored one. That’s the mark of quality, and especially against a side that’s giving its all. He scores in nearly every game now, producing when it matters most, in games with big things on the line. Four goals across two League Cup Finals is only part of it. He’s now got three against Ibrox.

That’s special. That’s the craft he has. And last night Ange’s instruction to the team was to feed Kyogo because that’s one of the ways we get our rewards. He is special, and you treat a special player that way because he takes you further that way.

We didn’t do it enough, and Ange was pissed. I get why.

This is not a one-man band, and Ange would never encourage us to think like that. But we have a devastating front man here who can, and does, score in any company and last night we were lax in getting the ball to him. For all that, he produced anyway. Even amidst this extraordinary team he stands out, and Ange was right to ask the team to help him more.

We’re getting to it now folks, getting to the business end of this campaign, and Ange is utilising every ounce of this team’s talent to get us to the line and beyond. He values every player and their own individual contribution, but he knows who the stand-outs are and he knows they are the key to wrapping this up and sticking a green ribbon on it.

And so I think this team will be asked more of it than ever before, and they will have to deliver more than ever before, and they will have to work harder than ever before. Whilst the Hearts boss gives his team praise for a defeat, Ange will push this side further and better until not only is this thing won but the whole country has to acknowledge the style in which we did it.

This is the start of a tough spell where this driven man will ask everything of these players, and demand the highest standards. But by God the rewards will be there if we do it. If this side wins a treble they will have written their own chapter in our illustrious history and so will he, and we are so, so, so close to that now that we can taste it.

He will not let this team slip, not one inch.

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  • Jim says:

    For all that we found him him twice with brilliant passes from Ralston and Mooy.

    The 2nd goal was a thing of beauty, fantastic work from Jota, Mooy and Kyogo.

    Ralston is an amazing passer at times, he really deserves to play more games. A nice problem for Ange.

  • David O'Neill says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson said the same to Man Utd playmakers when he signed Van Persie.. simples.. pass to him he will score we win league, if you can’t find him with a pass you’re out the team and replaced with someone who will find/feed him:-)

  • Johnny Green says:

    I have always thought that Ralson is our best tight back, even when Juranovic was there. and now that he is fit again he should definitely be playing more often. I’m sure though that Ange will decide the best way forward, he’s the MAN!

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