“Sky Sports Presenter” Claiming Celtic Player Is Unhappy Is A Bitter Ex-Ibrox Man.

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Guess what?

If you’ve seen the screaming headline that a “Sky Sports presenter” is claiming to know that a Celtic player is unhappy at the club, you’re better not giving it the time of day. The “reporter” in question is a semi-coherent goon who used to play at Ibrox.

It’s Alan Hutton, and the day he can speak intelligently about life inside Celtic is the day I stop.

I get tired of the media pretending that these people are neutrals.

I get even more tired of them pretending to know what’s happening inside our club.

There are ex-Celtic players, like Nicholas and Walker and McAvennie, who don’t know that because they are so far from the centre of power there that the idea is ludicrous.

What sort of inside info do you reckon this guy has?

I read his comments earlier today, in another article which disguised his name behind a vague headline, and he freely admits that this is just speculation. He is taking his cue from the ex-head at Maccabi, who himself has no actual knowledge but is working off a second hand source.

So what is Hutton? A third class source?

Yeah and a fifth rate “reporter” but one of many whose former playing career at that club has gotten him plenty of undeserved coverage and the beginnings of a media career.

My only surprise was that they are touting him as a “Sky” reporter as not as one of the troglodytes who has trudged through the offices of BBC Scotland based on that qualification.

Calling him a reporter, or even a pundit, is like calling a microwave curry gourmet cuisine.

To pretend that he has the least knowledge of life inside Celtic or who is happy or not is a bit like trying to make the same case for the cardboard box the curry comes in.

Hutton is at it.

He’s using one ignorant statement to make another.

It’s people pretending that this is anything else that sticks in my craw.

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  • Tony B says:

    Alan Hutton is a moron, even for a hun.

    He shouldn’t be given the time of day.

  • Martin.H says:

    How the f–k do these guys get the gigs, reckon it’s because they are anti Celtic, sky sports are toxic, don’t give them your money.

  • john mc guire says:

    another fanboy or a fuckin tube .

  • Johnny Green says:

    Imagine that, a bluenose telling porkies about Celtic, who would have thought it.

    My gast is flabbered!

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Even b4 Mutton opens eez gub u kno he’s as Thik as Fuk lol! How any ae these Fukin CLOWNS believe the INANE DRIVEL, IE PISH they spout tells u 100% they had the IQ of a Dung Beatle!! Their PAIN IS MAGNIFICENT, LONG MAY IT CONTINUE WAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Voice of Reason says:

    That’s have no had.. Fuk these Fones lol!

  • Michael Clark says:

    Any comment that comes out of Ibrox whether it’s a player, ex player or anyone else for that matter. I take with the Proverbial pinch of salt. It neither matters or is it worth thinking about. I don’t even know why any of them get any column time because they have nothing to talk about regarding themselves, I mean what can they say. Celtic are going to be dominant for the foreseeable future

  • Jimmy says:

    Who cares. If we start giving him the value like writing this piece on him, he wins. He is looking for attention. He is a nobody and as such best thing is to completely ignore him.

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    Hutton, dressed as mutton, dressed as lamb! Succulent lamb for the stenographers! They know nothing!

  • JimBhoy says:

    I’d love to understand the qualifications required for tv/radio and paper punditry. So many ex rangers players, surely there is something to that. They are all hopeless, thick as mince but they must have someone recruiting with a Job description that includes all the biases we often associate with their insular, kulchural beliefs.

    There cannot be many at rangers who are not thinking of an escape route with the number of players they will lose next season. A rebuild bigger than I can remember, especially given they are skint and with Uefa checking in regularly.

    Beale must be hoping he is let go soon with some cash so he can look for his next gig or at least Finking about it.

    Of the next 3 games against Celtic, if he doesn’t pick up at least one win, I can’t see him being the man in charge of building the next rangers team, why would you trust this man with your rebuilding budget in the hundreds of thousands.

  • Mark Innes says:

    I wouldn’t be embarrassed if they just agknowlaged they are run on a 10 grand loan at 4‰intrest of their own chairman, because they would rather get in more debt than play in Australia because our manager is Australia’s old coach ,so Everton gained the Few million they declined it ,shows how bigoted they are

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