Alex Rae Has Slandered Celtic And Expressed Contempt For The Safety Of Our Fans.

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Alex Rae is in the papers today, because it’s been a wee while since he was in the papers.

And the reason he’s there is that he wants to push the tired old line that the Celtic Park game this weekend will not be the same match without away fans.

We’ll see if he’s still singing that tune by the time we roll into Ibrox. One would think not.

On the same day he does so, an Ibrox fan site has published an article full of the most dishonest spin it has been my misfortune to read about the reasons why there will be no away fans tomorrow or at Celtic’s visit to their ground. In an article that tries to blame our club for the situation are lurid claims that it is The Green Brigade who are the issue.

The writer of that piece is either a brazen lair or he is being fed, and is swallowing, pure bullshit by his own club.

Because whilst he claims some knowledge of this situation I know for a fact that my own information is accurate and grossly contradicts what he has written today. I’ll talk about the situation facing Celtic in another article, but the claim that it is safety issues at Parkhead which are the cause of this standoff is a complete fabrication.

He opens that piece by suggesting that Celtic’s media friends – as well as the bloggers – are engaged in spreading disinformation about this. This is a clear example of the incredible levels of paranoia which are fostered on their sites.

The media actually is engaged in the spreading of disinformation here, but it’s got a pro-Ibrox slant on it, because their coverage of this matter has tried to paint it as a joint decision when it absolutely isn’t one.

Celtic turned down tickets to Ibrox because of safety concerns.

Their club turned down tickets to Celtic Park because they knew that to have that on the record would be devastating, and so they told the media that they were not accepting tickets from Parkhead out of similar concerns; in short, they spun a dishonest narrative to the media and their own fans and based on the piece I read today their fans are now amplifying that.

Which brings us to Alex Rae who has said that he personally isn’t buying that any of this is about the well-being of fans. “The whole argument about safety doesn’t really stack up for me,” this absolute cretin told Grosvenor Sport.

Well, to me that is one of the most irresponsible things that anyone in the media has said throughout this. He condemns the attitude of the clubs as “unhealthy” and longs for the return of the old atmosphere.

I mean, how stupid can you get?

Because Celtic fans have, for many years, understood full well that it’s the atmosphere around these games which is, and has always been, manifestly unhealthy both in terms of how the clubs are perceived but also in terms of the way this game is marketed to the rest of the world; we are the hosts of the most hate-filled derby on the planet.

Who in their right mind would ever want to be associated with that?

Not Celtic, which is why we don’t want the Old Firm tag used in part because it presents us an equal partner in the festival of hatred, which we recognise we’re well shot of.

As far as I’m concerned, Rae has slandered our club and his comments, which minimise the risks to our fans, are reprehensible. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about any more than the Ibrox blogger does.

Both of them are pretending not to know what happened to our fans when we visited that ground earlier in the season.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah wee BENNY Quark up a for special guest star appearance.
    Remember this is the same guy kicked out of AA meeting for using BIGOTED DEROGATORY language and told never to return. Nice guy,not!

    • The great jc says:

      Rae is most likely the most detestable character to crawl from under the Ibrox hordes, and compounds this by the utter drivel he speaks, a dangerous basta to all and sundry, the scum of scum.

  • Peterbrady says:

    It’s jelly and ice cream time it’s only a matter of when sevco go into administration and no amount of lies obstification or flying squirrels can stop it and every zombie knows it and this time no engine room subsdys no flying pigs of whatever it was called the auld hoor shut down knocked down no more poison filth scum in Scottish football

    • The great jc says:

      ….we wish Peter…I for one can’t wait for the final insolvency for the unwashed manks from
      Ibrox.. the sooner the better.

  • SSMPM says:

    Well I didn’t know that Scud, and yet I’m not surprised as I knew like Ferguson and McGregor they had alcohol issues particularly evidenced when they played, or didn’t rather, for Scotland with their ‘up yours fans’ two finger approach. The SFA know all about that. Right Eck?
    Seriously James he would probably claim alcoholic induced insanity and get away with it, possibly mibbies get promoted by the High Sherriff to the Bench, he always ending up on a bench for the shite player he was.
    Just another wee drunken rage and alcohol fuelled fantasy is what this looks like too. Alcohol problems, lies, thieving and fantasies come hand in hand. How devastating that he can’t acknowledge he has unresolved issues. Like his refusal to acknowledge that he didn’t pay the correct tax on his income to his queen that he says he loves so much, sorry loved – ahh there there, when playing, well sometimes, for a team that’s now deid. Yet he still fantasises that very club is alive still, it lives I tell you, it’s the same club, it’s no a fantasy ya dirty Fenian bar-steward. Funnily enough like a repeating drunken fuelled nightmare this, soon to be deid club’s failing too and it sounds like he canny handle that either so he’s on the fanny story telling lies again.
    Still Clyde SSB and the BBC thought, mibbies still think, this Dribbo is worth hiring speaks volumes for them as organisations and that the papers might print his barely readable slobber filled rantings exposes fully the degree to which their hunnery lies, oops there’s that lie word again.
    Aye we should all listen to a failed man like that. Go home ya hun Dribbo and take a shower, you reek. HH

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Once again James
    Ignore Rae and people of his ilk
    Like the screaming child having a tantrum, ignore it and the screaming stops, keep ignoring it and it realises it’s insignificant and goes away.
    Stop giving these clowns the oxygen they need
    They absolutely thrive on posts like yours.
    Concentrate on the BIG CELTIC ma man.

  • Michael Clark says:

    James Forrest mentioned earlier today another parasite Kris Boyd. This guy Alex Rae is just another amoeba off the Ibrox production line. Not that any of them would know what that means. Honestly you’ve got to laugh at all these guys, unfortunately they find their way onto SKY SPORTS.I’ve never listened to so many idiots all from the same club. Their mentality is embarrassing and it makes us all look like clowns

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Rae, Robson and their preview synthetic matches, are an insult to Scottish intelligence.
    Alex is well qualified to be an expert commentator on the World’s most obscure but exciting sport
    of Farnarkling.

  • Mark B says:

    Not having away fans has massively diminished this fixture. It is so so sad, the one great match in the Scottish game and we go and take away a large part of the atmosphere. It started clearly when our rivals wanted to stop 10 – they figured out that if they beat all the rest then the 4 games v Celtic become even more crtiical and the best chance to beat us at Ibrox was if we have no fans. THat and the fact they were fed up we celebrated alot of big wins in Rodgers era. Also they get more season ticket money by selling these. So now the fixture is greatly diminished. I feel sorry for the younger generation who wont feel that atmosphere in a full Broomloan stand when we score a winner. It was absolutely fantastic.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Alex Rae is a complete clown ,if he wants to know about danger to fans tell it to stand where Celtic are normally penned in at Huns ground with animals above peeing and worse ,dropping bottles etc being below and flanked both sides by WILD uncaged animals is danger to all away fans especially Celtic .

  • Johnno says:

    This rat faced gormless zombie is another waste of space and fits in well with all the mutants within that shithole.
    We don’t need such a shower of shit within Celtic Park to create a fantastic atmosphere, we don’t need the scum whatsoever.
    The DOBs still need us to try and remain relevant but turning the Glasgow Derby into a real appreciation of the best team in Scotland is far more appealing than ever having to set eyes upon such ugly mutant bastards like rea ever again

  • Effarr says:

    Sure Old Firm Sevco (take note, James, if you don’t like the term) themselves admitted their dump was unsafe when they were so concerned for the safety of Sutton and Lennon that they refused them entry. Francis

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Woke up. Wrong Rae. Derby at Parkhead sold out. Scot Police Federation happy.
    Celtic and Rangers save on Policing costs. Celtic seats undamaged. Less Pyros hopefully.
    Best family experience. No need when Celtic and Rangers fans work together for a common benefit. Not impossible.

  • Robert Downey says:

    Further to this claptrap from Skeletor, one of the recent Glasgow Derbies there were weapons found inside Ibrox on the evening prior to the match, has there been any update or anyone charged with an offence, or indeed any kind of statement from the police or Rangers.
    I’ve certainly not seen anything.

  • George Kerr says:

    Rae is a nobody. He is a waste of space. He isn’t even liked at Ipox. One guy I know in the pigsty in Govan said Rae talks sh1te and has no leads into the actual message he should be talking about. He’s a toilet brush, knows F all.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    What else do you expect from a dunderheid,scumbag,we dont want to be associated with THEM2012 or whatever THEM are named,there is NO OLD FIRM END OF AND THERE NEVER WILL BE GRT IT RIGHT ALL MEDIA CLOWNS STOP SAYING OLD FIRM BECAUSE IT IS FANTASY

  • Effarr says:

    Thomas Daly.

    Refer to THEM as the “Old Firm” and keep referring to THEM as the Old Firm so that when Old Firm is
    mentioned people will be brainwashed into envisaging a picture of THEM. I get fed up saying it but Ian Paisley led
    the way by always talking about Sinn Fein IRA and it worked. Sinn Fein soon became associated with so-called “terrorism” in the North of Ireland. There`s no use lamenting about it all the time and doing nothing about it. We have
    James here wasting his time calling the OLD FIRM SEVCO coach the Mooch. How childish is that. To me he is the OLD FIRM SEVCO coach

    We even have Celtic blogs with fans yapping about them being a dead club and then referring to them as R4ngers.

    Either, as they say, put up or shut up.

  • Pan says:

    Rae is a bigot, nothing more, nothing less.

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