Bizarre Attempt At Rehabilitating Ibrox Flop Compares Him To Celtic Midfielder.

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There are two absolutely toe-curling stories in the media today about our players and comparisons to those at Ibrox. As ridiculous as what you are about to read is, in fact this is the least stupid of them.

Which isn’t to say it is anything other than dumb.

It is, buried not too far beneath the surface, the latest piece since the weekend to attempt to rehabilitate the Ibrox career of Rabbi Matondo, one of the biggest wastes of money in the recent history of the game.

But he set up a goal at the weekend against a hapless St Mirren team which was already mentally crushed, and suddenly he’s a class act again.

Matthew Elder’s piece in The Scotsman is absolutely dire.

He has used David Turnbull as his anchor for an absolutely idiotic article on how Matondo and our midfielder are the two midfielders who have the “most assists per 90 minutes.”

But their player has barely featured.

If a striker played one game and scored a hat-trick his “stats” would be through the roof but nobody would be sticking him at the head of the players who had scored more goals in the campaign.

Using Turnbull as the comparison is such disingenuous bollocks.

Our player has had far more minutes on the pitch than the Ibrox flop and has proved himself over and over again. HE has goals too, and that’s something Matondo hasn’t managed.

You can already tell what the narrative they are building here is; Matondo has had a bad time of it but The Mooch has got him turned around. It’s obvious guff, and it doesn’t matter how they try to frame it.

Schalke told a momentous loss on that guy because they knew he wasn’t remotely worth what they had paid for him, and all the press could talk about was what a bargain the club was getting, as though the two things weren’t related.

Their tactics are as desperate as they are transparent.

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  • Johnno says:

    The scum wasted 10M upon players this season and weren’t in a finical position to loose such an amount upon shit.
    Anyone paying double on Davis to Liverpool shows just how desperate the scum remain with players not wanting to associate with such a shower of scum within that scummy shithole of a club.
    That problem isn’t going to change either especially with the scum having still been forced to pay way over the odds in transfer fees and player wages just to get any dopes interested in joining such a shite outfit still.
    Trying to bring ourselves into the equation just highlights how dopey and idiotic there cheerleaders remain with brains as thick as pig shit

  • Frank Kennedy says:


  • Peter Cassidy says:

    See more shares getting sold for .25 pence now around 450000 raised £750000 they say the new staunch chairman wants a bigger percentage of the bigot Club very strange how all these shares keep getting offered.

    • JimBhoy says:

      The share dilution is killing all the earlier investors. More fool them.

      Kingy will be jetting in soon to get his PR lackeys lined up threatening to cause havoc.

      Maybe Kingy and Goughie can resurrect the SB money into their Escrow accounts again, remember that one.

      If the shares actually valued the business they’d be one of the costliest clubs in the world.

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