Celtic Should Be Lobbying The SFA And The SPFL For A Title Decider At Home.

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Last night, the story broke that we were not going to “get the chance” to wrap the title up at Ibrox.

I was very pleased to hear it. The Ibrox game will come soon enough, but Celtic fans want to watch their team win the title, and with the ongoing situation involving away match allocations – a situation caused in no small part by the club across town – any away tie is going to massively disenfranchise the support as a whole.

There is no reason for the SPFL to allow that to happen. We are entitled to two home games. The title decider should be one of them. If we are sent to some ground where only a small number of our fans are permitted entry, I would bet all the money I have in the bank that there will be many thousands of empty seats whist our guys are locked out.

The SPFL and the SFA cannot want that. They cannot think that is okay. If things had still been up in the air and it was pot luck when we could clinch the title that would be one thing, but we’re going into the split knowing that a win will do it … and that’s where the SFA has to show something they haven’t in a while; a little bit of common sense.

A little bit of respect for the fans, for God’s sake. That old saying about how “football is nothing without fans” was made by big Stein himself … but I hear it quoted a lot by people at the top of the game.

Well, let’s see the governing bodies live up to it.

Celtic supporters have been treated abysmally all season long, and that problem is growing with every season that passes. I have no faith that any of the clubs we might face would be happy allowing more of our fans into that game … so give it to us at home and let us have our day in front of the biggest possible number.

It hurts no-one, and will send a positive message about how the paying customers come first.

You know, the way it’s supposed to be.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    So, that would be a home game, with no guarantee of winning it of course, followed by 3 aways and a last game at home for Trophy day, sensible I agree, but very unlikely.

  • FSTB says:

    Not just the SPFL /SFA we will see where sky,s loyalties lie as they have obviously manipulated the games to suit with sevco playing 18 times before us .
    Now there is no way back for sevco surely sky would rather show a possible title winning game in front of a packed celtic park rather than a half filled away ground

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Surely they’ll see the common sense in this by givin us the 1st game at home. League’s won anyway in all but 3 points, so give the team at least one chance tae finish it at home and in front of their own support. Tho first, lets get Sunday done. Thats all we should be thinkin about just now. Imo, this could be the hardest domestic game we’ll have this season.

  • JimBhoy says:

    First game Sunday away to hibs is my betting then home, then rangers.

  • S Thomas says:

    Celtic should be lobbying them.. I definetly agree, as winning the title in front of our fans is great, but there is 11 other clubs in the league and they have to try and do what’s best for everybody. Sky will come into it as well I’d imagine. I don’t really agree with us playing on aSunday has tried to put pressure on us, as Celtic are superior to every club in the country. I would understand if we had to play a Man City or a Real Madrid after Rangers play in the Saturday, but a Motherwell or a Dundee Utd. I do agree that we should be consulting the SFA to see if we can get our first match after the split at home, as we have earned that right.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Absolute certainty fun time there is no way in all the galaxies in the universe we can get a home tie on the 6th may there is some fake event for all the subjects to get there tea- towels and butchers aprons out there is no way we are getting a title party turning Glasgow green and white it’s a scum day for all the filth to reimpose there fake false superior poison

  • Michael Clark says:

    It hurts no one James Forrest say’s….. just remember that quote because I’m edging my bets that the SFA will go out of their way to make sure Celtics clinching points are away from home. At Pittodrie yesterday they did everything in their power to give their Teddy bears every chance to get back into the game. Did you see Barry Robson’s face when the board went up for 10 minutes added on time. He clearly asked where did they get that from !?!? Remember this and put it in your diary, Celtics first 2 games will be away from home. The SFA couldn’t bear watching Celtic winning the league at Celtic park. Could you imagine Kris Boyd having to comment on SKY TV after Celtic win the title at paradise. He wouldn’t turn up for work. This will have been discussed already by the SFA behind closed doors

  • John S says:

    The fixture list is a fix anyway. It’s never been random.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Should we let var decide it,as we know the outcome already,ESTABLISHMENT ANYONE,SOMETHING IN THE DRAWER I FORGOT WAS THERE?

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