Ibrox’s Indiscipline Rears Its Head Again As Their Assistant Wails About Celtic Boss.

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Neil Banfield, Ibrox’s assistant manager, went kamikaze at the weekend when he ranted about Ange and compared his boss to some of the greatest managerial names in European football.

This, of course, was before a rookie who is holding down the Aberdeen job on a temporary basis turned out his lights with the guts of a squad that lost in the Scottish Cup to Darvel.

What can you say about these Peepul that hasn’t already been said? Several tabloids have already combed through Ange’s post-match comments from the League Cup Final to see what this blubbering baby is moaning about, and they’ve come up short. Ibrox’s leadership has always been pretty thin skinned; these people are pathetic.

Ange has never uttered a bad word about this lot, and he is more than entitled to.

Because they have done nothing but denigrate his achievements from the minute they walked through the door, starting with The Mooch’s ludicrous assertion that he would never have let the league get away from them last season.

His own mouth is going to land him the sack. Nothing is surer.

But even if he got a grip on his own runaway gob it would, in all likelihood, not help him.

Because too many people at his club do this on a regular basis now.

They seem to be unable to help themselves.

They are embittered, permanently angry and stone stupid with it. They cannot seem to act with any sort of discipline. They are facing the most dangerous Celtic team many of us can ever remember watching and they keep poking us with a sharp stick.

Message discipline is not difficult to impose. You don’t need an entire PR department to advise you on it either. Companies much smaller than the one at Ibrox know that it’s all about having a settled communications strategy, where everyone knows what he or she is supposed to say and they stick to the script like clockwork.

At Celtic, big Ange will not allow anyone to talk about anything other than the next game on the schedule. That is not just about keeping focus on the here and now, it’s about not offering any hostages to fortune. Big talk today can come back to haunt you tomorrow, and the whole club is brilliant at avoiding those pitfalls and elephant traps.

At Ibrox, they don’t blunder into them as much as leap in with reckless abandon. It is incredible to me that the top people over there permit this. They have to know it is damaging.

They have seen enough evidence of that to last a lifetime.

Banfield’s comments already look ridiculous in light of yesterday’s game. If we end their season next weekend he will look like a complete fool, and will be wholly deserving of any scorn that is sent his way.

I know this; Celtic will not indulge in any of it.

Ange will be asked about these comments, and I already know he will express his bafflement and give them the gentle slapping down of a pro. He can see that this is a weak attempt to create a siege mentality at the club over there, and he also knows when a management team is resorting to that they’re out of better ideas.

He, and our team, will do the talking where it matters; on the park.

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  • Martin says:

    I had to Google the name..

    If there was talking football, Ibrox would win it every game. Their main problem, as I see it, is the need to play actual football matches to win points.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Barry Robson should stay with Aberdeen and hopefully take the team to at least
    Europa Conference League 2024. The Scottish Premiership needs a strong Aberdeen.
    James pointed this out earlier. Good to see them pass Hearts on the League Table.
    Fantastic intended goal by Liam Scales. One media source called it a “freak Goal”. Insulting!
    Liam said intentional. Barry Robson is a bally good rookie manager.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Keeping a low profile is Ange’s modus operandi. He has no need to boast about anything, he let’s the players do his talking on the park by performing to his set standards and getting the required results that he demands. It’s a simple way of doing things and Celtic have, in the main, got it down to fine art,

  • Frankie says:

    Banfield ? numpty he should comment about the snake hanging about like a snotter when wee gio job was on the line , and also if all the players were in at QPR then did a runner how can anyone give this fool credit.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Isn’t it great to know that this is the standard of the leadership team of our main rivals?
    On another note. A Celtic win next weekend will leave MBs jaiket on a very shoogly peg.
    Isn’t it also fun, that they are doing everything they can to avoid acknowledging the fact that Liam Scales is on loan from us. Just as they are desperately trying to avoid us spoiling the coronation weekend for them, when we clinch the league. Remind me again. Who won the coronation cup when Lizzie took the throne? It’s hilarious, for us. Not so much for them.

  • Puppa Shango says:

    Good energy and good vibes bring you good things and that’s Ange to the A,
    Sevco has one DNA and that is bigotry with a side of nincompoop dressings from their useless coaches and staff who will attempt to bring our game into disrepute with their jealousy of Ange Ball.
    It doesn’t hurt to ask Ange for some tips Moose…before you head back down into obscurity.Amen

  • John Copeland says:

    And so it has begun ! Banfield has initiated the negative hype towards Celtic FC which will last all week long up until the semi final on Sunday ! Operation slice and dice ! Every media platform will bombard us with injury stories , transfers ,squad problems etc all in the hope of exacting extra pressure on the team pre game . Then on the flip side ,we will hear tremendous harmony , togetherness and unity tales from Ibrox to gee up Beale’s broken clumpany ! Oh ,I nearly forgot about the Rangers ‘keepingbtabs ‘ fantasies on several £5milllion pound superstars from now until the Summer window …

  • Michael Clark says:

    The comments covered in this article about who’s who at Ibrox is something I have thought about many times. After some of the things that’s been said not only by ex players, players and management has you wondering if the whole lot are a bunch of loose cannons top to bottom.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s obviously a pathetic angle by a lyin halfwit, tae try and give his side and support some sort of extra incentive, regardless how bad it looks and he cannae even say what the ‘disrespectful’ words were. Just shows the tactics some people stoop tae. It’s actually embarrassin, no tae mention hugely disrespectful, towards a manager who’s conduct has been nothin short of admirable since he arrived. Tbh ah think just about everybody else see’s it for whit it is. In this clowns head.

  • SSMPM says:

    Same, not so auld, rankers and their support foot-soldiers lodging the same witless press columns we’ve seen all season and before. Staunch, bitter and classless. HH

  • Johnno says:

    This whole thing about allowing no marks to try and make a name for themselves through the media has to be coming from the snidey prick who is continuing to try the same approach himself.
    The main problem still exists that the more mouthy they become the more stupid they make themselves look, yet again being led by that snidey prick.
    Yet time is fast running out, and may have been an approach to a please the idiotic DOBs fan base but even there not as stupid as there so called leader is nowadays.
    Even believe that this approach has transformed into the changing room now as nothing on show yesterday to suggest that “Dad’s Army” was playing for there leader with such a wimp of a performance.
    Again looking for the most ridiculous excuses given for goals conceded and even moreso when his own cheerleaders can’t and won’t back the ridiculous claims that the thick snidey prick is trying to make.
    Even his signing of pinky and perky in January looks very questionable now as they still look shite on what I’ve seen of them, so could he be trusted to oversee a rebuild?
    Could well be as bad for them if we had stuck with lenny to have been allowed to do the same with ourselves.
    We win the semi come the weekend and see how loyal the DOBs will stay towards this mouthy snidey prick?
    We find ourselves in a no lose situation this weekend no matter what the result turns up, and will only be defined by just how big our celebrations are going to be

  • JimBhoy says:

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistakes. Backfiring like an auld banger.!

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