Celtic’s Israeli Winger Is The Subject Of Yet Another Dire Transfer Rumour.

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I was dismayed, but not surprised, to see that our boy Liel Abada was linked with another club yesterday. This is what happens on the slow news days. All manner of guff makes its way into the public sphere.

And guff is exactly all those reports were.

Read what these appallingly weak reports were saying. Ajax are “positioning themselves to be in the hunt” for Abada in the summer. Tell me something; what in God’s name does that mean?

That’s doesn’t even come up to the level of third hand gossip.

And yet that managed to generate headlines in spite of having all the substance of a cold fart.

It should be taken about as seriously as Jeremy Kyle.

It’s a joke that stuff like this – a collection of words joined together but which actually amount to nothing at all when you add them up – can be considered worthy of so many acres of coverage that if you had to cut down trees for it global warming would be ten times worse.

They are “positioning themselves to be in the hunt” for God’s sake?

In a lifetime studying politicians and listening to the empty words that come out of their mouths I can tell you that any one of them would be proud of that meaningless babble, and especially so if it got them so much room in the mainstream media.

I find it absolutely astonishing how quickly this stuff spreads, even when there is absolutely nothing to it. Do you see a quote in there? Do you see any concrete information? Do you see any sign that anyone has even put a shred of effort into running that down?

Is there a single fact in there? Is there an offer on the table? No, there’s not. They are “positioning” to make one, whatever that means. Is there some tactical element to contacting Celtic and asking if the player is for sale? Or to submitting a written bid?

Abada is a great player and would be a fine signing for any club.

But right now he’s a Celtic player, and if they want him they’re going to have to pay a huge sum of money.

Ajax might be a bit wary of doing that considering the last player they bought from this league … Abada is a better player, by far, than Bassey but I would not bet on them doing more than “positioning themselves.”

The whole story is nonsense.

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  • king murdy says:

    i don’t know if i’d describe abada as “great”…….but yea…..more pish from the scottish press….maybe even “great pish” from them ……

    • Tim Buffy says:

      I don’t even the Celtic Bhoys stuff any more. Long, drawn out intro leading to the usual speculative, unsubstantiated nonsense.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s when clubs start to “cast admiring glances” that you should really get a wee semi. The huns were supposed to be after one such player last week who big clubs were looking longingly at. LOL

  • Johnno says:

    No doubt that we are going to be facing a very busy summer yet again, but the reality is no knows how it will all unfold still.
    Once the treble is completed then the attention will turn to next season and not beforehand.
    All the time Ange is calling the shots we can look forward with excitement and being very relaxed at the same time due to the amount of trust we have in Ange.
    Already some big decisions await
    1) With Big Ben not currently making the match day squad is another goalkeeper in the offering?
    2) Is Bernie really good enough as back up to Taylor, or could letting Bernie go out on loan for more game time a possibility, so maybe another position that might have to be addressed?
    3) How will the turnbull situation unfold with him entering the last year of his contract?
    Of course there are still many more decisions for Ange to ponder over and the abada situation will be the easiest one he will have to deal with.
    It’s as simple as if abada wants to move on it will be an OK and we will wait upon the replacement, same as any players who have the same plans.
    Personally think it would be a season to soon for abada to make any move, yet it remains his choice when the choice becomes available to him, which is not now

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Good point Frankie.
    I would not call them Scottish Press, but Celtic Bhoys have been running the Abada
    leaving Celtic FC story for the past two weeks. Google and Bing publish these stories
    verbatim as NEWS. Before that it was intimated; Abada had a falling out with Ange?
    Who are Celtic Bhoys? Do their contributors have a reputation for credible reporting?
    Ange has said, he is focusing on each game and certainly not on players wanting
    to leave. Show some respect, whoever writes this tripe.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    A favourite phrase of a former journalist colleague of mine was that someone or some organisation “was poised” to do something. Meant absolutely hee-haw but covered all the bases.

  • SSMPM says:

    If the money’s right I can see us losing a few this summer, mibbies well be some of our Japanese contingent tbh, but pretty sure Ange sells our club to them in the first place on the basis of us being a way station to moving on to bigger leagues.
    Ange will be on top of it. I have no doubt.
    We have the squad plus seeing players moving onto said leagues will help us attract up and coming talent. Champions HH

  • Christopher McLaughlin says:

    Ajax won’t buy ANY player from ANY Scottish team for a long time. The transfer of Calvin Basset is seen as an epic disaster over there, so much so that the view is that Scottish football is T to low a level to export to the Netherlands.

  • John S says:

    I’m positioning myself for a whole gamut of invented postulations undermining Celtic.

  • Amcq14 says:

    This rumour has been doing the rounds for months. Is there any substance to it, I have no idear and quite frankly don’t care. I personally, don’t want players at our club who don’t want to play for the badge and the team. I am sure we will find out in time when Ange decides. Like Jacko and Josip discovered the club won’t be held to ransom.

  • Ed says:

    Hey James,

    This is a nonsence story. As a Dutch Celtic supporter, I can tell you that there isn’t anything mentioned about Abada in the reliable Dutch media. Even Ajax specialists don’t mention Abada. If it had a hint of Ajax interest, the Ajax specialist in the Dutch papers would have written about it.
    So just some fantasy from the Scottish press.

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