Ibrox Board Finds Its Voice Again … To Condemn Rivals Fans After They Get Beat. Again.

Image for Ibrox Board Finds Its Voice Again … To Condemn Rivals Fans After They Get Beat. Again.

It is astonishing how many times the Ibrox club reverts to the same tactic, and it’s certainly more successful than anything that they use on the pitch.

It’s almost par for the course when they lose a high profile game that they find some way to deflect by picking an issue and releasing a statement about it.

Last time, after losing to us, it was the ref. This time they’ve resorted to an even more obvious target; the Aberdeen supporters who sang bad songs.

Yes, imagine that. Their club calling out fans who sing bad songs. The club that stayed silent and never issued a public statement condemning its own supporters and offering an apology when our staff member was bottled. Which never issued a public statement when our women’s coach was head-butted by a member of their own staff.

After we beat them at Parkhead recently they released a ranting statement about a ref. This time they have rival fans in their sights. Absolutely pathetic.

Look, some of the bile that comes out of the Aberdeen support is appalling, and I have written about them before. I’ve also written about a small section of our support which sings about dead Ibrox staff members, and in my view they crawled out of a gutter.

But I can’t stomach phoniness or hypocrisy, not one bit, and those are just a couple of the things that this “statement” reeks of.

Their own fans have sung, and do sing, songs which are repellent. Every single week. Without fail. Some of us have been calling for public statements against that for years. We will still be calling for it ten, twenty, years from now.

Their sudden concern for the safety of fans will have raised eyebrows within Celtic Park. They will view that with the most cynical eye, after the sheer contempt that was shown by their club for the safety of our own supporters, so much so that not a single one of our fans will set foot inside their ground next month, and perhaps not for a long time.

The Ibrox club has already played at Aberdeen this season, and presumably the same songs were sung. I can presume that because they’ve been sung for years.

The timing of the statement and of Ibrox’s faux outrage is more than just coincidental; it is the whole point of the exercise. They’ve just been beaten by a hated foe and the club can’t wait to change the story.

But what is the story here?

Well that’s obvious to us, and must be equally obvious to the Ibrox fans.

The Mooch and his team are having their every weakness exposed.

The club is facing losing key players in the summer and is set to spend a major chunk of the transfer budget on a guy who was absolutely ineffectual in the game … and who is being questioned more and more in the stands. The manager, in the meantime, has pledged his signing when the club might not have the money for it.

In short, they are a shambles and they need to sell season tickets. In the absence of being able to offer their fans a vision or a plan they can play PR games and try to project the idea of everyone being on the same side and the world against them.

And it’ll work too. They can operate that fan-base as if it was by remote control.

We don’t call them The Gulli-Billy’s for nothing.

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  • bigboab1916 says:

    The offending songs they are moaning of consisted of; You let your club die.

  • S Thomas says:

    Fans will sing horrific songs unfortunately it’s part of the game these days, our fans singing about davie cooper is a scandal, and the ibrox disaster, and and them singing about Tam Burns , and there other songs. Every fanbase has gutter fans there, but clubs can’t really do anything about it, it’s been happening for years. They should concentrate on there underperforming players, who have talked a good game but delivered very little. This is deflection tactics at its finest.

  • STEPHEN M says:

    Have Sevco released more statements than the dead Rangers?

  • Nick66 says:

    You can correct me If I’m wrong James, but is it not called a meltdown?, Perhaps an absolute realisation that, share issues do not win leagues, share issues don’t buy players, share issues only keep a dim light in a window of hope, a hope of trust in a mouth, the Hypnotist, I look in their eyes and see if they fit pish.

  • John L says:

    Glad to see that you jumped all over that as by their own standards it’s pathetic.

  • Unrepentant fenian says:

    Another statementel pun intented will be will be incoming all things considered when we hand them their arses on Sunday you can take that to the bank you know banks ? The institutions that view the We Are The Paupers fc
    Celtic 1st Celtic forever

  • SSMPM says:

    For them to complain about another club fans’ chanting whilst at the same time accepting their own club fans’ chants and their variety of bile in relation to Catholics, that some at board level have participated in behind closed doors, is the height of hypocrisy.
    Sadly the clubs and governing bodies are all part of the problem. Inaction is a WMD.

  • Effarr says:

    There you go again. Complaining about songs about dead members of Old Firm Sevco and rightly so but you are no better making remarks about a growth on someone’s face.

  • Davie says:

    Swings & roundabouts, if you don’t like the comeback from other teams, then ensure you don’t dish it out prior to complaining about it.
    You know the story about people in glass houses, that strongly applies.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Out of interest.
    From a Celtic fan viewpoint: Are there any “collective game fans” of Scottish Premiership Clubs who have a reputation of treating away fans with respect? I am not being provocative.

    • Magua says:

      It was not the Hibs’ casuals who let off the CS gas at Easter Road, Sam. It was a bunch of feckin’ idiots, styling themselves ‘The Celtic Soccer Crew.’ I was up the Hibs’ end that day, with a mate from Uni. We got separated in the carnage which followed.

      On a lighter note, meself and the hibee went on the razz for a week, after the bold Albert Kidd slayed the Jambos at Dens Park. The week was completed, when we both fetched up at Hampden, for the Scottish Cup Final. Aberdeen 3 Hearts 0. Happy days.

  • John S says:

    In the grubber. Financially, morally, legally.

  • Peter kane says:

    I’ve heard it all now, that mob complaining about offensive songs , the famine song gets banned, they rearrange the words ,not the tune, and belt it out over their tannoy system every home game, sing songs about tommy burns, the Lisbon lions and a wee cretin taunts Broony about his sister ,who died of cancer ! They are the biggest cancer in scottish football , their sense of entitlement knows no bounds , scum !

  • Graham Laurie says:

    James, hopefully Sevco won’t BE here FIVE years from now, never mind in ten or TWENTY years. Can’t wait to taste that Jelly and Ice CREAM again. ????????????

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