Lundstram Goes Where No Ibrox Player Fears To Tread. “The Gap To Celtic Isn’t That Big.”

Image for Lundstram Goes Where No Ibrox Player Fears To Tread. “The Gap To Celtic Isn’t That Big.”

Yesterday I wrote about how Ibrox’s serial failures just keep on doing the same thing over and over again. Telling us how they aren’t afraid of Celtic, or how they feel they are on a par with Celtic, or how Celtic haven’t seen the “real” them yet.

And yesterday, after their game where they beat bottom club Dundee Utd, it was the turn of John Lundstram to talk this same trash. The gap, according to him, isn’t as big as it seems.

Well it’s bigger than last seasons, and next week it will be bigger yet.

If I were a fan of that club one thing would piss me off more than the league table and that’s the number of my own players who saw fit to question the league table. The league table does not lie. I’ve written that over and over again.

But it does exaggerate. The thing is, this year it isn’t exaggerating at all. We are in exceptional form.

I’ve seen – we’ve all seen – points gaps which do not reflect the reality of the league race.

This one reflects Celtic’s dominance.

But if it’s misleading at all, I would stipulate that it’s misleading in the other way. The gap should be larger because the gulf between the teams is far greater than it suggests.

I am ever amazed that they can kid themselves about that.

Twice in the last 12 months we have brutalised that team.

Not just beaten them, but brutalised then.

We beat them at Hampden.

We beat them on their home ground.

How many more lessons must we hand out before they get it?

They are like dumb kids in a classroom who refuse to accept that they don’t know things even when they’ve had to wear the D cap and stand in the corner.

Obviously it’s going to take another caning before they fully get the message … but how many times are we supposed to beat the reality into that club before it grasps the fundamentals?

Another go at it then, and following that I doubt we’ll have to bring the switch out again because their own fans will be happy to take over that job for us.

There is nothing worse for a football supporter than players who mouth off in the press but then fall apart on the pitch and their side has done it over and over again, and they just won’t learn.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Well the gap is ‘not that big’ – if it was early in the season.

    But, at the tail end of the season, when you are running out of games, the gap is huge.

    Don’t think the bears, or any supporters, would want to hear their players mouthing off in the media at this late stage in a season. They would just want action on the pitch.

    And another week of absolute BS in the SMSM in the run up to the derby game.

    Bring it on! 🙂

  • Bigmick says:

    Some people ignore’The Gap’ and end up crushed by a train…a big green and white one.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Beale tellin us all that they can play ‘fluid’ football. Aye, pish ! Ah must be missin somethin. For all ah’ve seen of them, its the same dirge week after week and gettin away wi it. Scrapin results and wi the regular ‘benefit’ thrown in there.

  • harold shand says:

    The orcs turned on him after the final where he was shown up to be totally out his depth

    So he’s appointed himself Chief Rabble Rouser to try and win them back

    Just a total mug

  • Frank says:

    a hope we all believe hope our top midfield is available for next week. Cos after today we looked really poor and if anybody can explain how O’Reilly plus Starfelt should be in the first eleven then fine. Cos i cant c what they bring to the team . PS sorry James Starfelt is dross

    • Johnny Green says:

      it was always going to be a gamble playing a right footed player on the left hand side of the central pairing. That sort of player has to be an exceptional one and Karl is far from being that. Ange will need to sort out the blind spot he has for him and get a good replacement prior to next season, if Kobayashi is that player then he has to give him more game time before then in order to test him out.

  • SSMPM says:

    Talk’s fine, action counts. Lundstram’s just another useless shite without his main man. The one they’ve absolutely missed this year, their one outstanding man, the one that really made a difference for them and who could through his strategic thinking keep them in with a chance. No not Slippy, but the corrupt, surprised you didn’t get Player of the Year, after year after year, Bobby Madden.
    Midden had a unique way of whistling his way through a game, nullifying us with a whistle here and blow up there, balancing things out as best he could for them. It didn’t always bring them the winning result but that’s because like Moses and his people, they are shite(s). HH Champions again

  • SSMPM says:

    Hatate should definitely be back so the outstanding question is should it be Mooy or Iwata? Maybe at some point in the game a bit of both, like Haksa and Oh. Choices, choices eh. HH

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    They,re GREEN with envy is all , the gap,s as big as the gap,s between their ears big empty void in middle . No users the lot of them

  • John says:

    Guys we are reacting to everything they say. What are you expecting their players to say, oh we are going to CP to get skelped, do not buy tickets for hampden as we will skelped again, oh and by the way do not buy ST’s?

    Would we not want our players to say the same?

  • SSMPM says:

    Easy John, simply laughing at them and their shite comments dear bhoy.
    Okay so in some ways we are reacting however given that the only thing they print or talk about in the press and media is the rankers, the rankers and a bit more about the rankers that leaves nothing or very little to react to except the transfer of our players that they rate less in value than theirs. Forgot about Ange moving on to bigger clubs and now managing half the EPL clubs. Comic book stuff makes for a laugh. LOL

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