Rodgers Dismissal Sums Up The Scale Of His Folly In Leaving Celtic For Leicester.

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Clubs have, since time immemorial, tried to dress up sackings as moments of regret. But the boards that have to make those decisions are all out of sympathy and patience. “His place in Leicester City history is assured” is the official statement out of Leicester today which announces that Brendan Rodgers has left their club. Obviously, this is true.

Rodgers won the FA Cup there. The only FA Cup in their history. But before Rodgers there was O’Neill, who won a League Cup and who is a club icon. More important, by far, is this; Rodgers took over a floundering club which it just so happened were defending league champions. I never did understand what he thought he could achieve there.

The impossible had been done by the previous manager … and Claudio Ranieri, of course, had been sacked anyway. Rodgers traded immortality at Celtic and the eternal gratitude of our fans for an FA Cup and the inevitable sacking.

I know he couldn’t wait to get out of Celtic Park and away from what had become a toxic working relationship, but the manner in which he did it and the club he chose to go to, astounded Celtic fans and left bitterness behind him.

Few us wished him well at Leicester, and when on the day he won the cup final with them and he gave a preening, arrogant interview in which he talked about how he, personally, had won every cup final he’d competed for as manager you understood that this was a guy who believed he was the centre of the universe.

Now the media will link Ange to the same job, but Leicester are sitting just above the relegation zone right now and might very well drop down a division. The risks associated with going to a club like that are obvious in a league full of big money clubs.

Once again, success is going to become about the mere act of survival, and if it looks as if it’s not going to happen clubs like this will have no choice but to wield the axe because most are run on the basis that anything other than Premiership football is a disaster.

So why did Rodgers believe it was the right move? Was he arrogant enough to think he could repeat what Ranieri had done? Even he can’t have been that delusional. But standing on the turf at Wembley giving that staggeringly self-centred interview he must have thought that the gamble had paid off in spades. Surely, a bigger club would come in for him?

Because that’s what I’ve always thought was at the heart of it. The belief that Leicester itself was a mere stepping stone to something bigger. But clubs in England know all about Rodgers now and know that for all his quality it’s his shameless self-promotion and abysmal selfishness which best characterises his management style … and he always wants more.

The story was never going to have a happy ending, and although there will be a lot of talk about Spurs and other clubs offering Rodgers an opportunity to rebuild his reputation I think it will be a lot harder to do than he thinks.

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  • Paddymack says:

    What I didn’t like about the Brendan sacking was kris buoyed laughing and slapping the table in joy ,not very professional for sky pundit on live tv

  • Benjamin says:

    As self-centered as Rodgers was and still is, it’s difficult to say he didn’t have some success in England during his 4 years at Leicester. I think we can all acknowledge that his move was entirely or mostly about money, and he’s probably made a good £8-10m if not more. But even in terms of football performance, winning a trophy in that league is no small feat and that alone will make him attractive to other middling clubs down there. Hell, Roberto Martinez won the FA Cup at Wigan and qualified for the Europa League in the same season his team got relegated, and he’s parlayed that ‘success’ to becoming Everton’s manager and then the boss at Belgium & Portugal. I can easily see a scenario where a club like Fulham, Crystal Palace, or Wolves gives Rodgers an opportunity in the next 12 months.

    It’s long past time to take Elsa’s advice regarding any lingering animosity towards Rodgers and just it let go. Celtic are in a good place at the moment, and the failures Celtic endured after he left were more down to mismanagement at the CEO and board level anyway. Whether he gets another great opportunity in the EPL doesn’t really interest me any more than what Neil Lennon or Ronny Deila are getting up to these days.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    True he thought he could get a bigger club if did well there but it went pear shape so got the sack it’s results that only matter in football bad results your toast.Also greed and ego with him not as good as he thinks he is and the rumours the players downed tools wanted him and the coaching team out .

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, the manner in which he disappeared from Celtic was very disappointing.
    But, the history books will reflect his achievements.
    Rodgers delivered the Treble Treble, [& effectively, the Quadruple Treble], so will always be up there with the greatest Celtic managers ever.

    I thought he did OK at Leicester.
    He’s probably not a ‘top tier’ manager for the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, even Liverpool or Spurs, but he is undoubtedly a decent manager and a polished media communicator.

    Maybe his next step up will be abroad?

  • Andrew g mcdowall says:

    Aye he made his own bed now let him suffer ?

  • Gerard F Reilly says:

    Cardinal Rogers is basically a self centred money grabbing up his own jacksy turd in history

  • Henry McDade says:

    I wished him well at Leicester. I agree he left for money but Celtic were certainly not giving him the vibes they wanted him to stay. Unlike Lennon, he can actually manage.

    • Stesano says:

      Spot in mhate he created much of what we are now!! As in created Winners out of calmac, Rogic , Forrest and many others!!that chancer Lennon was a self entitled amateur and never should he be welcomed back ! Lennon that is Whereas Rodgers showed him how a real Celtic manager operates 6 big games at hamoden ost out of 7 under Lennon! Brendan sorted that out alright! Under Lennon we had lowest points total lto win a league first year after huns died , any of us could done what he did Brendan didn’t leave in right manner but he was the real deal!! No a chancer or lawell puppet and happy to be as lennon was, as he had no options! Rodgers was a real manager!

  • SSMPM says:

    Leicester kept selling their players and didn’t reinvest hence their current position. Rodgers couldn’t get the best out of what he was left with but he shafted us good and proper and used us for his own bounce back to the EPL with help for PL. I reckon he is a good manager and will probably, to our benefit, be mentioned ahead of Ange for every EPL job going

  • Roonsa says:

    Peter Lawwell was the main reason Rodgers left Celtic. The only gripe I had about what he did was the timing of departure but that was opportunistic.

    I am sorry to see him sacked. I think he has another good project left in him.

  • Biffo67 says:

    Come on Gerard. Say what you really think.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I am well over Brendan’s messy exit from Celtic Park. Ange’s presence makes up for that as he might not have arrived at Celtic Park otherwise, What’s for ye will no go by ye, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry etc. etc. I’m happy with the way things turned out.

  • Johnno says:

    Never bought into the scorn thrown at Rodgers and never will either.
    Even more ridiculous when you look at the records set and trophy haul achieved for the club.
    Will always claim he was forced out of the club by a CEO who decided that keeping a dead OF brand was a better business decision for the club than investing within a team that needed investment for European football at the time.
    Let’s not forget we got a decent sum of money from Leicester for his services, even if I thought a club with a bigger profile would have came calling.
    The downside for Rodgers now is he seems to have built a reputation for himself with falling out with club’s boards over spending within the club.
    Not a great trait now especially within the EPL now with the spending power within many clubs seems to have been reduced some what with the new rules introduced.
    Still thankful for that period Rodgers provided for our club even if I couldn’t care less about where Rodgers future may lay, if indeed there is one at all

  • Al says:

    Was never overly fond of the man. But he could not continue to work under Lawwell.

  • John says:

    Guys not sure why NL comes into a debate about BR.

    BR put us where we are today. Ange has taken us forward on BR’s footing.

    Love him or hate him its immaterial. He went for more money and a stepping stone just like he used Celtic!

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