Do Celtic Need A New Keeper, Or Can Joe Hart Convince Us He’s Still The One?

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Doubts are horrible things. Once the seed of them is planted they can tend to grow out of your control.

So it is with many of our fans and Joe Hart. Our defence has shipped a lot of goals of late, and there’s debate over Carter Vickers being essential to our functioning as a team … but more and more this has focussed attention on Joe Hart.

Big Joe is still a very good keeper on his day. But what does that mean anymore? On his day? How many of those days does Joe Hart have?

One of the problems with being a Celtic goalkeeper is that you are called into action only very seldom during a big game. You need to focussed and concentrating when those moments come, and sometimes he gives the impression of being caught sleeping.

There are doubts over his ability to command a penalty area now. He can sometimes seem weak in stopping shots that a good keeper really should be saving. Does all this add up to trouble?

Does all of this mean that we have an issue here that needs to be resolved?

Any club in our position has only a limited transfer budget to spend.

We need to prioritise. But after recent shaky displays, the question is more and more being asked; is this now one of our priorities?

Or can Hart get us through another campaign?

His contract is up next summer so at that point the decision really will have to be made one way or the other.

I suspect that The manager will have made up his own mind on that already.

I know we all like Joe Hart, and we can all see that he completely gets Celtic and buys right into the culture and ethos of the club. He loves the fans, and being part of this team.

But we have to be ruthless because football itself is ruthless and unforgiving. There is a cold-blooded calculation to be made here on Joe Hart … and Ange will have to make it.

Over the course of the summer, it will be interesting to see what we do here.

Is Joe Hart Still Celtic's Best Bet Between The Sticks?





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  • Martin says:

    I’ve been saying for over a year now..he’s on the decline expected with goalies his age. Realistically he’s definitely good enough for us domestically currently. But declines happen fast in keepers and you don’t want to be rushed into choosing one and get it wrong. Bed someone in while he’s still here. Otherwise we’re looking at McGregor-esque performances from Christmas 2023 onwards and no alternative options we trust.

    He’s still a great keeper for now, but once the decline starts in GKs it unfortunately becomes an accelerating almost cliff edge problem within a few months. He should definitely have a role at the club though, his arrival was a huge factor for the Ange rebuild.

  • Eldraco says:

    No, has not been for a long time. He can’t catch with both hands arms extension so that indicates a shoulder problem for me. He can’t set up a back post defence so that’s a lack of awareness problem for me, he can’t keep his legs closed ,well, we all know what that problem is don’t we.

    Sign him for 1 yr for back up to Bain who backs up a new keeper.

  • Bob (original) says:

    As much as I do like Hart – and appreciate how he was a massive step up as
    goalkeeper when he arrived, and provided much neded stability and consistency
    at the back…

    I think Ange could be looking out for a new No.1?

    Hart doesn’t seem to like coming off his line for crosses, doesn’t dominate his 6 yard box, and is maybe not aggressive enough?

    This season he’s been generally OK domestically, but yes, he’s more exposed when CCV & Johnston have not played.

    Would a new No.1 ‘save us more goals’ in the CL?

    But, if “We Don’t Stop” then there is absolutely no space for sentimentality at Parkhead.

    Hart has done a great job over the past 2 seasons. He has 1 year left on his contract [?],
    so happy for him to stay as back-up, which at 36, he might be OK with?

    There are only a select few players at Parkhead who could regard themselves as ‘in with the bricks’ at Parkhead currently: I don’t think Hart, and at his age, is one of them ?

    And of course, it’s not just Hart: there are a few others who could be moved on this summer.

    • Jimmy says:

      Great post Bob. Agree in all points. Can’t trust Bain either. Need our recruitment team to come up a cracker. In my opinion England have a very strong goalkeeper contingent but the wages are always going to be a problem. Fingers crossed.

  • John S says:

    It has always been the case that Joe Hart prefers centre-backs to deal with cross-balls, this is not exposed “now”, as if a couple of disappointing results have just revealed this. The team have adapted with CCV taking up the lion’s share of such responsibilities.
    In the long term the club will have to think about outlays and the type of goalie required. Personally, I’m keen on Siegrist getting a chance, that’s what he’s there for, though I’ve no qualms on Scott Bain’s reliability.
    Elsewhere, Bazunu, for example has just gone down a league with Southampton.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Defence wise we should be lookin at another CD as priority. Far as keeper’s go, although Joe’s done well ( albeit along wi almost givin us heart failure at times ) and nae disrespect, realistically, ah think we should be tryin tae find a replacement. His judgement gets affected easily imo.

  • Charles Antony Taylor says:

    Big question? Does Joe win us games? Does Joe cost us points? Unfortunately the answer is no and yes. Don’t know what’s happening with Siegrist, surely deserves a chance! I agree with all the other comments, too slow and doesn’t dominate his area, doesn’t organize his defence properly – too many goals lost at back post due to defence not knowing there’s an opposition player being free

  • Johnno says:

    Of course Hart still remains the best we have available at the moment, but still it’s a vital position that has to be resolved before next season begins.
    For some reason Bain is currently operating in the no2 position, which raises huge questions over big Ben?
    Still say big Ben Would be a far safer keeper than Bain, and yet bain has been given a 3 year extension upon his contract?
    Still hope that is as a 3rd choice keeper in mind.
    So that leaves the option of Hart stepping down to the no2 role and allowing for big Ben to be loaned out, preferably to another side within the SPFL.
    Still believe we could do with an upgrade upon Hart with areas within his game we need to improve upon.
    Yet we don’t want to leave ourselves in another Barkas situation either.
    To get in a younger keeper that still allows for a settling in period would be the best to cover all options going forward imo.
    Will be interesting to see what decision Ange actually makes regarding the keeper position next season, and would be very surprised if it were to stay the same as currently

  • Woodyiom says:

    Do Celtic Need A New Keeper? In a word – yes!

    Hart should no longer be an automatic choice as he is showing signs of age catching up with him. I wouldn’t let him – he’s a good back up and his experience could be vital to the new keeper and the club as a whole. Our intended style of play in the CL does not allow for any weak links and he would be a huge weakness in the CL due to the issues that others have already mentioned, namely; he doesn’t command his 6 yard box, he’s weak on crosses and is a liability with the ball at his feet.

  • Woodyiom says:

    *…..I wouldn’t let him go…..

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    Some of the best keepers in Europe have taken severe beatings this season, such is the ruthlessness of top level strikers these days. When these guys get in it doesn’t matter who the keeper is. We were shown graphically last season that success in Europe is about putting the ball away first and foremost. Our investment should be mainly in striking and chance creation. If these areas are looked at this season Joe is good enough for a final year.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I can’t make up my mind to be honest. When Siegrist signed I was delighted, but like everyone else I have had practically no chance to see him and assess him. Why is he never been considered? Does Ange, who has had much more chances to see him than us not rate him? Is his distribution not up to scratch? Who knows. I would like to see him take over with Joe staying for another year as he is a good personality in the dressing room and a good mentor to the younger players. I say that we can use the guys we have for the time being and not spend needlessly elsewhere,

  • Hugh says:

    Good keepers try to catch the ball, not fist it away from in front of their face back into play. Joe seems to be caught up in what is common now with keepers. I put the gloves back on at 43 in an amateur league and was expected to have the agility and reflexes of a much younger me, it was not on and I feel that Joe is in the same boat. I relied on experience and knowledge of angles and could actually catch the ball with the sticky gloves. Crosses were pretty much a no no for me much as they are for Joe and he is training whereas I was not. As like Joe I still looked good between the sticks but but looking good did not keep the ball out of the net. Badly we need a keeper and a keeper coach.

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