Chris Sutton Destroys Idiotic Ex-Ibrox Player Over Celtic Claim.

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Last night, Chris Sutton decided to confront Kenny Miller with some harsh words of truth following his bizarre contention that The Mooch had gone “toe to toe” with Ange over the course of his first campaign.

Big Chris was having none of that.

“Toe to toe= drew league game that really mattered at home, lost League Cup final, lost Scottish Cup semi-final, lost league game that really really mattered … won meaningless dead rubber… everyone’s toe to toe is different in fairness to Kenny,” he tweeted.

This is definitely the best way to deal with fools like Miller, who I wrote an excoriating piece on yesterday.

To subject him to the mockery his awful opinions deserve. Sutton has given him the slap. But as long as Miller has a platform for this type of stuff we’re going to have to endure it for a good bit longer than right now.

Celtic’s campaign has been a triumph.

The Ibrox campaign, which promised so much at the start and which fools like Miller would end in at least one domestic trophy, has been a disaster. Rather than confront that fact, these Peepul continue to look for a silver lining.

But there is none to be had, only a summer in which their “rebuild” will more and more come to resemble a Supermarket Sweep, with every cheap item going thrown into the trolley. And at the end of it the media will try to convince us that the Ibrox team is strong enough to take us on. It will be highly amusing to watch it unravel.

The truth is, The Mooch won a single game against Ange when it mattered to us … without a doubt though, the result mattered to him because if he hadn’t gotten the victory there would currently be enormous pressure on him, the sort bosses don’t survive.

He’s bought himself time, but that’s really all.

When he next goes “toe to toe” with Ange we’ll see what all these “bragging rights” of the summer are worth. We’ll see what nonsensical comments like those of Kenny Miller are worth.

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  • BJM says:

    On a different matter, thoughts on officials for the cup final, cheatin beatin with the whistle and Steven McLean “my brother played for oldco rangers and norn iron on var “ is the fix in ?
    Are celtic within their rights to request different non corrupt officials ?I know I know.

  • Marco says:

    Clutching at straws Kenny, next it will be who sells more pies on matchdays, FFS how sad !

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m glad we have the likes of Sutton and Hartson in the media prepared to put these idiots in their place, they certainly have plenty of ammunition.

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