Billy Gilmour To Celtic Is A Joke. We’re Past Developing Other Club’s Players.

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I see the Billy Gilmour stuff has surfaced again. Suggestions that he would be suited to Celtic.

Who exactly comes up with some of this?

It’s a terrible idea, with the only redeeming feature of it that it might send his mother careening over the age of sanity.

Her notoriously bigoted statements to the media about not wanting to touch the green bit of the Norwich scarf when he went there on loan were amongst the most cringy ever reported.

Gilmour has a spark of something about him, but that he’s yet to settle at one club and grow into the team shows that it’s only a spark.

He’s done well to even play for EPL clubs at this stage in his career, and that should not be overlooked, but that he’s bounced around three of them now shows you he’s nowhere near to being the footballer all the hype about him suggests.

A move back to Scotland would not represent triumphant progress in his career but, instead, something of a serious reversal.

It wouldn’t be good for his career prospects … or those of our club.

As a club, we’re done helping develop other people’s footballers. The players we’ve signed on loan we brought here with an option to buy. One – Moritz Jenz – we decided not to bother with. The others have been a huge success.

Bringing Gilmour to Celtic would not progress us, or him.

We’re too good for this sort of thing now, and he wouldn’t get in our team ahead of our midfield starters. Development continues to be an ongoing process with our own guys, even those not playing every week.

The ones who are here already and who deserve that chance – Iwata and Turnbull – would be the priority over giving games to some loanee who is just going to go back to his club.

We are a little more forward thinking than that.

I don’t care that he played for the Ibrox club, or that his mother is a raging Follow Follower.

Whatever issues there are in that family are for them to sort out.

I’m concerned about Celtic, and what is best for us and this would not remotely fall into that category.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Load of pish. Aye his mother’s no wantin tae touch the ‘green bits’ on the Nowich scarf was toe-curlin. Probably disnae walk on grass either. Silly woman.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We don’t want him, let him go back to the huns and keep his bitter wee maw happy.

  • Michael Clark says:

    I doubt very much Ange would look his way, of course he’s a decent footballer but Ange has shown in the past that if your not in for the long haul, your out. Plus if Gulmour’s Glasgow pals are anything like his sectarian mother he would get chopped up, put into bin liners and thrown into the Clyde. In fact his ma would probably help

  • JimBhoy says:

    Not got the aggression to make it seriously in the epl. Good player but if he came to Celtic even on loan it would be pitchforks and torches. His Wee mammy might have a different opinion of her brethren then.

    Interesting to hear Ange’s comments about not being close to any player, anyone can move on.

    I think we will see more go than come at Celtic. Poster earlier mentioned Turnbull I think he may move, he could have 2 in front of him for season start. We should pick up double what we paid for him.

  • Johnno says:

    Wouldn’t be in favour whatsoever.
    However I still have serious doubts upon the future of turnbull, especially with the lack of game time Ange is currently giving him.
    If turnbull wasn’t Scottish, no doubt he would potentially be moved on imo.
    Yet as he is, and if he were to be replaced within a celtic squad with CL in mind, it still only allows us a very small pool of players to actually replace him with still.
    Even if Ange had any thoughts of actually changing formation next season, yet again turnbull would remain very limited to see where he could fit in.
    Actually liked turnbull as a player and had huge hopes for his celtic career, but has grinded to a halt of late.
    Will be interesting to see what Ange actually decides during the summer with only 1 year left on his present deal?
    Still suspect that we could be looking for a replacement myself, and maybe a return of Stuart Armstrong could be an option to fill a void should it become available, still rather him than a hun Gilmore for sure

  • Charles Rafferty says:

    Bang on .

  • 18871888 says:

    We signed Scott Allen, and didn’t do his career, or ourselves any good.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    He,d never give 100% especially against his boyhood heroes,he,s as bitter as him mother, thought he was better than he was a few decent games don,t make a player a great player which is why he,s done nothing down in England . He,s at the stage he,s earned no man’s land

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