Celtic On Red Alert As Beale Steps Up His Spending Spree: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Image for Celtic On Red Alert As Beale Steps Up His Spending Spree: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Celtic On Red Alert As Beale Steps Up His Spending Spree: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass.

Celtic fans were sweating scared last night as Michael Beale’s spending spree hit high gear with three players now expected to sign for the club in the next few weeks as the plan for next season starts to take shape.

The imminent unveilings of Jack Butland and Kieran Dowell had fans across the city scared enough, but the news that they look likely to be joined by Dujon Sterling will have Celtic fans lying awake at night wondering if their dominance is about to end.

In contrast, although Celtic are linked with several players so far in this window, none of the deals are progressing as much as those at Ibrox. The Ibrox club is clearly already miles ahead in its preparations for the next campaign.

An Ibrox insider told this writer, “We are fully confident of winning the title next season with the team we are constructing. Celtic won this one because of a combination of luck, spending money, refereeing assistance and a compliant media, but with this manager, who knows the English free transfer market, we’ll win the next one at a walk.”

Whilst Celtic focusses on the failed Japanese market, Michael Beale is turning to the one that produced for Ibrox before with players such as Kent, Flanagan, Windass, Waghorn, Rossiter, Barton, Hill and Garner.

With this type of track record it’s clearly a market worth returning to over and over again, and Beale knows it like the back of his hand.

A Celtic insider, who goes by the name Lawman, spoke to me yesterday and could not contain his frustration at Ibrox stealing a march on his club.

“I cannot believe that we’re not tapping into this market full of excellent players which no other team wants,” he said. “Instead we have a manager who is spending millions at a time to win titles when we could be assembling a squad for next to nothing. A lot has changed since I was the CEO around here …”

The Celtic management team does not seem to believe that it needs too many players in order to stay in front.

All of their reported targets are expensive, but with only a handful coming in they must fear they will be left behind by Beale’s tide of signings.

Ange Postecoglou was happy to speak to me for once. “Why should I be worried, mate?” he asked. “We’re tweaking a title winning team with proper funds. He’s rebuilding a second place team with loose change and freebies. It won’t be long before you and your paper are covering another change of manager over there. You know, if I get lucky …”

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  • Davie says:

    Woah, you woke me for this, I’m going back to sleep.
    Just send an email when they spend their provi check, I’ll read it when I’m bored.

    Where is All this alleged money coming from, maybe they are making a fortune from that new bottled “lavvygargling” water industry they created.

  • Richard Molloy says:

    Who is this guy…is he just out for the weekend..maybe you have forgotten the Celtic are heading for a treble with the help of Japanese players while the blue side of the city are all doing there Homer Simpson act DOH….ohh and just to remind you last year Celtic won the double… your comments are from cloud cookoo land…if you would use your head instead of your blue heart you might just make some sense…ps do you live in a village…ifso we all know every village has one….. Idiot

    • Macca64 says:

      Richard Molloy………. I take it irony and sarcasm is not your thing. Hail Hail

  • Lubo's Boots says:

    Entwrtaining stuff James 🙂

  • Richard Hamilton says:

    Hilarious, any huns reading this will take it as fact.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I feel sorry for Goldson as it will take time for him and Butland to develop an understanding regarding who’s turn it is to save and punch the balls away, McGregor and Goldson had that down to a fine art.

  • Johnno says:

    Fair play James taking the piss out of the dopey zombies, as they still remain to thick and never could face reality when good old lies and bullshit still serves there needs.
    Tomorrow the scum will still have to play the bulk of the shite that will still be on offer for the scum next season.
    Ourselves on the other hand have still 2 options available.
    1) Go as strong as possible and continue to rub there noses in there own shite and looking to break records we have already set. Yet personally I don’t believe that we have anything to prove against the scum with beating them in 3 competitions already this season, so nothing really left to brag about against the scum this season, for myself anyway.
    2) To use a very rare opportunity handed to ourselves in the planning for next season CL in mind, especially as we have bigger fish to fry than the scum nowadays.
    We currently have no spaces available for foreign imports for next season as such, until space should become available, yet still unanswered questions remain and tomorrow could be used in going a long way to getting some answers.
    We already know yuki should start, and hopefully Oh and Bernie joins him, as still not convinced still that all 3 are actually ready for CL, which in turn allows for another 3 additions to be made.
    Still believe Mooy is worthy of a contract extension, turnbull not so sure about, and like to see iwata stepping up and proving himself in the calmac role, which allows for better options for the team going forward imo, especially in the midfield area’s.
    Hopefully hako can also start, as well as he has done from his cameos from the bench on the left, would still like to see what he has to offer for us moreso without the football, and is the wide left still really his best position for us going forward, especially with so versatile still?
    Very rarely do we get handed the opportunity especially within a Glasgow Derby where a result doesn’t matter, but a performance could.
    With that in mind I’m hoping Ange goes for option 2 to start tomorrow as far more beneficial to ourselves going forward I believe, especially within a dead rubber of a game

  • Michael says:

    What a heep of shite this guy talks about ,Where are they getting this money from??
    They are still £78 million in the red.
    Know wonder the guy out he sold his 5 million shares and got the fuck out of there.
    The rangers fans will believe any old shite.
    Sooner than later they will have to pay that money back?????

  • Margaret Rooney says:

    You always make laugh “Keith” keep up the great work ??

  • Robert Logan says:

    Ange won’t be at the great unwashed long enough next season, if at all, to see Rangers win the title he will end up at spurs where he won’t last long there either. Buying loads of Asian’s who can run like rabbits isn’t going to be tolerated down south, like the beggars do, the hit over the top and run is early 80’s football. Celtic need to learn how to play football not kick and run, they still believe they automatically qualify for the CL on they’re own merit! Still stupid, they’re ranked 52nd in UEFA!

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Could say Huns were lucky not to concede pen at home in league for two seasons but that disguise,s the truth of having mason,s guided by loyalty and fear of being black balled .

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