The Celtic Boss Should Be A Manager Of The Year Certainty But Some Will Argue Against Him.

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Ange Postecoglou will be the manager of the year. If there is justice in the world, if there is sanity in the process, he will be a certainty. I think he’ll win it at a walk. But he won’t win it without opposition, which is even more guaranteed than his eventual success is.

How long, do you think, before the media are telling us that because he’s had money to spend – you might as well just say he’s been lucky – and that he’s at the biggest club that all he’s done is what you would have expected him to do?

It’s another way of downplaying our success and his immense impact not only on Celtic but our game.

As sure as night follows day though, that narrative is being spun somewhere in some news room.

The other candidates have performed admirably, for sure, but what Ange has done here has been exceptional, including his results against his opposite number. We’re on the brink of a treble, but managers at Celtic have won trebles before and not got the nod.

Brendan Rodgers didn’t win the manager of the year award in his second season at Parkhead despite making history by being the first boss here ever to win trebles back-to-back.

The sports writers gave their award to Steve Clarke when he was at Killie. He got it the next year as well although Lennon delivered our third treble. The PFA award in Rodgers second season went to Jack Ross, and they gave Clarke their gong for the 3Treble season.

So Ange would be right not to see this as a shoe-in, although the logic that a manager doesn’t automatically get it if he comes from a bigger team than other nominees was strangely tossed aside like garbage when Gerrard got it in spite of the nearly universal view that it should have gone to St Johnstone’s Callum Davidson, who unlike Clarke or Ross actually delivered two major trophies for an unfancied side. Amazing the double standards, right?

Last season Ange won both awards, but there was talk, a lot of it, that he shouldn’t.

Some of the Usual Suspects in the media were banging drums for other people, and I expect that they will be again for these candidates. You can set your watch to it.

Nevertheless, Ange must have unstoppable momentum behind him for this year, and there is no question at all that he deserves to win it, and whatever bizarre rationale some of these folk attempt in order to change that isn’t likely to mean much.

Still, they will try and that irritates me more than it probably should.

Because really, the only basis that have for it is the same one as ever; anyone but Celtic.

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  • Jason Coyle says:

    I mean you can’t really be serious? Ange for manager of the year! Nah surely it’s got to go to big Micky after his wonderful contribution to sport this year with, I mean that run he took them on, the results, the having the beating of every team in the league, surely he deserves it more than any other?


    Aye, Ange definitely deserves it, he has has Celtic on top form and winning and even when they haven’t hit top form they are still winning, and having the beating of the famous (stop sniggering at the back) Glasgow sevco ???.

    Any other manager that gets this and the fix is in!

    Anyway, let’s enjoy scudding ‘them’ in their own back yard with none of our support there, oh what joy it will bring me ???????

  • mhiguel66 says:

    Well done re. comments being vetted, yes Ange should win this easily but hey; it’s Scotland where reason and rhyme chime differently so it’s no certainty.

    Great work James, please NEVER ? (STOP)

    Great time to be a Celtic supporter, long may it continue…

  • S J Turnbull says:

    Suppose the Mooch is favourite for closing the gap

  • Johnno says:

    Would actually be embarrassed for Scottish football if there was even another candidate put against Ange for such an award.
    Also believe that you could do a little bit more to highlight the fact of where Ange has actually increased the money available within the club, since his arrival.
    Would put this nonsense of the money spent upon players to bed, as if every other club within Scotland could act in the same manner Ange has, then overall the competition within Scottish football can improve instead of hiding behind lame excuses

  • Michael McCann says:

    Celtic are in a corrupt and sectarian system

  • Christina says:

    Yep Ange should be a shoe,-in for Manager of the Year awards but no doubt there will be some verbal gymnastics, as Ange would say, to try to justify the awards going elsewhere!
    Re the moderation of comments- saw this coming James as some idiots on here recently not even making any sense never mind making valid points. Then there was the arguing then finally in last few days the banned clown turning up under various guises! All very childish and must really annoy you & admin to have to spend time cleaning up their mess! Unfortunately, there is no other answer to problem I don’t think. I’m sure the rest of us understand your problem and don’t mind going through the moderation process if it keeps the crazies from posting their rubbish!

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Their is no proper functioning media in Scotland, their sole function is to operate in support of the ibrox club,it will always b so

  • William McGrandles says:

    After the farce with Rogers we don’t expect it and i doubt very much that big Ange will give a hoot if he doesn’t get it,and it speaks volumes about the twisted bitterness that is and always has been in the Scottish Press regarding Celtic Football Club

  • Niall69 says:

    If Ange is snubbed, a very possible IF, surly would be motivation for next season from players and Ange to make them pay for their pettiness. T2 on its way and 3 in a row.

  • John Copeland says:

    I can’t wait to see the nominations for the referee of the year !!!!

  • Bjm says:

    Weren’t they pushing for the bigoted DICK Campbell last season .

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