Clyde’s Idiotic Panel Should Be Taking A Pounding Over Their Dire Celtic Title Prediction.

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The Clyde phone-in is on right now, and I’m not listening to it.

But I sincerely hope that those on it are taking a pounding from the audience over their myopic predictions from the start of this campaign where five out of six of them picked the Ibrox club to win the title.

They watched what we did last season; a Celtic side made up of superb players, exciting to watch, blazing a trail, and which had righteously thumped the Ibrox club at Celtic Park and beaten them at Ibrox, and with a manager pledging we would get even stronger and better – a promise that he has kept – and with guaranteed Champions League cash to spend … and they took the club across the city, based, in no small part, on their bizarre European run.

There is a part of these Peepul that has such disdain for our club that it can overlook its strengths even when they are blazingly obvious.

They were blazingly obvious this time last year.

Our fans were openly debating the treble in this campaign, and expectation levels were through the roof. We knew much might hang on the boss convincing Jota and Carter Vickers to sign up for the revolution but I think there was a general confidence in that.

There were great players in every position and you knew that some of them were just going to get better and better.

With a proper pre-season behind us, and a peaceful one without having to worry about Champions League qualifier, there was little doubt that we would start like a thundering train.

How were they able to ignore that?

They did anyway. Five out of six of them, with only Mark Wilson demurring.

That’s the “standard” of their panellists.

But then we are, after all, talking about Keevins, Dalziel, Halliday and whoever the Hell the other two are. (I don’t know and don’t care enough to Google it.)

This is not exactly The Brains Trust.

These people are generally thick and those names already reek of anti-Celtic sentiment and bias.

Still, it’s pretty remarkable that they didn’t have either the basic professionalism to set aside their own grievances and predispositions or the skills necessary to analyse this stuff in the right way.

I think it’s more about the former than the latter, because you don’t have to be a genius to work out that our form was exceptional last season and that anything that bettered it would leave the club across the city an uphill task regardless of their own form.

So this really was about their own pitiful inability to be objective.

And for that, the channel should be shame-faced for employing them, not sniggering over their ignorance and unprofessionalism as it was on Twitter earlier today.

It’s dwindling band of listeners should use this opportunity to hold them to account.

Otherwise they are going to continue getting this lousy standard, this sub-par analysis, the third rate freak show, and they will absolutely deserve to.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    They are a total joke, one and all, so who cares what they think?
    They should not be newsworthy on this blog as are they are so inconsequential.

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      Wait to see who hugh “absolutely not good enough” keevins, tips for next year. HH

    • Jimmy says:

      I completely agree Johnny. Your point is spot on. I was completely baffled why James would do an article on Football insider. They are the worst football site on planet earth. They write nothing of value. Why are they on this blog, BTW the same goes for the multiple of Non entities written about by James. I as you again James. Give us fans more credit. We don’t need to hear about Milker, Halliday, Keevins and many more thoughts, they are a complete irrelevance James. We are about to win a treble and should be doing handstands. Why write about these clowns. The answer is, click bait allowing James and his like getting the hits that he and the other bloggers desire.

  • harold shand says:

    Every one of those mugs who backed them for the league title

    Will back them again for the title next season

    Not because they think they will but because they are getting paid to be hun cheerleaders

  • Johnno says:

    I think if we were to stand still then there is already a chance that we will drop points moreso next season than we have this season.
    But thankfully we have a manager who won’t apply that approach to this celtic team.
    We have seen over the last few weeks were improvements need to found against the aggressive press and counter attacking football which will be vitally important to improve upon at CL level, where we have been able to get away with the slackness within our own play due to the lesser quality we face within Scotland.
    You get punished harder at CL level and costs you moreso when not been clinical enough when in great positions to do so.
    Also believe after 2 seasons now a fresher approach may be needed now with becoming fairly predictable in our patterns of play now.
    The real question should be as to weather the other team’s within the SPFL have enough ambition and adventure about them than just getting a result against us is regarded as a successful season for them still?
    The scum will continue to struggle to do so and the Hun cheerleaders within the Scottish media can’t break ranks still or face losing there jobs.
    So possibly nothing will change yet again within Scottish football and we will have to continue with picking up trebles still, the joys of it all

  • Bob (original) says:

    Haven’t listened to Clyde Sports programmes since the nasal, James Sanderson days:

    “…where you at the game caller?!”

    In the intervening years, it sounds like I haven’t missed much on Clyde.

    Guess its ratings are also going the same direction as The DR daily circulation numbers?


    Do you include Simon Donnelly with your rant. Simon gives decent analysis on what is happening at Celtic.

    Opinion is one thing but slating is another.

    Your first two lines where.

    The Clyde phone-in is on right now, and I’m not listening to it.

    Therefore, how do you know what they talked/discussed about.

    Verify your comments please.

    And I am not a fan of SSB either.

  • Michael Collins says:

    Go Radio would be better listening to, no Beat the Pundit or the stupid Fulltime Teaser which is such a bore, they don’t get enough callers so have to use the space up somehow.
    The show has gone right down the tubes since the excellent Jim Delahunt quit.

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